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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

SIA to be first fully vaccinated airlines

 SIA is looking forward to be the first airline in the world to have fully vaccinated crew and staff. Hopefully, it will instill confidence in its passengers.
Although vaccination against Covid-19 is not compulsory, crew who are vaccinated will not be swab tested on the seventh day after returning from overseas.
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Saturday, January 16, 2021

A story posted 14 years ago


Saturday, December 2, 2006

Hotel Ghost Story.

Karen was woken up by a loud knock at her door. She switched on the bedside lights and looked at her small alarm clock.It read 11.59pm. "who the hell could it be, knocking at this time of the night?" she mumbled to herself. It can't be her crew because all of them would be in bed by this time.They had a morning flight the next day.

Again came the knock and Karen became furious. "Who the **** is that?" Karen asked angrily. "Its housekeeping" came a soft woman's voice.
Karen opened the door and there stood an old female housekeeper. " What is it that you want at this ungodly hour?" Karen shot at her. "Sorry madam,I thought you wanted me to do up your room" replied the fragile old lady. " The hell with you lady,are you crazy,do you know what time it is now?" Karen shouted at her. "Ooh oh, soorry.... madam, I must have made a mistake" the little old housekeeper stammered.Karen noticed that the "do not disturb" sign was not at her door knob. Someone must have removed it,Karen thought to herself.

The housekeeper excused herself with another apology. As she turned and walked away, something unusual caught Karen's eyes. The old lady's feet wasn't touching the ground as she walked away form Karen's room.

An eerie feeling came over Karen.She could feel the hair on her arms and all over her body stood on end.The next moment,the little old lady floated away,this time,her legs were stationary. Karen let out a loud scream.The old lady turned around and with two fang liked teeth and a crooked nose, pointed her long wrinkled index finger at Karen and let out a loud cry!Karen fainted,fell forward and hit her face on the hotel corridor floor.

When Karen came to,she found herself in a hospital room alone,with a dull pain hanging over her heavily bandaged head.

At this moment,in came a nurse with a tray of medication and a big injection needle.As she lifted her face,Karen got a terrible shock! That nurse had the face of the little old hotel housekeeper.

Karen let out a piercing scream, fell into a coma and never regain consciousness.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Should it be made compulsory for crew to be vaccinated?

 SIA may make it compulsory for all its crew to be vaccinated against Covid19 when  it becomes available. It is a good move and will give passengers great confidence. However, according to some crew whom I spoke to it should be offered on a voluntary basis. Let's wait for further news from the cabin crew svp. I was also told that he may set the example by becoming the first one in cabin crew to get the first shot of the vaccine.

Thursday, January 7, 2021