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Sunday, October 18, 2020

RIP Heng Choon Huat

          Heng passed away peacefully yesterday morning. May his soul RIP.

Boh Tong & C.H.Heng (in white T shirt): Photo taken in 2015

Heng is a well respected IFS who retired more than 10 years ago. I knew him as an easy going guy who was a martial art exponent. During his retirement, he manufactured ointments (almost went commercial) and treated the poor who had joint problems etc for free. Many domestic helpers came to Heng for treatment. A kind man indeed. May he rest in peace!


Anonymous said...

Rip,Heng a true man,unforgetable
I first met him in Hk,Holiday Inn
When my hair were black,heart young
It was a party time then,with a local dame
We were moving room to rooms
Having the time of our life
When crews met some from up journey,some return
The night still young,it was rooms hopping,booze and high
Having the best time of our lifes
By alas,time have change,the rules change
The comradies long gone,the team spirit gone downhill
Those who were there,I recalled,you might have too
But never mind if you dont
We have grown,go forth and multiply,and time have come
Brother Heng was stricken,thanks for the prayers,in his name
It sure extended a few more days
A good fight,a gracious time requested
As can be seen,its till to go
Grieving hearts,many more souls
Moved and heart breaking to see him go
But this words should accompany him on journey high
Farewell,the final flight to Heaven,closing the door now,Good Bye.

Anonymous said...

If BT can heap so much praise on Ah Heng then Ah Heng must be a likeable chap.
Rest-In-Peace Ah Pek Heng :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you for your guidance Heng and your friendly nature on & off work. My sincere condolences to your family & RIP...

Unknown said...

Good man!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ah pek heng for coming to eycl to attend to nasty asshole who wanna complain nimpeh. Nimpeh was still a GS. Never tell me what that asshole said or what he did. Never blurt a word to anybody or debrief nimpeh.
Thank you and RIP