Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Like China, time to open up for anonymous comment?


Hi Boh Tong

Didn't you say you support freedom of speech earlier in blog as long backed by evidence?

There are statements made by commenters about the cons of being CC yet they were published because its a undeniable fact which you, BT couldn't discount.

Hope youre more open minded and allow freedom to take place in this blog then to restrict it just like PAP.


Let me be the Devil's advocate and comment on 2 issues posted by BT, namely:-

1. Freedom of speech
2. BT, being an ex-RI boy, should see better days.

On the first issue (Freedom of speech), I would say that, and as far as I know, there is no absolute freedom of speech. There is bound to be some censorship, either by the person disclosing any issue and inviting comments OR by authorities. And there are various reasons, rightly or wrongly. In the current situation, a poster is lamenting that BT does a bit of censorship following BT's comment that "To publish comment or not is the sole discretion of the blogger" Both points have their own merits, depending on how you look at it. Moving forward, perhaps one way out of this is for BT to place such a reservation at a visibile spot in his blog so that any poster is aware of it and, if he or she disagree, can take the comments elsewhere. In short, nip the problem at bud.

On the second issue about BT being in a better place because he was an RI boy, we have to look at it from the following situations:-

1. I had earlier posted my comment that it does not mean that all RI boys would be in top management poisitions. There are also many CEOs and top management staff who were from neighbourhood schools and did not graduate from any prestiguous university.
2. Many former RI students, even in top management positions, had to report to non-RI student who is the CEO. At my workplace, a colleague from RI had a boss who was from Anderson JC.

The 2 reasons above clearly shows that, being in RI, is not an automatic route to the top and the reasons varies - for example, there are some who might take up a position out of interest, some who had no opportunity, some who does want to take on a stressful job, etc.etc and the list goes on.

I won't go into the reasons why BT chose to be a cabin crew and not seek a management position, as I am sure someone will still stick to his opinated stand. He chose that route and who are we to say he did right or wrong?

I am also sure not all will agree with me. But remember - freedom of speech.

Blogger Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

Good point 👍 noted and will act on it . Thanks for suggestion on point one.

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