Thursday, September 29, 2022

Bomb threat and assaulted crew

 SINGAPORE: On Wednesday (Sep 28), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) was informed of a bomb threat on board Singapore Airlines flight SQ33, travelling from San Francisco to Singapore.

A passenger was reported to have assaulted a cabin crew member, claiming he had a bomb in his carry-on bag. Continue reading here

This idiot does not know what he is going to face for committing such a stupid act! This is Singapore and unlike other countries he may be sentenced to jail and get at least 3 to 6 strokes of the cane. Besides the bomb hoax, he also assaulted a member of the cabin crew. From my perspective, this is intolerable! As an ex crew I am watching this case closely.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Monday, September 26, 2022

Can someone answer "KayPoh aka BusyBody" please?

 For the several trips I flew on SQ, I would ask for a feedback form to commend  the crew for their good service.  On many occasions, the IFM would approach me and request that I do it online.  He would explain that the recognition given to online feedback was higher than feedback form.  This was because SQ Management had this perception that the commendation was solicited, or because the passenger had nothing to do on board (like waiting for aircraft to land).  On the other hand, if it was done via online, it meant that the passenger really intended to commend the crew as he took the trouble and time off from his routine to write the commendation.

Is this the situation?  If so, then it does appear to be a misguided and improper and handling of crew management.

Perhaps the experts in this blog can comment.

KayPoh aka BusyBody

Saturday, September 24, 2022

No video on the pros...

 I will not be uploading the video on the pros of becoming a cabin crew as Sunny has said that "even if you add another 100 cons to the job you will still get people applying". I totally agree with Sunny.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Accept my challenge or shut up forever!!!


To those who nagged continuously about their unsubstantiated cons  of being a cabin  crew and attacked me under the cloak of anonymity, I challenge them to a debate with me via Zoom. Come into the open and show us who you are or else shut up and stop nagging!

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

SUNNY GALE commented on "Pros and Cons of ...

Haha, there is really no need to promote the cabin crew job.
Flying as a crew is a "vacation job". The lifestyles of crew are awesome, intriguing and so special that even if u add another 100 cons to the job, u will still get people applying.
The wannabes are not deterred by the cons of the job.
They r more deterred by their self-confidence as to whether they stand a chance to get the job instead. This is the feeling of what most people encounter when contemplating to apply for CC.
U can make known to them about the exhausting nature of the job, the contract basis and the future u can expect -they will not be bothered and will still go for it.
Why? BECAUSE - it's awesome to be a crew, even if it's for only a 5 yrs contract.
Don't miss this window of opportunity when u r eligible, otherwise u will...... for quite awhile.
The CC job has got it's own natural draw and suspense. People r drawn to it by nature, bec with this job you get to see the world for free and indulge in a lifestyle even the rich and famous envy.
Why do they envy CC? Because to have a super lifestyle, u need to have certain conditions in place.
These conditions r so unique that no job on this planet can have it duplicated even if u try.
The Tech crew environment comes close but missing one critical component.
Apparently and by miracle, lol, the cabin crew environment have all the critical factors in its doorstep.
Want to know what are the conditions that the CC environment provides that result in a lifestyles even the rich and famous and Tech crew environments can't duplicate?
Well, l will disclose this shortly.

Downside of being a cabin crew with SIA

Saturday, September 17, 2022

A chance to show the readers ..........

I suggest we meet over Zoom to talk about the pros & cons of flying as a cabin crew. Not a debate really but just a friendly discussion say for an hour or so. I will record the discussion and upload it on YouTube and post it here for our readers.
The invitation is for Sunny Gale, KayPoh aka BusyBody and those who have been actively posting comments here. I will moderate the discussion and the number of participants will be limited to 5.
What do you guys think?
Contact me via this email >>>

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Not to be outdone by Sunny Gale's comment...


Below is the reply to Sunny's comment. Each has his or her opinion but best is to let the readers decide.

I'm sorry Ive to disagree with Sunny too optimistic view of being CC.

That view is correct in SQ golden age before middle eastern airlines and budget carriers took away the SQ flair. Here's the points -

1) layover get short with CC spend most time in hotel room to rest and not able to go out and spend allowance because SG cost of living is expensive. They too are tired to walk around the areas as they get older.

2) CC skills are largely non-transferable in other work other than F&B and perhaps hotel.

3) CC on tenure have no choice but to lan lan till 60 plus years old and stuck in there especially when they have family.

In conclusion, the job is good for short time but doing the same airline CC routine over and over again and expecting different result like better pay and more leave for CC is what Einstein termed as insanity.

It will never happen as long SQ competition with other airlines is visible.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

An excellent/comment article by Sunny Gale

 BT: I suggest all cabin crew/flight attendants as well as cc wannabes   and critics of cabin crew read the article below:

Blogger SUNNY GALE said...

The job scope of a waiter/ cabin crew may be the same, but the lifestyles (this is where the "power"of this job comes in) is world of a difference.
Also the salary is pretty good.
The fun you get from its lifestyles is priceless which cannot be duplicated in any other job and it's so enticing/enriching a job.
You see, when u decide to join as Cc, u r not into the job really. What u r getting into is a job that opens the world to your doorstep.
Flying to countries that span across 7 continents, not once but over and over again. It's so gratifying/sensational to be able to see the world for free and WowWee, u get to stay in a 5-star hotel.
Where to find, this kind of job?
Compared to the same job scope waiter's job, or even a manager job, the mundane lifestyles of working on the ground make living on this planet a little boring.
I am sure all the Cc of the world knows this fact.
The only factor that can override the lifestyles of Cc is the power of getting a job that can make u a ton of money, hehe, bec money makes the world go round, but u would still miss the fun of flying though.
Another beautiful part of this job is if u r a guy, u get to work with so many great-looking girls u can fall in love with. This is not all, if u r amorously adventurous, there r so many overseas girls u get to make friends with. Again, where to find this kind job (Singlish phrase of the century).
If u work on it, u will also end up with girlfriends all over the world. What a lifestyle.
If u have a ground job, all u r looking at is for the weekend to have fun and chill at Clarke quay and drink yourself drunk and then take Grab home.
For Cc crew, u can drink at most crew room in the hotel and just go back to your room when drunk, it's so so convenient. And a secret here ah, most of the time u get quality alcohol for free. Cc trade secret ya. U know and l know only (Cc who r into drinking will know what l mean).
As for ground job, u pay for every glass u ordered. Moreover not so good quality drink. The good quality one comes at a price.
So u see, waiter and Cc job scope is the same but, lifestyles is a world of a difference.
U ain't know what u r missing if u have not been a Cc.
For those who live to have fun, hey this is the job for u. Don't be a waiter ok.
This job is so good that when u come across a funeral wake and u find the person in the coffin still smiling, even though dead, u will know that this person must have been a cabin crew before, hehe.
Guess he/she has been living a great life when alive with no regret.
So go join Cc and see the world for free. Don't be a fool and play it cool in life.
Think about it and observed people on the ground - u will realise eh.... every day they do the same thing, going to work and looking forward to the weekend to have some relief from work…and then Monday blues over and over again till........

However, don't expect working as a cabin crew to be a breeze. This job is exhausting - u will feel extreme tiredness after the flight and would want to get to the hotel or home soonest possible.
Only 2 activities can keep u awake. The need to eat is one and if gambling is your favourite pass time, this is another, lol.
The work onboard is simply a situation of the same procedures and is not difficult to master though.
Your senior crew member at time is the more difficult situation to handle than work, hehe. Just take it in your stride as this is part and parcel of working life. You see, not all human r born with good emotional intelligence.
Still want to be a cabin crew? Then go get Boh Tong e-guide to give you an edge in the Cc interview, as it will gives u an idea of what the airline is looking for at the interview.
Haha, just a little promotion for your blog and your entertaining us readers with articles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an excellent article by Sunny. It beats all articles or comments so far. Well done Sunny because you have penned so well on the cc job.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Free advice and help over the internet...

Suggest you give creative payment like pay per view or like durian,pao chiak.Or legal cases usa style per succesfull case or nothing.Most young people really dry,but on starting work,can be credit worthy.Or your signed copies of your guide,like nft limited collector items.Years later become iconic,when everyone passes"".

Someone suggested the above. The part about paying for the coaching after passing the interview made my toes laugh. Wah where got such a thing as coach first and pay later only when one has been employed as a cc? Tell you what, some would refuse to pay or lie they didn't get the job. "Most young people really dry"? Nonsense, they prefer to spend on the latest iPhone model etc than to pay me to coach them. One cc wannabe told me she can help herself for free in the internet for help to pass her interview rather than pay for e-guide and coaching etc.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

People who bought my e-guide, attended my coaching...

When I talk about my e-guide I am talking about e-guide that is designed to help the cabin crew wannabes pass their interviews with SIA.
Strangely, there were people who purchased my e-guide not because they want to go for the SIA cc interviews but for other reasons. Take for example, a gentleman from London bought my e-guide because he was running a cabin crew forum and was trying to help his forum participants who were interested in passing the interview. Another one paid for the e-guide because he was going to fly from New York to Singapore in SIA Suite Class and was interested to know about our cc. He was an American. Then there was one who bought because he wanted to support my work (this blog).
CC wannabes who bought my e-guide were not necessarily Singaporeans. Many Malaysian cc wannabes also bought them, the latest being from Sabah. Indonesians, Koreans and Indian wannabes also bought them.
As for coaching on how to pass the interview via Zoom, not many are interested. Less than a dozen wannabes from Singapore attended my coaching. I had a girl from Malaysia who were coached by me and subsequently passed the recent interview in KL. She had previously failed a couple of times.
A Korean girl from Seoul wanted to attend the cheaper course i.e. the group coaching which I am charging $70 per person but needed a minimum of 3 participants. No one else was interested in the group coaching except that Korean girl. Anyway, I didn't coach her because she didn't want to pay for the one to one coaching which is $200.

Click here to find out more information regarding the e-guide and coaching.

Friday, September 2, 2022


 Anonymous said...


Please focus on airline stories and be upfront with readers on the good and bad being CC.

Just like Kaypoh says, readers are educated enough to know the right and wrong of a post.

Don't run away by putting life in Japan stories to gloss over the ugly reality of CC.

What do you mean by "gloss over the ugly reality of CC"? There isn't any ugly side being a CC. It is a honest job with a reasonable good salary. It's better than doing an office job, where you sit in front of a PC day after day. I won't want to say more about how good is a CC job otherwise I be attacked again.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Readers prefer airlines stories?


If you compare the suggestion by a reader that I should blog about my life in Japan to the airlines stories you may notice that the number of times read on airlines stories are higher. In this case should I revert to blogging about airlines stories or about my life in Japan?

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

A good suggestion by my reader


G said...

Uncle Boh Tong your earning not bad liao. Do continue to blog. I like to read about your life in Japan shopping and food.

The above was written to me by a long time loyal reader of my blog. I think it is a good idea to blog about my life in Japan as it will not be as contentious as Airline stories. As starter, the video below was uploaded yesterday. It showed my lunch outing with my wife in Fukuoka where I am residing since 2018.
We had a okonomiyaki and yakisoba lunch and we cooked them ourselves. The restaurant was quite empty because it was around 2 pm when the lunch time crowded has dwindled. It was fun to cook the food in a restaurant where you don't have to prepare the ingredients or have to clean up after eating. Besides, it was inexpensive to dine in restaurants here. Guess what? The meals cost S$20 for the 2 of us.
Subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the subscribe button below the video and you'll see all the videos I uploaded.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Don't blame me

 Don't blame me for not updating this blog regularly. Blame it on the negative and rude posters who post lousy comments here. I've already given up hope on this people and also feeling discouraged to go on updating. Whatever for when the returns is almost zero!