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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

SIA aircraft food delivery a success?

 SIA@Home, a delivery food service had 57 orders of first and business class, 12 hours after opening, according to Straits Times.

BT: I love to order the FC or JC meal but it is out of my budget. But if I can afford it, I would love to have from either classes' food because they are really good. How I know the food is delicious? Well, it's because I used to work as a cabin crew on SIA for 35 years and have eaten a wide varieties of its food. It never once failed to please my taste buds.



Anon said...

Its not a success Boh Tong.

The media hyped about the food service through mass advertising of the country. Yet, a tiny amount of 57 orders over 12 hours in a country of 5.5 million population isn't something great.

The extremely high priced food with majority cant afford and have to heat up on own by them will be the flop of the service and soon, be phased out in shamed.

Anonymous said...

Hi BT,

I’m planning to order to try. It’s an interesting experience and just to show my support to our National carrier.

I can send you pics so you can share with your readers.

Anonymous said...

It's quite a creative initiative and hope it picks up well. Frankly, it's not only the food experience, customers get to keep the branded high-end tableware and toiletries. So the price tag is not really exorbitant.

Try to look at customers' perspectives and not from a crew's view.

freely said...

The food now and 30 years ago is very different. Now the quality is lousy....lobster is bland....beef is dry. And yes....30years ago first and biz class food was very good. Quality then was much better.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are wrong. Latest news, the food all snapped and sold out within half an hours.