Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Gelato Café Boss Used To Be SQ Air Stewardess To “Explore Gelato Worldwide”


"I joined Singapore Airlines with the goal of exploring gelato all over the world,” says ex-air stewardess Celine Ho. The bubbly 27-year-old is the proud owner of Celine’s Gelato cafe in Novena, which opened late August. 

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Anonymous said...

Doubt she will make it to a big business. Hobby yes.

Anonymous said...

Rich people do as hobby lah ....

Out from diploma can be Cafe manager straight... must be "home" business lah...

Anonymous said...

Landload kills lot of small business,unlike Japan,mom and pop shop protected rental.Just look around,all rental,space,food most expensive in asia,even Fakeprice.Grow your own,mix your own,the new reality.

Anonymous said...

This is the correct way to exit flying as a cabin crew.
Have a plan to exit and she did it.

Cannot fly and fly until your skin sags, and your brain stuck in SEP cheat sheet.

She is a good example for both FSs and FS.... even for pilots.

Anonymous said...

Of cos she can Exit lah, she from rich background, no liability on finances at all...Fly for "Gelato"....

Compare to others who fly to Repay study loan or fly to feed whole family. Different story man...

I feel a better example would be those who r from humble backgrd, and YET manage to leave for a better prospect.

Hey Idiot... said...

Ok, now I get it.

Humble people with not so rich finances are better at being cabin crew.
That only means, once they start earning inflight allowances, they become so addicted ( because they are not-so-rich) that they are unable/ unwilling to look for other income.

It also means they are easily bullied, conned and have to remain subjugated to managers and pilots... ( pilots are much-richer )

Ah... the real attributes of being a flight attendant..

humble, good in acting, unquestioning, submissive and highly compliant.

Anonymous said...

To the Bro above,

The stewardess in the article is in a better position from the start and she can leave and start a business much easier comparing to another tied down to loans and family.

In every job, you can choose to leave or not.

Getting bullied, conned and have to remain subjugated to the managers also happen in other workplaces.

It is each individual choice to choose what they want to do.
Everyone's start point is different and have different kinds of circumstances that they have to overcome in life.
We should respect whatever choices that they made and not judge them.

Negativity towards cabin crew / pilots are not appreciated here.

Anon said...

I agree with 2nd last Anon

How long you intend to fly where SIA long-haul destinations are limited and most Asian cities stopover are mostly turnaround?

Many years on plane doesn't mean anything once you quit or contract not extended.

Thats why CC can't leave to risk not finding a job later in life.

Also, serving for life isnt something to be proud either.

If that the case, apply for Kopitiam or coffee shops jobs where you can serve patrons as well. Different environment yet
same thing.

Anon said...

Boh Tong

This article highlights why being cabin crew (CC) ain't glamorous anymore.

SIA CC can relate to it with most of the highlighted points.