Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Not all pilots are happy with deeper paycuts



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I agree with the above opinion, I still feel they should not give re-employment to those under extension. And should retain the rest according to performance.

And reading the today Online article on 28sep, a normal Singaporean can't even earn the Basic of a 4 yr flying pilot with $6460(after paycut).

What do u think if u are the reader of the article and trying to struggle with earning a $2000/mth?

The other captain saying his expenses is over $19000, and doesn't want to sell his stocks and bonds. He should give a list of details abt his $19000 expenses, and see if the unemployed readers will "smashed" him after hearing all the expenses.

Seriously any other common Singaporean will say

"WTH those Captains earn more then 10K basic/mth and still dare complain not enough $$?"

I feel these pilots are all in their LALA land, they complain about is fulfilling all the WANTS and not the NEEDS.

Can your family survive without a car ?
Can your family live in a smaller house like HDB ?
Can your children study local instead ?
Can your family go to eat in the hawker center/foodcourt?
Can your family stop buying high-end luxury goods?

The list go on, but all the answers are YES.

These pilots should jus SUCK it up and Stop COMPLAINING, and don't talk nonsense to the reporters. Its just making SIA look worse in the public.

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We all know that these children studying overseas can't make it in SIN Uni, that's why have to obtain an overseas degree/cert so that they'll look good when they return and likely have good employment in SIN. Unless, that particular subject/course isn't available, SIN Uni standards are high and has been receiving good reviews.

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Once pandemic over,bet the reemployed retrencher,junior will group and form majority in the Union,displacing the entrenched.Only way to get protection is to form your own pressure,for your own agenda,awaiting Pandemic 'X'
.Make this island of Eden fairer,lower the hedges,so can see all the goings on.Blame it on the original Sin,should have never ate the apple,kill the snake.Then live happily ever after,go forth and multiply.

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Today one of my ninja van delivery person told me that he’s a pilot cuz he saw a big SG50 A380 airplane display model near my door. Dunno whether it’s true or not.

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What Boh Tong didnt tell you about the actual life of Cabin Crew:

1) CC, a unskilled job : After you spend years in SIA, once your contract ended or decided not to continue, you cant find a decent job that pays the same remuneration as SIA did. Thats why many CC particular the seniors has no choice but to stay put till retirement as they lose too much youth compared to younger CC who left earlier after 2-5 years in service to embark on another career to cut employment losses.

2) High maintenance lifestyle - A new CC influenced by crew culture will find it very difficult to save as peer pressure and "wanting to be part of the crew" feeling creeps into them. Thus, they kept spending their salary of $4-5K till no end in sight to find out later in life, they eant to leave but can't leave because they've no skills for outside ground jobs except knowing coffee and tea.

The rest of more reasons to be continued...

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Personal review regarding CC (as written above) is irrelevant and off topic.

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Why come here and do review of CC? Nothing better to do is it?
Even if are an accountant, officer manager etc in Singapore once
you get retrenched (mostly likely as many FT will take over your jobs)you
can't do anything or go anywhere then with your skills you would most likely
be Grab/taxi drivers or do delivery job.

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