Saturday, October 17, 2020

Depavali eve 16 Oct 09 with Doraisamy and friends

This is the tenth anniversary of my friend, ex colleague and former general secretary of SATU (Singapore Air Transport workers-Union) R. Doraisamy's passing. The video was taken about a year before his demise.


Anonymous said...

A great guy in SQ.Defended CC who were in trouble,whereas other put CC into trouble.A great Unionist Secretary Gen,none can match him.RIP Doraisamy,never forgotten,remembered his voice still,in my heart,in my soul.

Anonymous said...

After Dorai another cc took over the reign of the union. This cc guy became the leader of the union. He held on to the union power for many years and as a consequence cc suffered. One glaring example is the introduction of the 5 year contract for stewards.

Anonymous said...

Addy Chatlui ?Downhill after that,Kaki Nang all IFS.