Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Singapore Airlines- Pilots Vs Cabin Crew


Kaypoh aka Busybody said...

Hi, BT, I am not a CC and, therefore, I have no direct experience of what you and other CC went through. But, if I may, I would like to give my humble opinion on your video/experience. My thoughts are:-

1. On the pilots - I am sure those who want to be served in the way you mentioned (i.e. timing and choice of food) are a few. To me, these are the people with an inflated sense of their own importance and status. But I am sure there are more humble ones in the flight deck.

2. On the CC – SIA’s policy relating to pilots’ meal is a good one. So, what will a CC do if they come across a nasty pilot who want things his way? I agree that a CC’s in-flight service responsibility is towards the passengers first and a CC can stand firm. I suppose each of them will have their own way of sorting it out. As an outsider with no direct experience in dealing with such scenarios, I cannot say what course of action taken by the CC is right or otherwise. But if I was asked to do something beyond my primary role, I would want to work smart and not be too rigid. Here’s my thoughts:-

• One can be a bit flexible provided it does not cause detriment to anybody. This is a very common practice. For example, we all know that a secretary’s role is to provide office support to her boss. But she will usually agree to serve drinks to her boss’ guests as well or, sometimes, run private errands. A seasoned corporate man once told me, “if you get along with your boss, half of your job is done”. I told him it looks like a situation of currying favour and he said, “yes, a very thin line between being flexible and currying favour. But don’t we all want to have a smooth day and worklife? ” So, there it is – it is up to each of us to decide what to do.

• Being colleagues, one might need each other’s help at one point or another.

Let me say again that they are just my thoughts as an outsider and my views might not be relevant to in-flight services.

BT – if I may say so, your video’s heading “Pilots vs Cabin Crew” not very appropriate. The word “vs” means they are both against each other and in a fight. But, on a lighter side, it does attract people to click and view the video to see what the “fight” is about, ha ha.

KayPoh aka BusyBody

Anonymous said...

When you people need your 2.5x or location allowance or foc taxi, will kowtow to us like doggies and keep ask what we want to eat or drink or dump the leftover fruit at our seats. When we are of no make use value, you see us as a bother?

Anonymous said...

Don't think they dump the meals on the cockpit.Respect beget respect,all lives on board the same tube,no sense of damaging selves just to spit the eyes the connected body follows the fate of the sight !