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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Residents at Auckland hotel unhappy with SIA cabin crew

To read and watch video click here


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with SQ.
The IFM should have remained silent.
just express disapproval at being recorded.

Zero training from "tok kong" training school which focuses on
compliance rather than thinking on their feet.

Anonymous said...

If you are Kiwi,from 55000 cases,would you allow the to crew to transit for a few days.Covid proof record not gold standard,profit above pandemic,before the full force of covid visitors told hold,now billions spent,covid means death,from minor to major organ damage.Kiwi can kpkb,without being pogba,parliement at the hands of the people,so need to walk tightrope.So ,the question is who got more rights and use it.By the way,the owner of the hotel is dual use,quarantine and hotel,paperwork being unclear,owner is ceca.Show how much respect shown to airline crew in these covid times.

Anonymous said...

Actually not only sq crew..everyone chinese mostly are targeted overseas. I was frown upon in angmoh country despite living here for more than a decade. This pandemic is causing lots of fear and hate..