Sunday, August 9, 2020

Resignation of foreign cabin crew

Scores of foreign cc who left for their home countries on vnpl (voluntary no pay leave) have expressed their wishes to resign from the airlines.  The reasons for their resignation are:
  • There are no available flights for them to return from their countries to SG
  • They have to be quarantined for a period of 2 weeks when they arrive at SG
  • They may have to pay for swab tests as well as the quarantine places (hotels) which can run into a few thousand dollars per person
  • There are not enough flights for them to work on
  • They will have to pay rentals for their accommodation
If they resign from their job, they will have to cancel their work passes with the Ministry of Manpower. They will also have to ask their friends to pack their belongings and settle any outstanding rentals, utility bills etc.
The company is willing to transport their belongings back to them by cargo flight if available.
Foreign cabin crew are nationals from eg: Japan, India,China, South Korea etc.


Anonymous said...

Singapore Airlines is more than happy to get rid of whatever crew there is. they resign themselves even better, cos no need pay retrenchment fee based on market rate of 1 month per service year

Anonymous said...

Just reaching out...not expecting this to be published.

Red pill or blue pill.
When push comes to shove, will the locals be protected despite 75% funding on base pay by the G.

Yes, everyone has bills to pay.
Even the locals who are not renting, have home mortgages to pay.
Nothing is free.

Some of these foreigners ran home, thinking that SG will collapse.
They left behind their personal debts, in terms of their rentals and other financial obligations.
Do they really care for anything else beyond themselves and their money?
Unfortunately, not.

Time for the old people to get wiser.

These foreign folks may be young and appear to be helpless, but in reality, they are amongst the most cunning and are always hoping to take advantage of any situation or anyone that can be of use to help their personal agendas.
If you want more, I can show you more of the real picture.
The real politics and sentiments on ground beyond the usual narratives.
Good luck to us all.

We have not learnt much from SARS other than keep boasting that we’ve gone through it and survive.

Anonymous said...

There are nice foreign folks!
Historically SIA crew chose to think they had been elevated.
There are always some nice ones and some with attitude.
I only attract the down to earth ones.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Time to hire more locals instead of FTs.

Anonymous said...

Most of the time it's the singaporean crews who think they above the rest, foreign crews are more humble, time to think about what kind of SQ culture SQ will like to keep, although to balance the ratio is not an easy task.

Anonymous said...

To Cabin Crew hopefuls,

This is a indication that the life as a CC is volatile and nothing is forever. When youre young as a CC and quit months later, chances of being employed in other sectors is high when youve relevant skills or recently graduated from school.

However, when youre older as a CC and out of school donkey years ago, thats where you need to reassess given COVID-19. Companies dont hire people with only skills is to serve coffee and tea and travel.

Everybody can do that, thats the hard truth.

No wonder the older CC have no choice but to stay in the airline till retirement to earn few K's more than average salary despite doing the same thing year in and out over 20 years or so.

Without it, they can only do menial jobs such as cleaners and taxi driver.

Anonymous said...

But hor, during PFS, they always tell us we are professional leh and a lot of companies fighting to hire us once they hear we were from SIA leh. They say we are medical trained, wine trained, culinary trained, service trained, sales trained, bartender trained etc etc leh.

Anonymous said...

Being a flight attendant is a "just for fun" activity that one does soon after graduating from school ( Uni, poly whatever ).

If it is ever a career, you will need to plot out the possibilities beyond 5 years.
You need to make a leap beyond coffee/tea, slides and CPR.
Otherwise, you will get stuck in climbing the ladder with the apex being an IFM.

Many view the IFM role as some pseudo executive/supervisor position. Ask yourself how does the IFM look like from where you are now. Really.... such a good spot to be meh?

Beyond 5 years, your market value outside ( and inside ) of the airline drops, depreciates faster than your COE.

With blunted skills in office softwares/applications... no will be wandering in the wilderness.


Anonymous said...

Most comments here came from MEAN people :(

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to foreign leeches.

Anon said...

Hi to the one comment to 'MEAN' people,

I'm not a CC. I used to see myself as one in the past.

Im not belittle the CC. Im stating the truth - how about you leave your CC job (*if you are one) and apply a job outside, you'll see your CV shredded because that's the reality. As long you don't have relevant up to date skills and older looking, employers will look for young graduates.

You'll be stuck as CC for life in that sense, youve no where to go but to serve tea and coffee next 20 years unless you plan to have a business or you okay being a security guard, taxi driver, cleaner and other menial jobs.

Also, are you willing to take a drastic pay cut of 60% assuming youre a LS earning $4-6K to take on menial low wage jobs as mentioned and work very long hours just so to be close to family on ground compared to life as CC.

This is the dilemma all CC of all ranks face.

Boh Tong himself admitted in his earlier blogpost with regards to employability of life after CC.

As for myself, currently, I work everyday as cleaner earning $4-5K. It was sheer built-up hardwork past years.

It all depends on choices you made in your 20s that will affect you next 30 years of your working life.

Think about it.

Circles said...

The impressions that people get about life as an SQ cabin crew is rosy.

With Youtube clips of cabin crew singing songs of encouragement to fellow crew dying or ill, with news about how crew are being redeployed to other jobs during this difficult business.

Firstly, within the crew dept there are a number of 'clubs' that crew can sign up for. These are clubs that allow crew with similar interests to gather and pursue their interest. All well and good.

But ask the question: If their schedules are so tight, would they have time for these pursuits? The job is physically taxing, flying 3 hours to HKG and 3 hours back. Include transit time and reporting time its a 9hr work day.

Next day may be standby duties or another regional turnaround. Time to sing in a group? wine tasting? practice stage dancing?

Get real.

These "circles" are allowed to exist because management wants to keep you growing like mushrooms. Mushrooms thrive in darkness... never seeing the light. The darkness is to keep your thoughts on being soft and not critical about the situation that you are in. In a way it keeps you being less aggressive, more pliable.

A goodie not a baddie.

Anonymous said...

Some hard truth hard to unbrainwash,due to fine art of CC using terms like most desired skills of CC,blah ,blah etc.Top it up with name like manager,its hard to undo the damage to the mindset.Its like cotton come from sheep in Sheepkapore,said Nazi style tell a small lie many times,it become truth,better to find your worth post covid,your worth and income will show where you were,where you were wrong,do an honest job or starve,the best teacher in school of hard knock,normally after election,sh'xx hit the fans,smelled something right ?Better to smell because loss of smell means covid.

SUNNY GALE said...

Expert or God states: All human r born with evil characteristics. The degree of evilness ranges from 1% to 100%. So the higher the degree, the more evil u are.
Human also react in a schadenfreude behavior or manner (pleasure derived by us in another person's misfortune).
So when a person loses a job /livelihood: instead of making comforting comments you will get mean remarks because of the schadenfreude nature of man.

As for finding work after leaving cabin crew, it is not about your skill (serving coffee and tea or Tech crew with their flying skill, still going nowhere) that dictates your employability.
"Now Everything"(hope u can handle the truth/fact) boils down to your Age. This is the hard truth and real world situation that u r going to face out there after the airlines.
You can have the best degree (PhD or Doctorate), but if u are over 40yrs, you are going to have a hard time getting a job (even being skilful with lots of experience is of no relevance outside) bec the boss outside in the Real world is still not interested in you as there are others who are younger (productive) and having the same degree as you for them to employ.
You will realized eh..... Wa this is what it is all about outside . OMG. It's all about your AGE my friend. U got to scale down to survive.
So it is not about cabin crew (serving coffee /tea) skill set that u will find it hard to secure job (most crew are talented coupled with an X-factor that sets them apart, but still no use). Why: Bec It is about "AGE".
Now the best Job in town after flying is (that is if u don't need much money, liabilities all cleared eg housing loan and children on their own) is the job of a Private hire driver. Hehe surprised isn't it. This really is the best job in town if u got high IQ.
This job present you with a brand new car and the option of a car, strange enough does ENRICHES your life like nobody business.
Lots of pleasures are derived from this money making machine (car).
Private hire means : suka suka drive at your own time, own time own targets situation to make the money u so desire (your capacity to drive), with lots of freedom thrown in. The freedom part is the best dude.
There is a secret to this driving job : hope all the wives are not reading this, otherwise pichar lobang (secret out). Ok here goes: u get to meet friends for life enrichment (chat, drink coffee,indulge in interesting food all over Singapore).
You can take a break and go shopping (without having to worry about MC) at will and meet up with anyone, all in the name of working, and your wife thinks you are damn hard working. Hehe. This is the secret ya.
Nobody likes to work under anyone isn't it. You want to be your own boss my friend.
So there is an "A" factor in this job.
You can go into biz venture but there is a big risk. 6 out of 10 will not succeed. They suck stones most time, so better play safe and go into the finest job in town after flying bec even if you visit Geylang nobody knows hehe.
I rest my case and hope this message will warm the cockles of your heart.

Boh Tong said...

Well said Sunny, have not "seen" you for a loooonnnng time.
Your comment is worth reading and suggestion worth considering.
Your are right about the private hire driver thing.
Come here more often because we need sensible people
like you to pass positive comment.
Thanks buddy :-)

SUNNY GALE said...

You are welcome SS. Nice to hear from you too.
Japan is fun ya buddy and married to a Japanese girl is great.
Have fun and keep blogging. You have a great and interesting site under your care and a nice place to entertain crew and ex crew.
Right on.

Anon said...

To Sunny Gale,

No doubt age is the foremost factor determining the person hiring regardless of the industry be it as CC or elsewhere.

In this context of Covid-19, Im refering to the CC who arent a retiree like you and facing the most important decision in their life: 1)Stay with SIA hoping for recovery months or perhaps years later or 2) start all over again in a new job only this time at a later age.

Driving Private Hire isnt the solution as some CC may have family to feed and house to pay. Earnings as cabby is much harder with public working from home or taking public transport to save cost. Most CC wants a stable job - they think flying is stable, not now.

Youre a retiree, that's why you say such things. I dont think younger CC would take your advice in their stride especially when they have on-going responsibilities to fulfill as mentioned - house, children, etc.

No time for Geylang, whatsoever..

Anon said...

To Sunny Gale,

Anonymous said...

drive grab got no overheads in terms of car rental or car loan or petrol ah? you think suka suka can go shopping or makan or la kopi with your frens huh?
Time and money is ticking away while you are idling.
No boss? Grab is your boss. So are the beloved FT apnn and PRCs. Anybody who engage your service is your boss. Wake up your idea. 1 complaint about you to Grab or LTA and all your incentive gone and you can get foc gopy from them.
You think you can suka suka stop by rpadside and rest? there are cctv everywhere or LTA guys or some kpo who take pic and send to LTA and you gpt tp part with your hard earned takings for tje day.
So dont say till drive cab or grab is that easy and no stress. If so good, ask pilots or your kids to drive one

SUNNY GALE said...

Nobody asked u to park by the roadside and rest. There are many resting place to rest legally like at geylang hehe.
Please refer to the undermentioned statement:- lF DON'T NEED MUCH MONEY.
Now the best Job in town after flying is (that is if u don't need much money, liabilities all cleared eg housing loan and children on their own) is the job of a Private hire driver. Hehe surprised isn't it. This really is the best job in town if u got high IQ.

SUNNY GALE said...

Anybody who engage your service is your boss. Wake up your idea. 1 complaint about you to Grab or LTA and all your incentive gone and you can get foc gopy from them.

Grab works in this manner. You get a car and used its platform to get customer bookings.
The rest of your life technicalities that you have such as resting by the road or suka suka - Grab is not bothered or interested. You are left to do what u want.
All you are required is to ensure you can pay the rental for the car, this is all to it.
How you want to go about it, Grab is not interested.
So everyday this is what you do. Go out to make rental and petrol. Once you have this taken care of, you are free to earn whatever u can handle in your driving enthusiasm. Some people can really earn a lot of money but some gets lazy and earn little. All l can say is you are in control.

Anonymous said...

Yo,all seems to forget the elephant in the room. Till we have Covid proof taxi or phv,with dividers,and slots for transactions, seperate airflow control and punitive if paxs non compliance, to jail and so on,it will spread community wise,witness all paxs from Eendia,escape to Sin for treatment here.Ce CA is good, or bad, depend on which side one is,we sure could be a good haul of cases to seek vaccine.Keyword control, not mob or whole village comes over,being a Hub for all sorts,from trade to Covid.Can change name to Cecapore Airline, best branding. Replace yellow bird with cow or elephant, both venerated household brand.A good fit.

Grabber said...

When you have a vehicle you are a driver of sorts.
Regardless if you rented or bought it

A chauffeur.

Drive wife
Drive kids
Drive mommy
Drive daddy
Drive friend
Drive girlfriend
Drive food delivery

All the years of school
All the years of flying from JFK to DPS
All the pizza in FRA, all the Gucci, Itchy,whatever ee

All boils down to being a driver.
Not say damn good driver either... still doing illegal turns while follow
the GPS map like gospel truth.

Only in Sinkapore.

Anonymous said...

Every flight I go, these are the concerns of cc:

This round did you get it?
Why never get?
Solicitate comments forms ( lets get real )
Always scanning for things to offload
europe super kiasu to claim tax
striving to be the most junior to get promoted so that can make others look bad

I also noticed, CC are very self justifying of themselves:

This is a very good job
Buy riwawa very worth it as cargo bag buy real one not worth it ( come on a fake is a fake )
Which job can let you travel for free?
You dont bring work home you know ?

But when i speak to them and look into their face, i can see they are very miserable. Always complaining, ie allowance drop , tired , sick cannot take mc
Only the gayees truly enjoy flying and they are the minority. No family happy go lucky.

Very sad life, but they wont admit, the wayang have to go on so that their social medial fans can be jealous.

Anonymous said...

Honestly speaking, 35 years ago, been a cabin crew is a glamorous job, many after their O or A level will apply, clearly remember after my JC, all the guys proceed for National Service, while some girls decided to apply for cabin crew job at Dynasty Hotel (Marriott) - walk in interview, during that era, able to go oversea is a lifestyle that keep people salivating, as airfare were so expensive, wages wasn’t that high, so to have lunch in Los Angeles, dinner in Tokyo was a dream, to get towards that dream, is to land yourself in the job as “SQ girl”! those era, night stop were very good, imaging doing a SQ 16 flight SIN/TPE/HNL, you layover in Hawaii for 3 nights before the next B747-300 Big Top pick you up and ferry you to LAX, then few night in LAX, back to HNL for 2 nights and you off to HKG, a trip out easily 12 days, go with a half empty cargo bag, and back home with nice T shirts, skin care products, chocolates, macadamia nuts from the US, and there were so many paxing flight, passenger up to BKK, stay a night, work up to FRA, from FRA pax down to Rome etc, allowances were good, and you really get to see the world, my favorite flight was SQ348/7 SIN/ATH/VIE vv, do a 11 hours flight to ATH, spend 3 nights in ATH, check out hotel with no luggage, do a shuttle flight to VIE and back to the same hotel in the late afternoon, another 4 nights in ATH, during the stay, Greek island hopping is a norm, party in Mykonos and enjoying sunset in Santorini. Life was Great!

Now in 2020, crew only get to see the airport rather then see the city, have you heard about night stop in BKK anymore? Years back, we used to stayed in central BKK Arnoma Hotel, exclude Covit period, there were like 4 flights a day to London, night stop is getting shorter and allowance is shrinking, if you want to be a cabin crew because you wanted the free ticket to see the world, yes 30 years ago is really consider a good benefit, but look at it now, airfare to HKG can be as cheap as $238 for return including taxes, who can’t afford? Do you think is worthwhile to work one year just to gained that free flight?

Gone are the good days, piece of advice, if you just want to gain some experience, fair enough for one contract, and after, there you go, please do not think this job as a long term career, look at the crew now, no flight to operates, yet put on the SQ polo T, standing at bus interchange, MRT station and “Good morning, be careful.....”, instead of “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed at Sydney Kingsford Smith Int’l Airport, the local time now is ....... “.

We can see the vast differential between now and then. been a cabin crew is no longer that glamorous in the 21st century, Thank you and “Welcome onboard” but be mindful.