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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Donations received since started "begging"

 Anonymous said...

This is starting to look like begging. You run this silly blog on blogger so you pay nothing than for your internet and domain name. There’s a time of resources on blogging to show you how you can make money without lowering yourself. Man up!

Boh Tong's answer to the above: My "begging" has resulted in readers taking "pity" on this old fella and donated.

Pilots' union chief text message

BT: CNPL is "Compulsory No Pay Leave"

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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It will be nice if you can donate so I will be incentivised to continue blogging. Thanking you in advance :)
Psst: I was told donating thru' PayPal can be a hassle and some may have given up the idea of donating. Perhaps donating thru PayNow is easier and without much hassle or pain. But first I have to give you my Singapore mobile number. Please email me at and I will give you my mobile number.

That ass of a captain who was my classmate

 Later when I have the time, I will tell you a true story of a captain who was my   classmate.And also don't worry I won't close this blog even if I do not receive any donation from you my precious readers who have long liven up this blog with your sometimes  humorous and intelligible comments.

Pilots can't downgrade to lower living standard ?


The above text message is part of the pilots' letter of appeal to the Minister of Finance not to retrench them. 

I was wondering what they meant by the statement "We have no option of returning to a cheaper second home where the cost of living is two or three times lesser"? I guess it meant that they cannot downgrade from living in million dollar private properties to government subsidized flats like the cheaper HDB, giving up their big and flashy cars and taking public transport, giving up eating at expensive restaurants and eating at cheap hawker centers etc. What do you, my readers think, did I guess correctly or you may have other interpretation?

Monday, September 21, 2020

Not all pilots are happy

 It seems most of the SG pilots aren't happy that there is no retrenchment. They prefer that the company retrench the PRs and ReEmployed retired pilots (aka RRA) instead of resorting to deeper pay cuts across the board. If the PRs and reemployed pilots are retrenched, the SG piolts would not have to take the extra pay cuts. I was told the PRs and Reemployed are the ones who benefit most without retrenchment.

About 2 hours later:

In one of the comments below, one reader accused me of stirring shit. To prove I am not stirring, I reproduced part of a text message which I have received prior to the agreement whereby the company has decided not to retrench the pilots.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Just in case you think I earn a lot from this blog


This is my earnings

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Retired after 45 years of flying


The video has been removed due to complaints from readers. However, the video is still available at YouTube. Please refer to the comments.....Boh Tong

Saturday, September 19, 2020

The rudest comment aimed at cc union and Boh Tong

Anonymous said... BOH Tong , why are you stirring shit and saying they strike lottery ? Are you hoping for retrenchment for the Pilots as well ? They definitely have the privilege of having a better Union, unlike your crappy cabin crew union .. so as Long as the company is agreeable and find it feasible with the agreement, so be it ... the company is not so stupid as to sign an agreement to their disadvantage... by the way , this agreement is more to the advantage of the PRs