Thursday, December 10, 2020

Surprise, surprise to meet Anil again after 2 decades


I bet the younger crew may not know this retired ifs. For the older crew, Anil is still recognizable. I bumped into Anil recently at a coffee shop in Changi Village. He was there for his favorite curry, he told me. He was alone and had travelled all the way from his home just to savor his favorite food.
It was at least 20 years since Anil and I last met. He retired around the same time as me.
As I was in a hurry to meet my wife for dinner, we parted company. I hope to meet nice ex-colleagues like Anil again.


Johnny said...

He used to be a body builder in his younger days but has
health issue so he gave up on body building.
Heard that he has prostate problem like many older men.
Nice chap he is.

Unknown said...

broad shoulder anil simon the swimmer
did few flights with his daughter nicole