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Saturday, September 26, 2020

The ass of a captain who was my classmate

 A few days ago I told you that I wanted to blog about the above subject. I found out that he had a massive heart attack and passed away recently. Thus, I will not be blogging about the dead.


An Ass Myself said...

Rip,whoever he was.People are remembered for their kindness,whatever acts that does not seems good for their fellow colleague must be done without the full consequences.
As the bible said,forgive them,they know not what they done. Let me illustrate few cases of karma in actions. I was working on a turnaround hkg,on landing,there was a lot of ground prep,which is of cause Sop fault.He came to the galley and started scolding,the cc etc.On full load,3 hrs,we had to refreshed and also the meals in double quick time.Anyway,the scolding was inconsequential,worse can come from overentitled paxs.A few months later,did a Penang flight.Lo,on landing,he was stretched,his white hair I can recognise.Heard that he passed on.
Another a CC,on takeover flight,insist that the autocatering is short,and my fault.Wrong,its all done,handever on transit its catering.A few months later,on the grapewine,he had a brain aneurism on board a Jks turnaround.A total vegetable,that was the last,as we were told to visit his ward. Of course,if he can regain his faculties,all is forgiven.
Another was on my first solo to sydney.The drunk CS,the AO,we were force to their room,using drinks from the aircraft bar.Anyway was marked,worked non stop from Syd to sin and had to report to office,usual debriefing.I was really fixed,but to make it short,was passing my inlaw crypt in a church in Frankel when Lo,I saw his name !The questions are,in all three ocassions did the dastardly acts done by the evilness in them premeditated,or the devils made them do it. Of course,all along I prayed hard,forgiven the acts,raised my family.Imo,their bad acts on another not aware of the consequences,as it triggers their malevolence.
So basically,do good and feel good,do bad,the host body lead to destruction,including death before time. Having said that I shall pray for your good health.

Anonymous said...

A primary 3 student can write a better article than this.