Tuesday, December 22, 2020

New variant of coronavirus in UK

The newly discovered variant of the coronavirus that is currently circulating in the  UK has put a damper on many businesses, tourism and airline travel in particular.
It is highly contagious, at least 70% more infectious than its original cousin. Whether it is more deadly or not is left to be seen.
Most concerning to us is whether SIA will continue to fly to the UK and vice versa is anyone's guess. One thing for sure is the mutated virus is causing a lot of havoc to people's lives and livelihood.
Hopefully, the vaccines will help stop the virus from spreading.


Anon said...

nimpeh only worried it dont spread. the best times of nimpeh's live is surprising during apr to june. no work, no crowd, no stress.

Boh Tong said...

Best of luck to you Nimpeh!

24 said...

I,I,= Nimpeh, Nimpeh all the time. Other ppl also suffer not just
you. The whole is suffering due to coronavirus. Do be considerate
when commenting so don't just Nimpeh all the time. Big ego!

Anonymous said...

New strains have also been discovered in Malaysia, Brazil and Denmark.