Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Voluntary Release Scheme for cabin crew


Anonymous said...

Most likely, the older and senior crew will try to stay on as they're in a dilemma.

No companies are hiring people who knows how to serve coffee and tea only.

Even if they become taxi driver, how much will they make given the COVID-19 situation? A experienced taxi driver will tell you at most $2-3K earnings or lesser.

Anonymous said...

i dont understand what it means. can anybody summarise or explain it in layman terms?

Anonymous said...

frank soh, charles eng doing well as cabby and pte hire drivers what

Anon said...

To Anon #3,

How long Frank and Charles driving cabby/PTE hire? I dont think is recently after Covid-19 right?

I think theyve been doing for years post CC 'career' They probably know where to get passenger.

Even a simple job as taxi driving needs some intelligence on what time and where to fetch passengers around SG to maximise their earnings after expenses.

Anonymous said...

Imo,the good time is over.Covid kills airlines and get real.Once hunger game starts and low on savings,CC will need to reassess,the great Covid depression is here.Only birdsong and Wifi free,rest is on your hands,get to work.Game over sadly,saying any other way is lying and stop listening.

Anonymous said...

Imo should follow Korean Air model of switching to cargo.Only airline not ro be in the red,pax overhead bins repackage as cargo.It it too late for SQ?Kimchi works well!

Anonymous said...

Lacklustre plan, like East Coast plan.

Seems like 45 is the most optimum age to leave with highest gratuity.
Like most gratuity plans, it pays more to leave younger.
But this one has become like a pyramid game .
Most glaringly from 44 to 45 gap/ 15K while the rest is 10K.
At least at 40 / 130K, there will be takers.

Whoever selling whatever logic on that plan is a complete economics idiot and no one is buying.
With poor job prospects, 60K not going to last 40 yr old for long.

It is going to lead to the inevitable R.
And btw, they should also R the fuel hedging team of experts .
The losses was always there but not as glaring so long money is made up till now.

Their logic has become very skewed over the years becos of the stubbornness of oldies thinking they know whet the younger generation wants.
It’s not what you think, it’s what you really knows.
And you’re surrounded with the kind of ppl not telling the real picture on the ground.
And for goodness sakes, stop saying the people will be heard.
I hear you, I hear you .

That’s quite rude.
Should start to LISTEN, rather than keep on HEARing.
Even the service language application is wrong.
So much for experienced and service excellence.

Anonymous said...

All rules broken ,need to break sacred cow included,covid times,its pandemic rules which means non.New rule apply ,which means unforseem is possible,remotely is higher chance.Time to get Pandemic Team in action,lean time ahead till vaccine,just like Atom bomb in Aug 1945.Need to outwit Covid versus mankind,throw religious out of the equation,covid means death to many.Option to be back to jobs if vaccine found,that is the main trust or mandate,now make do on lean burn,survival mode.Need to retrenched those ,to spur beyond box thinking,retrenching is good those with good karma will survive,prayed for will show the light,open doors,bad karma can repent after retrench,like circuit breaker,lame description but cb wont sound good in local.Like political talk,emerge stronger or strawman,CC can step down from ivory tower as recently the burn and crush illegal ivory,tower now made of mud.