Thursday, November 19, 2020

SIN/HKG/SIN Air Travel Bubble

Come this Sunday 22 November SIA and Cathay Pacific will start the Air Travel Bubble flights between SIN/HKG and HKG/SIN.
Surprisingly, a two way economy flight cost S$1,000 which is double that of pre-covid's. But then with social distancing the airlines can only carry half of the pre-covid's load. Therefore, in terms of profitability, the airlines aren't making much more than before. But at least, they don't lose and besides, it will keep the crew and staff busy.
The travel will be suspended for 2 weeks if either HK or SG reports a 7-day moving average of more than 5 untraceable covid-19 infections.
Good luck to those who will be travelling.


Anon said...

Hi Boh Tong

I suggest youve a CNA-styled Cabin Crew news with you as a anchor and live streamed your SIA announcement(s) through Facebook or TV to get people know on SIA position.

Boh Tong said...

Good idea Anon. Let me think about it :)