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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Job Support Scheme (JSS) extended but at lower level

The JSS for pilots and cabin crew has been extended by the government for another 7 months but with a reduced level of 50% till March 2021.
This may help SIA keep the crew and not retrench them. At least for now the crew's job is safe. What is going to happen beyond March 2021 is anybody's guess. If Covid 19 is still around after March 2021 and air travel is still curtailed then something drastic measures like retrenchment may take place.


Anon said...

Yes Boh Tong

Till then, touchwood, what if things dont go well after March'21?

If the older Cabin Crew retrenched, what chances they can secure their employment since theyve no specialised skills other than coffee and tea? Never the young CC since their age will pass the job interview

If youve read the latest news, a former director has to be a food delivery earning $2K/mth working 6 days per week.

Will user Sunny Gale funny suggestion of being a Grab Driver works for CC who may have children to feed in months or perhaps years to come?

Anonymous said...

good days of eat onboard, save on ground, offload items are coming back soon as Russia declare they had vaccine and elsewhere like China and USA are mass producing vaccines in coming months. In meantime, I am enjoying myself at home while getting paid by SIA

Anon said...

To Anon #2

Depends. Part of your basic pay has to pay your bills while enjoying. Enjoyment of any kind needs to be paid.

When your 'career' as CC is over, good days of eat eating onboard , save on ground and offload items is over as well.

And life as a Grab driver begins...

Anonymous said...

Hope one day i can bump onto those cb crew that become grab driver..

Anonymous said...

HK banned Air Endia for carrying to many Covid 19 pax to HK.Suspended for 1 week.Think its a good move,if we cant banned them,it only show shortsighted,55000 infections is too much.Save billions by banning most infectious country.Agree ?