Sunday, November 19, 2023

RIP Wah Tock

 Ex-IFM Wah Tock passed away yesterday. He had liver cancer. RIP Wah Tock!


Anonymous said...

Just a note to say,he cross our path in days past.He was remarried and that was the last.Sad to hear,he RIP.
But life is such,it only a trip.A one way ride,to eternity and beyond,as his batch boys,narry says a squeak,with friends like these,no need enemy !The flight's over,the sun is set.Bon voyage.

Anonymous said...

Liver problem due to drinking?

Anonymous said...

If drinking the cause,he did not start it long ago.Free boos on board,not like some crew who abused the barcart including AO Fat Jo who drinks heavily,then passed when he left.No one misses,when they were not crew friendly,next,they were gone,life goes on.