Saturday, November 4, 2023

SIA shares

 SIA shares went up to S6.21 yesterday (+13cts) which is quite good. However, even with the better than expected pax load post Covid at $6.21 it is disappointing to most shareholders. In the hey days, one SIA share was worth more than $15. Can we expect to see SIA shares going up to more than $12 in the near future?


Anonymous said...

Why dont you ask Goh choon pong during Agm or your stockbroker? If i can tell you, i wont be here

Anonymous said...

No, it will not return to $14 per share.
During the days when it was $14 per share ( sometimes $17)
shareholders should have sold all their shares.

If we use a simple calculation:

Dividend of $0.40cts declared
1,000 shares = $0.40cts X 1,000 =$400 per year.

When the shares was at $14, 1,000 =$14,000
Taking 14,000 value divided by potential dividend of $400 per year
It will be

14,000 / 400 = 35

It will take 35 years of dividend payment to get $14,000.
Provided the dividend declared is constant for 35 years.

Better to have sold.

Now the share is traded at $6.25 with dividend at $0.28cts.
How many years will it take to get back the principal sum paid
for the shares? (1,000 x $6.25 = $6,250 )

Anonymous said...

What about the $3 mil shares i paid for creative shares at it peaks in 2000? How many years i need do i need to break even? And not to genting, ezion, ezra shares. How many years!?