Monday, October 26, 2020

Where are those who loved to comment?

Since asking the commenters to post their comments in this blog by using their Google account, things have been very quiet. Before imposing the rule, many posted "rubbish" under the skirts of anonymity. One must be accountable for their comments and that should be the norm from now on.


Anon said...

Hi Boh Tong

Unrelated to the post, I like to ask:

Say I'm of a senior crew and decided to resign altogether say after 10-15 years of flying due to "tired of flying", the chances of me will be slim/none as my place is taken over by someone junior since cabin crew is a hierarchical/pyramid job structure?

Boh Tong said...

Anon I don't understand your question.

Anon said...

Hi BT,

What I meant was the "Returning Crew" scheme - I used a example of a senior steward who decided to resign after X years.

Whats the chances of him getting back the CC job? It should be slim,no?

Because he's considered old and SIA unlikely to take him back and his place is taken over by a younger steward.

Thats my question.

Boh Tong said...

Yes, your chances are slim due to age.

Anon said...

To Cabin Crew hopefuls,

The above Anon has asked a correct question and the question itself indicates that CC life shouldn't be forever.

Once part of CC, say 5 years and more, most likely you'll stuck inside airplane for life.

Dont be bull when you claimed what CC learnt is useful outside world. True to little extend.

But, if youre old, you think other employers gives a crap about how many countries you visited, people you talked to, how many times you serve coffee and tea in record time, etc...

If thats the case, the older crew would've left long ago as they got jaded by the job after X years.

So, think carefully.

Also, so what youve saved $1 million after CC life ended? In exchanged for that amount, you short-changed your health in the long run.

All the points I indicated is something BT himself cant dispute.