Famous Champon Restaurant in Japan and Harvesting of Sweet Potatoes here

Sunday, October 4, 2020

SIA dinning experience on ground



Anonymous said...

For first class, SIA should reintroduced the fame first class service on trolley. Nothing is more ultimate then having the different courses dish out right in front of you. It is so grand. Those were first class glorious flying days.

Anonymous said...

Due to covid regulations, even restaurants are restricted to ala carte buffet. So no spreading of food allowed.

Anonymous said...

serve food or drinks on trolley is 'grand'?
go those dim sum place or even your neighbourhood koufu food court to have yr dreams of grandoise then.

Anonymous said...

Tagging on this thread. I’m a current sporean cc and my 5-year contract is ending next year, I have yet been notified if it will be renewed and I’m already in my early 30s. Any inside news that there is a chance for renewal?

Boh Tong said...

If you have a clean work and medical record your contract
should be renewed under normal circumstances. However, if the
pandemic is prolonged and the airlines decided to retrench then
it is another story. As far as I know, retrenchment is based on
last in first out basis. Good Luck!