Monday, December 28, 2020

Don't waste your time being a cabin crew?

 Hi Boh Tong

My opinion is that even if Covid-19 didnt happen, CC shouldnt live in a bubble life of flying forever. They should've plan way ahead.

When they are over 35 years old, its gone case unless steward/-ess wants to be taxi driver or other menial jobs they looked down upon.

Worse, if theyve children to feed.

If youre a O-level holder, understandable.

If youre a poly/Uni grad, dont waste your time being a CC. Its a dead end job not a career.

Note to CC:
Never look down on ground jobs for one day they may become your saviour.


Anon said...

Thks Boh Tong for publishing my comment as a standalone post.

My intention is not to demonising the job of CC but to let CC-wannabe(s) knows its not as glamourous than Boh Tong golden era of flying.

For current CC, this is not to hurt your hardwork all these years but I'm merely stating the fact.

For CC-wannabe, do complete internet research on what it takes to be SQ CC then decide carefully. Dont waste Boh Tong time teaching you in his course then you quit. Waste your money and BT effort.

What you gain as a CC means nothing to other employers should you quit years and start all over again.

Anon said...

But didnt they always tell us during PFS that we are professionals and highly sought after outside? Didn't they tell us when companies outside hear we are from SIA, they straight away hire us?
Also wasn't it reported in shit times how outside companies like Jumbo group or nurseries are eager to hire crew who are furlonged or sacked recently?
Wasnt it also published that ex crew who now work as bankers claimed their time in SIA taught them many many useful skills which are so very helpful in their current job as bankers or business?
So who is lying now?

Anon said...

Yes 23, its true to certain extend.

However, CC who switch jobs did it only when they are young say before 30-35. After that, its much much harder to gain employment no matter years of flying say 5-20 years unless..
the steward/-ess themselves okay being a taxi driver/other menial work or they know someone who can give a backdoor employment.

To do so, they need to take a huge pay cut and possibility of not being a CC anymore should they join as returning crew scheme after realising their coffee and tea skills can do little in the ground world.

There's a article I shared in the previous post about a ex-CC steward difficulty to find job before landing as a tech staff and his age is 30.

SUNNY GALE said...

Aiyah it's not cabin crew/Tech crew having difficulty finding job after a certain age.
In realtime anyone of a certain age will have problem getting a job.
Remember age overrides whatever degree and experiences a person may have in the job market.
This is the real world of getting a job. Period.