Friday, October 2, 2020

SIA unveils pricing of new initiatives as pandemic grounded flights


Business-class dining will cost $300,excluding GST. Photo: SIA

Prices start from $288 for a business-class meal for two and $448 for a first-class meal.   Photo: SIA

SIA unveils pricing details for A-380 restaurant and meal delivery; $500 flight simulator experience offered in facility tour.

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Anonymous said...

pay few hundred dollars to eat peasant food in nice presentation or " brand name " lol...
half the amount of money could get you top steaks in steak houses lol...

Anonymous said...

this still living in the past coy must be real desperate....
having worked with them and knowing how stuck up they are..

SQ Staff said...

If you have nothing nice to say please do not post negative
comment. We are running a business out of necessity due to
COVID and the last thing we need is for people to criticise

Anonymous said...

Hi SQ staff:

I am being realistic , not negative, will you pay for this $500 meal?
Will any of the pilots or cabin crew pay for this $500 meal?
sorry if i offended you

Anonymous said...

Oh no not again! Yesterday it was between the cabin crew and tech crew and now between the public and SIA.. Being realistic is fine but phrases like" coy must be real desperate", "knowing how stuck up they are" and "peasant food" are not helpful in the promotion of the initiatives.

Anonymous said...

Hi, if you want to view it as negative so be it.
I am being objective, will you pay for it? $400-$500 for satay , or "regular standard food"
if it pleases your ears.

Have you wonder why there are so many negatives towards the company as I read the blog comments?

During good times, the company doesnt treat people as people,
during bad time, they expect the people to help them ( nations money ) and say nice things to please your ears. This not only include their employees, this include suppliers , business partners etc. Go read other forums apart from here, you can get the vibes. It cant be only the internal staff that feel the arrogance, even public. Wake up, when its your time to reach expiry, you will get it, now you enjoy while you can.

Also have to thank Mr BT for maintaining this blog for people to air, to air also means what truly people felt , but they have no place to air it.

Boh Tong said...
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