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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Pilots briefing by their boss

Summary of briefing carried out by SVPFO last week
  • No job loss until March 2022
  • If company becomes profitable and flying hours still below 72, all paycut will cease after March 2022
  • Fleet movement to restart next month (Oct) with pilots from A-330 and A-380 to move to either B-777 or A-350
  • Projected recovery of flying hours is 60 to 70 hours by next July/August
  • Flights to Nowhere program will not happen because they won't generate profit


Anonymous said...

meanwhile cutting all teh cabin crew

Anonymous said...

Flight to nowhere,a typical weak response.Maybe selling momentos as fully stock bar cart,ex 747 ,A380 etc.It brings back memories,good for ClarkQuay bars.Priced it competitively,it will sell.