Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I accept KayPoh aka busybody's advice and reopen for anonymous comments


Anonymous KayPoh aka busybody. said...

Hi, BT, whilst it is good of you to have such a requirement to log in, I am sure you will know that it is not an absolute solution to prevent adverse and wilful comments against you.

This is because any wilful person(s) will post adverse comments against you on other blogs, given the wide network of social media networks. You mentioned "taking them to court", but it is a very tedious process. Firstly, you have to track and identify the true identity of the person who made the wilful comments. As you know, there are many ways to avoid detection. Secondly, you have to serve the legal documents before a court hearing can take place. All these cost money. Thirdly, assuming you are able to accommplish the above 2 conditions and you are even able to get a favourable judgment, there might also be problem.

Our legal system is such that the loser will pay compensation and legal costs. What if, for example, the loser refuse, or cannot affort, to pay? You will end up having to pay your own legal bills and also take further action against him. To put it bluntly, you will be forced to make decision to throw good money after bad. Which is why we don't see many legal actions of this sort.

SunnyGale commented that you are using the LKY tactic. In those cases which the late LKY had sued, the defendants made those comments publicly, and so it was more straightforward for him. In any event, the late LKY has all the resources needed.

Your blog already has a reservation that you have the right to censor and reject wilful posts. That should be enough.

So, my thoughts are these:-

1. Might as well let those wilful posters continue if they still need a false sense of superiority complex. Most of your readers are mature enough to know what is right and what is wrong.

2. By imposing restriction(s), it might give him the misguided interpretation that he had succeeded in annoying you.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the blog will be more livelier as those with good intentions might want to post but felt deterred by the requirement. Good of you to accept feedback.

Anonymous said...

If the cc job is not attractive why some 40 plus women are applying? The Thailand online application was available only for 2 days and SIA withdrew it. Know why? It was because cc management was swarmed with thousands of young Thais who want to be cc with SQ.

Anonymous said...

# 1. Anyone above 30 years old cannot be moulded to be compliant. These people are much to knowledgeable about employer's tricks, strategies etc.

# 2. The enjoyable phase of a flight attendant's employment is approximately 7 to 10 years. This is when rosters are well paced and allowances are peak. After 5-7 years it becomes mundane and fatigue in facing customers.. especially SQ customers.

# 3. The culture on board and the "office" ways will encourage insincerity. Starting off as a fresh 18,22 year old selected for warm heartedness, teamspirit, and sincerity, will slowly turn one into being sour and adapt at playing the wayang game. They enter with authenticity which will slowly erode away because the work culture is toxic.

There are many applicants, because they are from cities with lower incomes and lower GDP. These are people are are hungry. Not for food but for being associated with a well known airline.

There are many articles in the media, and this blog that paints a picture of serenity, happiness and overall sweetness in the frontline of the aviation business. Its just not true.

Anonymous said...

Im back Boh Crap

Anonymous said...

Dont disturb Boh Tong eh, later he will block the anonymous comments again

Anonymous said...

Sign.Block comments,then flip flop.One should not be a Prata man.Too many flip it will show weakness,no iron inside.Of course eyeballs matter ,otherwise no ads,no income,no viewership.Choose the devil or the deep blue sea.Dont be like 154,it only benefits alternative sites.If one is factual,it's forever,fake new become desert.

Anonymous said...

Why brand BT as a prata man? It is people like you who spoil the soup. You upset BT and then he refused anonymous comment then others suffer. I am rather surprise BT published your spiteful comment. I hope he will delete it for the sake of us all.

Kaypoh aka Busybody said...

Hi, BT and all. Looks like I had surmised correctly, the unhappy poster is back. As I mentioned earlier, people like him enjoy criticising others and will continue to do so under the cloak of anonymity. His objective in returning probably two-fold - firstly, to continue his wilful comments. For all we know, he could be suffering from a fault he himself is accusing others of. Secondly, he wants to achieve a sense of superiority, or rather a false sense.

I am not against adverse feedback or criticisms. But, to be fair to one all, they must be reasonable and constructive. Well all have faults of our own but to find fault with almost every topic is not reasonable and put oneself in poor light. Why not start your own blog and have a first hand experience of differing opinions.

I am not BT's buddy - just a KayPoh, having been a CC wannabe years back.

KayPoh aka Busybody

Anonymous said...

.Which line said BT is prata man
?" One should not be a Prata man",quote is not affirming that he is,was referring to previous occasions when he did requires,but it had the effects of turning off comments.BT needs ads to offset his many hosting fees,eyeballs attract advertiser,the algorithym of add follows the triggerring words that ads will follows.If black or white only,the possible ads are darlie toothpaste or white paint ads,hardly enough to pay the hosting fees,if one wants to carry balls,be more and better than that cancel culture,next defund comments account like cyna and deduct social account and prevent or tag to trace together and prosecuted or persecuted as un compliant reader! Black is white or whatever decided by Winston,the big brother in 1984?Currently black is black,not shades ,as decided by the law of the land will remain so,BT is made of sterner stuff,wont melt when prata mentioned,Kaypoh was cc wannabe against 30 years veteran,who had more to tell,more scars, against kaypoh non combat experiences?I rest my case.