Wednesday, November 11, 2020

SIN/HKG VV travel bubble & vaccine

Singapore and Hong Kong governments are in agreement to form a travel bubble between the 2 countries with little restrictions. This will take effect from 22 November. For a start, SIA and CX will be allowed one flight a day with up to a maximum of 200 passengers per flight. The number of flights will be increased to 2 a day from 7 December. Passengers need not be quarantined but have to take a swab test before leaving SIN and one on arrival at HKG.
After the announcement of the mutually agreed Air Travel Bubble, the prices of the air tickets between these 2 countries soared. The economy return airfare used to be around S$500 but has jumped to about S$700.
Also, the news of a Pfizer vaccine for Covid 19 would be ready for use by the end of the year has given some optimism for restoring more travel.
In short, I hope none of the tech crew, cabin crew and ground staff would lose their jobs.

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