Sunday, 31 December 2006

The Stranger From Piccadilly Circus,London.

Whenever we stopped at London,there were many interesting things we could spend our time on. The stops were usually 2 to 3 days at the London Gloucester Hotel,next to Gloucester Station.
The average meal and nightstop allowances per day in London would be about $150 to $190 per crew,depending on the rank. The hotel charged about 100 pds or $300 per room a day (50% discount) and this was being paid by SIA.
The crew usually spend their time shopping at Oxford St., eating their favorite Chinese food at the Queensway/Bayswater, drinking English Beer and Stouts at the pubs, gambling at the casinos , punting on horses and dogs at Ladbrooke,William Hill etc.
However, for steward Ali, he preferred to be alone,roaming the streets around Piccadilly Circus,waiting to be picked up by handsome homosexual white men.
On this particular trip, Ali didn't have to wait long before he was approached by Victor the macho English homo.
Ali bought dinner for himself and Victor at a steak house and downed two bottles of Beaujolais.
After dinner, they proceeded to Gloucester Hotel. When they arrived at Ali's room, they started to drink Chivas Regal which was stolen from the aircraft bar.
By the time Ali and Victor had finished the bottle of free Chivas,they were both pissed like hell.
The next morning when Ali woke up, he discovered his new-found friend had disappeared from the room. Gone too was Ali's wallet which contained cash and his credit cards.
When Ali checked out of the hotel,he was shocked when the receptionist presented him with a 50 pounds long distance telephone bill.

Friday, 29 December 2006

No go for Gay stories?

There seem to be a 'silent objection' to my idea of posting about the gay community in SIA cabin crew.
Ok, I respect that decision. Its a sensitive subject,I know that might hurt a lot of my gay colleagues.
However, with due respect to them,if I can get more readers to email me or put their comments in my blog about wanting to hear their stories,then I would certainly oblige them.
Until then,I will just have to wait.....

Thursday, 28 December 2006

The Gay Crew.

You must have heard of SIA having gay cabin crew. Out of every 20 male crew, 1 is a gay.
There was a time when AIDS was the talk of the town, top management people panicked told us not to recruit the gays as stewards.The main reason was,according to SIA,passengers might find them offensive.
I,personally find the gays to be the best male cabin crew. They love their stewarding job and take a lot of pride in discharging their duties.They are usually better groomed than their non gay counterparts. Of course, there are 'chow ah kuas' ( pariahs)too. These CAK usually bring disrepute to the gay community. Right my gay buddies?
Yes, quite a number of the gay crew had died of complications arising from AIDS. They paid the price for being sexually reckless.
Now the gays are cleverer.They do not have multiple partners.If they do,they take precautions.
Maybe, I would relate a few stories about the gay crew in my next posting....until then this uncle boh tong signing off...hehehe.

Cool weather in Singapore.

Wow, Uncle just love this cool weather man.Its 25C in my home,raining outside...but so what huh? I am fine,having my kopi and typing this message to you all and no need to travel from office to home. Sori lah..u got to drive,take mrt or buses in this wet weather. I know whats like really sucks rite?
Hey take it easy ah if u are driving cos the roads are wet and slippery.
Catch u later ok...maybe a new posting for yall.

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

The passenger who would not .......

The aircraft was taxing half way to the runway when a passenger stood on his seat and started shouting. He refused to sit down even when the crew pleaded with him.
There was not much time to play around.The captain had to decide within the next minute whether to proceed to the runway or turn back.

The captain made an announcement telling the other passengers of his predicament.
That troublemaker was shouting and still refusing to sit down.
Then, a big tall passenger and one who looked like a wrestler went straight to the guy and punched him in his stomach.
That fellow fell forward and the big guy pushed him to his seat and fastened his seat belts.There was silence in the cabin except for the roaring sound of the B747.

In the next few minutes, the plane took off and there was no more trouble from that passenger for the next 14 hours.

A Message that converted many crew.

I can still recall in 1978,there was a huge Christian revival in cabin crew. The message of William Branham, an American Evangelist, swept through SIA cabin crew division like wild fire. More than 100 crew were converted as a result.
The amazing thing was, William Branham's message could dramatically changed the lives of many crew whom we thought were incorrigible.
Drunkards, smokers, gamblers,rascals were converted.
The New Nation, an afternoon paper in Singapore , had an article on it. New Nation claimed that their HQ was in Rotterdam.
Some crew told the press that it was a cult while others claimed it was a religion good for those bad crew.
The Director of cabin crew conducted an investigation into the so called cult but found nothing wrong with it. He even went further to state that it was good to have such converts flying around than those unconverted unrepented drunkards,smokers,womanisers etc.
Many of the converts left the airline especially the stewardesses.
Today,there are only a few of these converted crew left in SIA.

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

SIA Crew Stay in 5 Star Hotels but......

Most of the hotels where crew stay during their layovers are 5 star hotels.SIA spend close to a $100m (correct me if I am wrong,SIA) a year on crew hotels.
Some of the crew do not appreciate the generosity of the company. When they lose that privilege,it would then be too late. They would be put up at lesser known and not so comfortable hotels.
SIA let each crew have their own room,even the most junior ones. Some airlines make their cabin crew share room. Only married couple crew in SIA share room.However, if the married couple opt not to fly together,they will also be allocated a room each during their nightstops.
Why do I bring up this subject of hotel accommodation? Well it is because like I said earlier,there are crew who do not appreciate this fine gesture on the part of SIA.
In the past, we had crew who 'souvenired' towels,pillow cases,bulbs, and even curtains etc. from hotels they stayed. I had complaints from hotels about crew dirtying and littering their rooms with all sorts of things,ranging from cigarette butts to unfinished instant noodles and curry stains on the walls.
There were crew who overfilled their bathtubs and flooded hotel floors.
There were cases of crew using the hotel ovens to dry their running shoes. Some even went to the extent of bringing their home laundry to wash them in the hotel washing machines.( Certain places like New Zealand,crew were put up in luxurious apartments)
There was a case in Auckland, where a room was burned due to an electrical fire caused by a short circuit. The crew had left his TV on for 2 days when he was on a sightseeing tour.
In Tokyo, we used to stay in the plush Prince Takanawa Hotel. The crew stole hundreds of goldplated tea spoons and tea sets from the hotel rooms over a period of time.
The staff at Prince Takanawa nicknamed the supervisors as Ali Baba and the other crew as SIA thieves.
When the hotel had enough of our nonsense, they politely doubled the room rates, once the old contract period was over. Thats the Japanese way of saying Sayonara to us.
I can just go on and on but until the crew stop this type of behaviour,there is no guarantee that prime hotels in places where crew nightstop would welcome them.

A wet 2006 Christmas in Singapore.

Oh boy, what a wet X'mas for the people in Singapore! As though the weather is not bad enough,many people have got to go back to work this morning
( 26/12/06), travelling in the midst of the falling rain.
Your retired uncle here, is enjoying every bit of this 'nice' wet and cool weather, at home with a cup of kopi,sitting next to his computer typing out this message at 9.18 am ...heheheeeee..sorry lah,don't envy me cost I earned it.
Will catch you up later cos I am going to lay down for a while and listen to my favorite Kyu Sakamoto's "Sukiyaki".
Bye...enjoy your work everybody and if you don't, then read Uncle's blog lor...hehehe

Friday, 22 December 2006

A little humour won't hurt...TGIF.

It was reported in a major airline survey carried out recently that SIIA's standard of inflight service has improved tremendously. Its is now no.1 beating its other well known Asian rivals carriers like CX,TG and SQ.
SIIA's success, according to its CEO,Mr. Chew Dog Bone was mainly due to its employment of the SIA's ex-CCEs.
These CCEs,numbering 15 joined SIIA in 2004 and swore they will put in all their years of experience to help SIIA be the no.1 airlines in terms of inflight service.
This is a case of one airline's loss and another airline's gain.As Lee loccoca puts it,"Revenge is sweetest when you join a competitor and make it much more competitive", when he was fired from Ford Motors and became CEO of Chrysler Corp.

MM Lee Comment on the service??

Below is an extract from one of my readers' comment on what MM Lee said about JetAirway's service. I didn't know about it (MM Lee's comment). Can someone or the person who put the comment tell us where can we get the quote or article please?

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Anonymous said...
What a shame! Heard the ex CCEs work for Sahara Air and Jetair.Is that true?

6:23 PM

Anonymous said...
They formed a co. called Little Red Dot and undertook some contract work with Air Sahara. A few of them could be working for Jetair, an Indian airline, where MM Lee was impressed with the inflight service and remarked that some ex SIA guys might be helping them.
7:32 PM

The Best SVP CC.

The best SVP cabin crew ever had was Eddie Jesudason.I will tell you why I think he was the best.
This silver haired gentleman was the son of the late Bartley and Raffles Institution principal.
Eddie was a always a good listener. He would lend you his ears whenever you need someone to talk to. He was patient even to his workers,seldom took advantage of his high position to make life difficult for other people.
Although he was a nice boss, don't you ever cross sword with him. He would not be afraid to take his boss to task, let alone us,his subordinates.
Eddie was a generous boss, always footing the bills, whenever we were out with him. Sometimes,the bills would be in the 4 figures.
We could never forget his kindness towards one of our colleagues. Frank was on the verge of bankruptcy and Eddie helped paid his debtors, thousands of dollars.
I blog about this man because I want people to know what a good man he is.
I rather pay him tribute now when he is still around than put flowers on his grave after he has gone.
Cheers to you my good Boss and may you be blessed with good health and happiness!!! hehehe.( he probably can guess who I am)

Thursday, 21 December 2006

The PPS who loved caviar.

Ron had a penchant for SIA Beluga caviar. Whenever Ron flew with SIA, he would ate only caviar,caviar and more caviar. He would demand for 5 tins of the Beluga caviar,one of the best, on each of his first class travel.

Each tin of the Beluga caviar (100gm) would easily cost US$100(please correct me if I am wrong)SIA obliged and made it an exception for Ron.

As time went by, Ron not only ate caviar on board all his flights but demanded SIA let him took home another 5 tins.Still, SIA agreed and gave in to Ron's demand although it might set a precedent for the other passengers.

Then came the last straw. Ron began abusing the cabin crew. He would shout the 4 letter word at the crew each time, if they did not greet him by his name when he boarded the aircraft.He would complained and cursed the crews' parents if they did not give him more than the 5 tins of caviar, for he knew SIA had in the aircraft more caviar for the returning flights.

Finally, SIA asked Ron to fly kite.( a slang meaning SIA banned Ron from flying with them).

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

The PPS who lived in a Glass House....

James was the nastiest of all the nasty PPS passengers. Whenever he was booked on SIA, the Taipei airport staff would literally peed in their pants. He was not only demanding but abusive and cruel to the staff.

He was also a nightmare to the cabin crew.James made lives difficult for people who had to make a living serving him.

Like many unreasonable people,James had skeletons in his closet. His mistress was a SIA leading stewardess, Nancy, whom he adored. James often brought Nancy for holidays abroad and showered her with cash and gifts.

James made too many enemies with the staff of SIA. He made a big mistake by crossing swords with a SIA senior staff in cabin crew. This senior staff ordered an "investigation" into the private life of James and not surpringly found about his affair with Nancy.

The "investigators" were asked to dig into Nancy's work record. Again,they were not surprised to find that Nancy took long medical leave,some as long as a month whenever she had gone back to her hometown in Malaysia. The MCs were given by a doctor whom SIA had contracted.

In that particular year alone,Nancy took 4 long medical leave,totalling almost a hundred days, in Malaysia.

The diagnosis were Malaria, Hepatitis B, Dengue Fever and Fracture.

One does not have to be medically trained to know that a patient cannot be down with 3 of the above infectious diseases in a year and survived.In her case, Nancy not only survived but each time came back to work with more vigour and healthier.

SIA found out that on each of Nancy's long medical leave,she had travelled to places like LA,SFO,TPE and TYO.

Sweet revenge took place and Nancy was dismissed from SIA.

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

At least, I am of help!

A reader recently wrote in to tell me she,on reading my blog decided on going for lasik surgery to correct her eyesight which she did. Now her eyesight is perfect (6/6) and I append below the correspondence between her and I:

Anonymous said...
Would be very sad if it is close. Had been reading it daily for while. Please keep it open.

Actually, was inspired to do Lasik with those links that u have... Had already done it too..

11:03 AM

boh tong said...
You mean you went for Lasik after reading my article? How much did it cost? I will not let my blog close down!!!No way man!!!
Thanks for your appreciation.Keep in touch.

11:24 AM

Anonymous said...
Actually was inspired by all your buddy link..

Did lasik in SNEC. S$1320/per eye. By Dr Leonard Ang. The post lasik review show 6/6 on both eye now.. review is one day after the ops.

5:14 PM

boh tong said...
Wow 6/6 is fantastic! worth every cents isnt it? I got to ask DR. Ang for a commission hehee.
Btw, I really feel good that I could be of help.
Thanks for your reply too.

7:17 PM

Monday, 18 December 2006

My ex colleague, a prankster.

We used to have a colleague who loved to play tricks on his trainee stewardesses. He would do all sorts of things just to ridicule them. One day, he went overboard and it was a last straw. He was given the early retirement (forced premature retirement).
The story went like this..... On a certain flight, he had a new stewardess flying with him.
It was Jean's first observation flight. To newbies like Jean, a trainer was someone like 'god' on the flight. Jean was taught in the training school to do whatever the seniors would want her to do on the flight.
On this flight, Darren the trainer asked Jean to give a hair comb to a passenger at a certain seat. Without hesitation,Jean obeyed Darren and brought the comb to the passenger.
When Jean approached the seat number given by Darren,she noticed the passenger was a bald headed nun. Jean hesitated for a moment but pressed on and gave the comb to the nun.
Sure,the poor nun was so embarrassed because all the neighbouring passengers were watching her.
The nun refused the comb as she had not requested for it but one can see she was red all over.
The passenger seated next to the nun was furious with the stewardess and felt that she had humiliated the nun.
He lodged a complaint with the GM of SIA when he arrived at his destination.
After a thorough investigation by the cabin crew management, Darren was found quilty. Hence, the early retirement.

Okay,okay, boh tong heard your cry!

Since 14 Dec. I have stopped posting on this blog.I have requested our readers to move to the new look boh tong page at However, I have received feedback that it is easier for the regulars to come straight here and read my posting, instead of clicking the above URL.That is a much longer way and sometimes due to heavy traffic it could take a while for them to reach bohtong2.
You may be pleased to know that I have acceded to your request. With immediate effect,my posting will be done here again.
As for some of our regulars who have bookmarked bohtong2, I will still oblige them by repeating my posting there too.
I hope it is a win win situation for all.
Always at your service,
Yours obediently, (hehehe.... like real)
boh tong.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Unaccompanied Minors on SIA Flights.

SIA has imposed strict rules governing the care of children travelling alone without their parents or guardians between the ages of 5 and under 17 . One of the rules that SIA emphasized most is the handing over of these children to the bonafide recipients.
The crew in charge of the cabin would have to personally hand over the UM to the ground staff upon arrival. The staff would then hand over the UM to the rightful parents or guardians at the airport.
The above happened because of a few cases where UM were handed over to the wrong person who had ulterior motives.
The first case was a little girl ,whom a male passenger befriended on the flight and took her on the "tour" of the airport for a few hours after the plane had landed. The grandad of the girl was furious when he, after waiting for more than two hours,found out what had happened to his grand daughter.
He sued SIA but the matter was eventually settled out of court.

Another case happened to a boy on a SIA flight. He was an UM and by "chance" met his dad who was divorced from mom, on the same flight.Now dad did not have the custody of his son.Since they got along well on the flight and the man was able to prove to the crew that was his son, he took him away from mom. It was a case of a passenger kidnapping the UM and SIA was sued for it. Again,I understand the case was settled out of court.

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

All kinds of Passengers.

In my 35 years with the airlines,I had come across many types of passengers. There were the over generous ones as well as the cheapskates who think of nothing but to fleece anything they can get their hands on. Surprisingly,some of these paxs were the rich people. Yet, there were those who would do anything to get attention. Some were abusive while others were friendly. Yes ,there were the funny types and the list goes on.....
I remember meeting a monk travelling in first class who ate beef steak and drank champagne and other alcoholic drinks. To satisfy our curious look,he explained that it was alright for monks not to go vegetarian because of the lack of veggie in his country. As for the drinking of alcohol, he explained that they were 'spiritual drinks' and they were good for his soul and spirit.
There was a priest in the first class ,who told us not to address him by his title, as stated on the pax information list because he was going to get drunk on his favourite Chivas Regal whisky.
Yet,I had met a President of a country who confided in me that "I started my political career in ****** prison and it looks like I am going to end it in ****** "prison". In the 55 minutes of the flight he downed 3 double Scotch on the rocks. Well,he did end his political career in the ****** "prison" and died in a foreign country not long ago.
I will stop here and continue some other time with more of such stories.

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Naked steward on leave

Heard of this case? It was reported in the Taipei Times, Sunday, Jul 27, 2003.

A Singapore Airlines steward was placed on medical leave after he stripped off all his clothing on a flight and tossed out the contents of his wallet, a SIA spokesman said yesterday. Two hours into the flight from Perth, Australia to Singapore on July 11, the 31-year-old steward travelling as a passenger started acting up, according to the account in The Straits Times. He stood up and flung the contents of a glass of wine on passengers sitting around him, began shouting and made his way to the toilet in the middle of the plane, said witnesses. The crew members could not immediately do anything because they were stuck behind meal carts they had wheeled into the aisles.

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Stewardess Sue's comments on PPS/SOLITAIRE Passengers.

Below is a comment I have received from a Stewardess in response to my article on "Cocky PPS Passengers" which I posted here on 30 Oct.2006.

At 8:27 PM, sue said...
I totally agree with u..

those Pps can afford to travel business/first class cos of their company budget.. Their company pay for their tickets, & accumulate their miles, therefore they are PPS...

if they go holiday themselves which i haven seen alot. eg. hkg/bkk/tpe.. they sit in ecomomy class.. y? simply because they cant afford the exp business class airface..

if you are those damn rich, u will always travel business class evn when u go holidays..

At 8:33 PM, sue said...
i did a flight recently & this solitaire in ECONOMY class asked me for a copy of the newspapers..

Currently economy have ran out of papers.. It's impossible for everyone to have a copy of the paers, & therefore i told him 'sir currently i dun have, i check & i come back to you'..

he immediately took out his solitaire card & pass to me 'u take this cAd to business class & they will pass u one copy of the paper'..

I told this old CHINESE idiot 'sir, u dun have to show me your card, i will try my best to help anyone here if i can'..

then i went to business class & asked the crew for a paper but the because business class was still boarding pax, & therefore at the moment they are not able to spare me a copy..

I returned & told the old IDIOT & say i will come back to him. Without a word, he walkeds to Business class & took a copy of the papr fromthe trolley..

Meanwhile i was end of the aircraft helping another ppassenger with his bag, this old idiot came to me & show me the card again & say 'THIS CARD HAD NO PROBLEM IN GETTING 10 COPIES OF THE PAPERS FOR ME''.then he walk away..

Anyone like to comment?

Sunday, 3 December 2006

Ex-SIA Stewardess gets 13 years' jail.

Singaporeans as well as Malaysians are familiar with this case.However, I republish this article for the benefit of our overseas readers who came as far as places like Denmark,Turkey,UAE, Brazil,China,Japan,New Zealand,Australia and not to mention many more countries besides USA and UK.

ONE-AND-A-HALF years after Sindee Neo’s death fall from a block of flats, her father’s former lover was sentenced to 13 years’ jail for her kidnap and causing her death.
Former SIA lead stewardess Constance Chee Cheong Hin, 37, was found guilty of two charges.
She received three years' jail for kidnapping and ten years for homicide. The sentences are to run consecutively.
Chee, who appeared nervous throughout the verdict yesterday morning, broke into tears when the jail sentence was handed down to her by Justice V.K. Rajah.
But her lawyer Subhas Anandan was overheard telling her: “Don’t cry. At least you did not get life.”
Chee, convicted in January of causing a four-year-old girl to fall to her death, escaped the maximum term of life imprisonment.
The court took into consideration a psychiatric report that Chee’s condition, schizophrenia, will get better with regular and adequate medication.
When she is released from prison, she will be put in the care of her three sisters and will live with one of them.
Chee’s sentence has been backdated to the day of her remand, Oct 8, 2004.
The case, which riveted Singaporeans, had its beginnings in an unlikely love affair: Chee, who dropped out of university to pursue a flying career with SIA, took up with married rag-and-bone man Neo Eng Tong, 34, Sindee’s father.
The pair later broke up, but a
disagreement over S$40,000 (RM91,000) Neo apparently owed her continued.
Then, on Oct 7, 2004, Chee abducted Sindee from the family home in Telok Blangah Crescent. The girl was later found lying at the bottom of the block of flats.
She died five days later.
On Jan 24, Chee was convicted of intentionally causing the girl to fall from an unknown floor of the block. – The Straits Times / Asia News Network , Saturday April 8, 2006


Ex chief stewardess Constance Chee......Yesterday and today I notice there is a sudden surge in the number of visitors to my blog. Most of them were searching for Constance Chee who was responsible for her lover's daughter death a few years ago.

May someone please tell me why people are now interested in Constance's case when it has happened a few years ago?     (07 Dec 2011)

Sunday Morning Humour.

After landing,the stewardess picked up the PA and made this announcement, " we have a gentleman on board whose is going to celebrate his 80th birthday today,so could you please give him a round of applause" Following the announcement,everyone clapped.The stewardess asked over the PA ," do you want to know who the gentleman is?". "Yes" came the reply. "He is our captain!".

An hour later, after the captain has made the annoucement telling the passengers in English, "in 15 minutes you will be able to see Mt.Fuji,the Japanese Stewardess picked up the PA and literally translated what the Captain said into Japanese.

Have a great Sunday!
boh tong.

Saturday, 2 December 2006

Hotel Ghost Story.

Karen was woken up by a loud knock at her door. She switched on the bedside lights and looked at her small alarm clock.It read 11.59pm. "who the hell could it be, knocking at this time of the night?" she mumbled to herself. It can't be her crew because all of them would be in bed by this time.They had a morning flight the next day.

Again came the knock and Karen became furious. "Who the **** is that?" Karen asked angrily. "Its housekeeping" came a soft woman's voice.
Karen opened the door and there stood an old female housekeeper. " What is it that you want at this ungodly hour?" Karen shot at her. "Sorry madam,I thought you wanted me to do up your room" replied the fragile old lady. " The hell with you lady,are you crazy,do you know what time it is now?" Karen shouted at her. "Ooh oh, soorry.... madam, I must have made a mistake" the little old housekeeper stammered.Karen noticed that the "do not disturb" sign was not at her door knob. Someone must have removed it,Karen thought to herself.

The housekeeper excused herself with another apology. As she turned and walked away, something unusual caught Karen's eyes. The old lady's feet wasn't touching the ground as she walked away form Karen's room.

An eerie feeling came over Karen.She could feel the hair on her arms and all over her body stood on end.The next moment,the little old lady floated away,this time,her legs were stationary. Karen let out a loud scream.The old lady turned around and with two fang liked teeth and a crooked nose, pointed her long wrinkled index finger at Karen and let out a loud cry!Karen fainted,fell forward and hit her face on the hotel corridor floor.

When Karen came to,she found herself in a hospital room alone,with a dull pain hanging over her heavily bandaged head.

At this moment,in came a nurse with a tray of medication and a big injection needle.As she lifted her face,Karen got a terrible shock! That nurse had the face of the little old hotel housekeeper.

Karen let out a piercing scream, fell into a coma and never regain consciuosness.