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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

AirAsia expected to have another round of retrenchments

 KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 28): Low-cost airline AirAsia Bhd may again be laying off a few hundred employees as it seeks to survive in an industry hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis.

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Even the mighty SQ is retrenching its workers so which airlines is not? SQ has the strong backing of the cash-rich Singapore government and yet it is releasing its workers. Therefore, it is not surprising that AirAsia and many other airlines without government support are retrenching. They may even be folding up in no time.

In my other post it was reported that a pilot stated his expenses per month add up to S$19,000 while he used to earn $23,000 per month. Now he is earning $13,000. 

A stewardess/steward's average basic salary is $1,500 ($18,000 a year). The said pilot in a single month spent the whole year of the stewardess/steward's salary. Incredible isn't it? 


Singapore Captain said...

Boh Tong

Buay sai gong like that lah

FSS/FS are just starting their career, their monthly expenses are probably lower, without mortgage, car and kids.

Captains very likely have kids who are older, larger mortgages, cars (although i know of a young Capt Ong who don't own a car at all and live in HDB). That said captain send kids to overseas university, so naturally will hit almost $20k in expenses.

For me, good that my mortgage is low cos bought more than 15 years ago when property prices are low, drive a Japanese car, no mistresses although have a few Cabin crew wanting to be my "gf". I can surive with all these paycuts and no need to do deliveries. But if further cuts are needed, then maybe have to start blogging liao

Boh Tong said...

Singapore Captain, Ya la I know about the expenses of a high wage earner. The more you earn the higher the expenses.
Japanese car also expensive like Lexus, Alphart etc.
Wa u got fss eyeing u but be careful cos not all are sincere.
Better to do delivery work than to blog. cos blogging tan bo chiat.

Singapore Captain said...

Boh Tong

At my age, only LSS/CSS and above lah.... FSS go for FOs cos longer runway.

Actually do delivery is 2nd nature to us lah, nowadays we are Taobao/Shopee/Lazada delivery drivers using Airbus/Boeing

But siong hor, to Aussie, Japan no night stop, all turnaround. To Europe night stop one night, cannot leave hotel room at all.

Boh Tong said...

Captain there is a saying in Chinese leh "bo hee hay ya ho" (no fish shrimp also can).
True what u have said. Pilots do delivery using airplanes (cargo) so it is not new to u.
Wa si peh jialat no Japan/Oz nightstops. Work till drop..but tahan a bit until this damned pandemic go away...soon!

Anonymous said...

Of course you can leave your hotel room but have to bear its consequences - both SIN and layover station quarantine regulations plus have 'coffee session' with your boss after SIN quarantine ends.

Anonymous said...

This is dangerous time !Friend can be fiend,colleage can turn against,this is their Era,evil live are aplenty,lurking within,in with self interest,every man for themselves.