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Monday, August 31, 2020

This crew left SIA and started his own business

Eric attended my "Talks" in 2007 and got into SIA with flying colors. Before that he kept failing at the interviews. After flying for 11 years, Eric left SIA  and started his mini mart business 2 years ago.
When asked how is his business doing, he replied humbly " earn less but happy".
He told me his business was even better during the Circuit Breaker period without explaining why.
He also told me there are crew who frequent his shop in show of support. The address of his min mart is " The Iron Grocer", 225 Lavender Street, Singapore S338776. Do drop by if you are in the vicinity and show support for our ex-crew.


I support.. said...

Well done... !!

"..earn less but happy"...

That is the most important aspect of being alive... being HAPPY!!!
Master of your destiny... far better than the employer deciding your fate.

You will learn much, much more than you ever could being a crew.

Well done... !!

Anonymous said...

nvr believe those ppl who left their last jobs telling you they are happy. all of them wanna save face and wont tell you whether they regret the decision.
same as when you ask them why they leave last job. general excuses are to pursue yo
other interests, family etc.
i never ask people why they quit or whethet they happier now etc cos i will get these lame replies which is as good as not answering.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps for the first 3, 6 months or 1st year, they may yearn to fly.
Reason is likely, they just turn up for work, and go home.

Those who left need time to adjust and time to learn new things, adapt to new
routines, understand new work culture, patterns.

But once this phase is over, it will be much better in terms of the future.
A new skill, an additional experience, a wider choice in life to explore what you can achieve. Being a crew, you stagnate, and get stuck in a mindset o waiting for rosters which is basically waiting for instructions. In the real world, its much more than that.