Thursday, October 8, 2020

Airlines that will survive

Even the mighty Emirates Airlines may failed due to Covid-19 if it does not get funding from its owner, the government of Dubai. As it is, the owner does not have the means to keep EK afloat. The future is bleak and if Covid does not go away in the next couple of months, SIA's biggest competitor will fade into obscurity.
On the other hand, SIA has almost unlimited financial help from its government which is it majority shareholder.

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SUNNY GALE said...

It would be a miracle if Emirates can survive this pandemic without its govt help.
Their fleet is basically A380 and it is the most expensive aircrafts to maintain on the ground.
Apparently Emirates went to put all its eggs into the same basket. They forgot about this virtue : Never put all your eggs in the same basket.
If you are a tech or cabin crew in Emirates, you should be worried to the extreme.
Guess luck is not on the airline side bec they were doing beautifully precovid. Then it has to happen. Along came covid and may be history.
LKY did exclaimed once about Emirates: hm..... why buying so many A380. He was apparently thinking : wa, a very dangerous strategic move on the part of Emirates.

Anonymous said...

If the airline is worth saving where it has shown that prior to Covid-19 it was doing very well, then the government should help like SIA.

However, if it wasn't doing well even before Covid-19 and has a long history of problems, it's best to let it die like MAS.

I'm not sure why the middle Eastern governments couldn't help the big 3 airlines where so many foreign crew were made redundant.

Just my 3 cents.

Anonymous said...

How distinct is SQ's service compared to other airlines based around the region.?

-Inflight service?

Which airline could take over all that if SQ left the scene?

All are financially weak and 99% are State owned or in partnerhsips.
The closest that I can guess is probably Qantas.

Anonymous said...

As a Malaysian I will not really miss MAS if it closes because they have been doing very badly and the government cannot keep bailing them out.

For domestic flights, Airasia and Malindo can handle it while for international flights Malaysians can just use Emirates, Etihad or Qatar or some other reputable foreign airline they like.