Sunday, January 3, 2021

Why some cabin crew may quit

 A pilot who returned from a working trip to London recently tested positive for the   new variant coronavirus. This UK variant is said to be 70% more infectious than the original coronavirus.
From the above experience, all crew operating the London flights will have to be swab tested on arrival into Singapore. On top of that, the said crew will undergo another swab test on the third and seventh day after his or her London trip. Meanwhile, the crew will have to self-isolate for seven days. Only after testing negative on the seventh day then the crew would be allowed to leave his home.
The nasal swab test is uncomfortable and to some it may be painful. I was thinking how many of us would not mind to be tested 3 times within a period of seven days.
The way I look at the whole thing, some crew particularly the cabin crew may quit the job instead of having to go through the ordeal of having his or nasal "explored" now and then. Besides, the risk of getting infected when coming into contact with passengers or night stopping in some high risk countries is higher as a crew.
Therefore, I would not be surprise to see some crew leaving the airline in the coming weeks and months.


Anon said...

However Boh Tong

If CC quit, what kind of ground jobs they can do? No employer wants "coffee and tea" or "chicken or beef" or "door disarmed" only skills. Employers want hard skills quantifiable by ground experience and not what happen in the air.

Theres too limited number of jobs due to Covid while theres big numbers of crew and non-crew applicants including Scoot and Silkair for that one job vacancy if any.

If the young CC leaves, they can start over without a pinch.

But for senior above 30 yrs old and have children/aging parents, its much much much (10x) harder to quit as you suggested.

***To CC/Tech crew
This is the reason why never look down on ground jobs thinking its low class or belittle your friends who earn less and didn't travel as much as you. And, never should you have self-entitled mentality thinking just because you're from SQ means all ground jobs meant for you - Bs.

Now, youre in trouble.

There's a saying "What goes up must come down"

freely said...

No one is looking down on ground job. U sound very concern but actually u are very sore!!What is the problem here...were u belittled before? A lot of industries are facing job uncertainty...not just cabin or tech crew. Did u come across a lot of crew who are self entitled? And btw I am not a crew.....