Sunday, February 5, 2023

SIA cabin crew story: Passenger Mr Mustapha (generous and kind)*21

Encouraging & constructive comment

 After viewing those negative comments concerning me and my colleagues being bullied/ragged, it is refreshing to see this comment:

Anonymous said...

Don't put the blame on the one being bullied instead of condemning the bully who is suppose to be the focus of the topic? Please have a clear mind, don't be like those bully.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Still short of cabin crew

 Oh my goodness, SIA does not seems to get enough cabin crew. Currently it is asking people in Singapore, Malaysia, HK, Taiwan etc to apply. View here for the applications. This is the best time to apply to be a cc with SIA because once it gets sufficient crew then it is going to be bye bye to the late comers. Then it will be back to status quo of 1 or 2 openings in perhaps 3 to 6 months.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Head went missing, SIA is now recruiting in India

Heard that TPT is absent from his work place for a while now. There is speculation that he is either on long Sabbatical leave or is on medical leave. Anyone knows the correct answer?
Currently, a cabin crew interview team is in India conducting F2F interview. With 2,500 being recruited there is still a shortfall of around 500 to 1,000 cabin crew.
Today there is a F2F interview at STC, Singapore. Wish all candidates best of luck!

Thursday, January 5, 2023

How to publish these type of comments?

1) You got into a strange bedfellow !Goingnon a priviledge travel and partaking a FC items.Reflect on that,totally irresponsible.Brushing off as dropping like stone,really shows entitled mind.

2) Once in CC,forever lopsided technocrat ,eye power only.Never lift a finger or trays,ultimately health will be gone.CC who works ,healthier.A blog is not a tri-log,it's gone to the dog.

3) Keep on deleting comments.164 have subsidies and deep pocket.Since this blog behaves like one ask for subsidies,monetary wise .Same same,no different.Or it alienate those who detest and detect right wing agenda like Trump and Putin,they are a league and out of this world.How to drive view to subscribe. to your u-tube when views do not coincide ?Good luck,you need tons of it !

4) You are forgetting about inhouse terrors aka Sexcy,Queenie from compliance and complain.How many junior crews were traumatised by their at all cost,no 1 or bust ,no eq and merciless seniors.Only death will set CC free,witness the 8th case,VY etc and many other due to ineptitude of manager.Payback time is when Sars,Covid,all employee at risk.The hands of God will mope up the rest,to bring them for redemption.

BT: Above are just a few examples of comments I have received. They are nonsensical, disrespectful and sometime incoherent. These people get upset when I don't publish their comments.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Sunny's contribution


SUNNY GALE said...

If u were to do a "forensic" study of the commentators when anonymous postings were allowed, u will recognize that there are only 3 anonymous posters who r regulars on the blog.
One is incoherent in his postings and don't seems capable of writing logically all the time.
Another anonymous poster is very against anyone joining the CC.
Finally the 3rd anonymous is into presenting the cons of being a CC.
The situation here is that they will never change their positions in their ideas of the CC job because unfortunately they are not blessed with emotional intelligence and therefore do not have the capability & capacity to understand and accept any other thoughts and reasonings coming from others except themselves, more like those with egocentric and narcissistic personalities.
On the flip side though, their presence with their "cons" views of being CC does create an environment for others to rebuke them in the comments section, thus contributing to an increase in the number of comments, commentators and alternate views.
So allowing comments anonymously may still not be a bad idea if u still reserved the right to remove those that are extreme and disrespectful in their comments.
Thank you

BT: I fully agree with Sunny. The incoherent poster's longwinded comments will not be  published. I will allow to some degree publish the "cons" views if they are respectful and realistic.

Monday, January 2, 2023

SQ recruitment team in slow mode

 A few wannabes had complained to me they were sent for medical checks after getting through their interviews successfully but have not received word from SIA. One told me it has been half a year since the day of the interview and had not been told whether she is going to be hired or not. Looks like there are snails working in the recruitment team. Come on guys you are keeping these wannabes in suspense. Be a little more considerate and don't keep people waiting.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

The highlighted sentence in red..was it necessary?


Anonymous said...

SQ tickets are too expensive than pre-Covid.

Recently, news has it that aircraft are in shortage all over the world and unable to meet the increasing travel demand with decreased supply.

Dont waste time being CC. The pay has been the same for
past 20 years. No wonder turnover is high.