Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Once in a lifetime appreciation


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a cabin crew but chanced upon your blog by accident and kept coming back cause its interesting. Happy to find out that you're now a youtuber, you've just gain another subscriber :D looking forward to more contents from you

It is heartening to receive the above. This type of comment is so encouraging and thoughtful. Best of all is that the commenter wasn't a cabin crew. I like it because as a blogger you will feel that your work is appreciated. Life is short so make the best of it by being thoughtful and appreciative of not only yourself but other fellow human being too.


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Anonymous said...

Dont forget the various comments help spice up the blog too !It redirect to many points,subtle and not,but must be truthfull and especially ex crews.Otherwise it will be top down ,just like the army lacking souls and purpose.CC was not perfect,karma takes over and recall those bad to heaven or he##.Those deserve a prayer lives,those not nature takes over snd recycle bin under the watchfull of viewers.