Friday, September 4, 2020

Post covid ...will flying be the same as before?

Your thoughts on the above subject.


Anonymous said...

Will NOT be the same. Masks and distancing will be the normal.
No more interaction with paxs if possible. Salary will be lower.

Anonymous said...

A few no of post covid flight data.Safer to have quarantine for 14 days after every flight.This means can use many more CC.Swap test for all paxs before boarding.Tiffin box style like Japanese takeaway,and complete disposal of of via waste cart positioned near toilet.Fixed toilet ,zonal partition for contact tracing,reverse or negative toilet cubicle airflow not into user face.Ulvc disinfection of cabin,as per use in china for buses.Masked on policy,or no fly,saving billions,earning dollars.Revamped service Sop,less on contact,communication via tablet and minimal speech,not a licence to infect another pax or CC.Cabin air use hepa type,or ported out of AC.Increase cost of tickets but saves live and mankind,no CC need to be injure in the course of flying,nor family hurt,as in movie making.After all,CC on board more for their safety,in these Covid times,being clinically correct saves lives and money,for paxs and crew.

Anonymous said...

It's got to do with free rider.So many in CC.Come onion election time,60 % voted.Possibly due to view as short term job.CC make use of freebies in station with buffet,and IFM lounge for freebies,cant fault due to its offers IFM,CS cannot refuse.Loading up on food during these moments mean it free loading,save a penny,save a pound.Covid time is totally unexpected,which brings us to freebies,no CC and paxs want,Covid-19.These pesky virus,sneaks in,more from certain country near us,and no test does not mean no covid.So no point mounting flight to such destination,such enforced freeby,they can keep it for self,and if they live ,can tell another me too moment.Whichever,so many freebies cum free loading,spoilt for choice in rejecting them.However,higher frequency and location,dictates the gifting and being given such freebies,as discuss in the media,one can get schoolded for not conforming.So,the message is you get what you asked for,not 2 for 1 promo etc.Yes,many other example of freebies and loaders,stop being dissgusting,be like a man,dont swallow more than one can chew.Be classy and not choosy,white or blue,same same,another PSA moment.

Anon said...

To Cabin Crew hopefuls

Use this downtime to hone your skills such as office work. Serving coffee and tea is not a skill. Anyone can do that.

Dont ever think CC lifestyle is as glamourous as before. Nowadays, before Covid-19, layover in European countries are 1-2 nights only. How much sightseeing can you do after serving Paxs? Also, visit attraction will need to use your SIA salary as back home in SG, cost of living is already high.

Should you leave CC knowing the pits of CC life, what do you want to tell your next employer? How many countries you visited? How many people you meet? Huh? Dont make them laugh..

Anonymous said...

Lower air fares
Staff salaries to be lowered 20-30%
J class no lengthy service
Direct flights... no transit stops
No headsets... BYO
Boarding strictly from rear to front...regardless of class.
Cabin seating to be 2-2-2 like J class
No lengthy inflight service, just bento set style
No special/fancy meals... except medical.
Less crew, one for each door only
No inflight duty free sales
All pax must wear masks at all times
Disinfectant dispensers at toilet areas

Minimum contact with crew and among pax.

Anonymous said...

Ăˆverthing will be back to normal and
Travel will shoot up like a rocket if
an effective vaccine is found. People
cant wait to fly again.
Just waiting for it to be over.
Hopefully covid-19 will not evolved
into a covid-20 strain and render the
Vaccine ineffective,then the world
will ends.

Anonymous said...

Let's not be a simpleton,infections worldwide about 25 million,each citizen and countries seems to think it a hoax,anti vaxxer,and plain ignorance.Window period about 2 weeks,reinfection is happening, virus mutated.And airplane,one of the vectors for mass infections. Observe the FW dorms,till it's zero case and no reinfection, then its a cure.Otherwise, exercise caution, masked up,or pay the price, which means ?Or treat it as nature depopulation control, giving life lesson,no need to kill in the name of population control or politic.Of course, the world badly need the vaccine, cure and get the economy going.The world had Spanish Flu in Ww1, past ww2, therefore no need Ww3,if this is not.

Anon said...

Boh Tong

For Singaporeans CC, their pay of $4-5K inclusive of CPF?

Boh Tong said...

Anon,the answer is no

Anonymous said...

To give u a better picture on the $4-5K Sin issue.
When u talk about cc pay, it is basically: u get a basic pay where the CPF is calculated from this component.
On top of this pay u get all kind of allowances such as meal, transport and uniform, etc...
With these allowances injected into your basic pay u are looking at $4-5k take home with the CPF deducted already.
The work is tiring though but not tough (real shack after landing when in the bus & journey to the hotel. On the other hand though, u really get to enjoy the sleep in the hotel room, and u would crash onto the bed after check in, but its sure gonna be a good good sleep bec of the tiredness of working on board. The lifestyles real good though on the tradeoff part.

Anonymous said...

Pressurisation effects of working in the aircraft-most sop on board always involve hand and muscle power.At 35000 feet,the air is pressurised,therefore one get a rush of high energy,and the mind also,but on landing at ground level,the air is normalise,snd therefore less in the circulation,it undergoes a deflated,tireness,and in need of a pick me up.Basically,it messes the mind.Also on extral long flight,keeping awake,then trying to sleep period,its countereffects the cycle,most IFM chooses the second rest all the time so that it runs correctly,instead of 100 alert,then 100 on rest mode.The human body are not made that way,the risk of working in the air.Now,covid cones into the picture,handling the puke,toilet etc of suspected covid without symtem will be limited due to space and other constrain,drawing lots to see who wants to be the frontliner.Imo,such person need to be paid a bounty or bonus to commensurate the risk of contamination,infection and spreading to comnunity,paid by Moh,in lieu of billions to spend on containing ,like the FW dorm cases,endless loop.Cc need not be hurt in service,similar to no animal hurt in production of movies.

Anon said...

True, lifestyle is good but the longer you stay in, most likely you retire in it.

Imagine you join SIA as a 22 year old after your Degree/Diploma/NS. After 4 contracts (20 years), SIA decided not to renew.

What you gonna to do as a 42 year old with 20 more years remaining? Serve coffee and tea a skill to sell?

Yes, you can brag you have a good lifestyle to others. Others who have low pay job will laugh at you as they still have a job till 60 and beyond

While you at 42, do nothing with coffin money you make in SIA.