Monday, November 2, 2020

What does cabin crew think of their future ?

One inflight manager I spoke to told me he is more worried for SIA than for himself and his family of four. What a gallant gentleman! Another told me he would probably be retrenched as soon as the JSS is discontinued by the government in March 2021. He is pessimistic about the future of flying and also being a junior crew he would be one of the first to be fired. One stewardess I knew is quite happy with the current situation as she is getting paid for "shaking legs" at home.
With the pandemic still around and no sign of it going away, many crew have sought SIA's permission to redeploy to other jobs like healthcare, distancing ambassadors etc. A few have turned to driving "Grab".
With the second and third wave of the pandemic in Europe, USA and elsewhere, my view is that world's economy will never return to pre-Covid era. To complicate matters further, the world will have to deal with the worsening US-China relations. A war may even breaks out between the two superpowers. As I see it, we are entering into the most dangerous phase of our existence.

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SUNNY GALE said...

The world's airlines survival is now hinging on the critical vaccine to come out soonest, otherwise whatever steps taken would be futile.
Any airline when grounded is gobbling up tons of money which is not sustainable and any country govt can only provides assistance up to a short period and it has got to give up to help the airline to survive bec the govt will run out of resources too.
There is no question too about the survival of the world's airline if the vaccine does not come into play within the next 6mths. You will see retrenchments the world over in the airlines industry.
I can see a glittering hope from China to come up with a reliable vaccine in November. With this miracle vaccine, the public confidence to fly will at least be restored, otherwise it will be doomsday for the travel industries the world over.
Let's pray for the vaccine to appear.