Sunday, October 29, 2023

Reasons I stopped.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did you stop giving classes? Think many people benefitted and secured the job after attending your class when u shared what they are looking for

My answers to the above:

I am 77 and am feeling a little tired. I want to do something which is different from airlines stuff for the rest of my remaining years. I hope the crew wannabes understand my situation.


Retired said...

Yes, good to stop.
Just relax, take each day on its own and live.
Enjoy the sunshine despite the humidity ( in SIN )
Enjoy the birds singing, the beetles, the clouds.
Enjoy the taste of green tea, coffees, milk..

Look at the leaves and branches flying and moving with the wind.
Feel the cool breeze
Feel the sun's warmth
Smell the cooking
Touch the grass and the bark of trees
Taste the ponzu soya sauce on the salads

Enough of the airlines.. enough.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with your pov,CC can go whichever it wants.The world is at a crossroad,when a war is special ops, civilian hostages in this age and time.Religious strives,guns talk and people dies let us pray.Amen.

Anonymous said...

Not profitable