Saturday, April 27, 2024

Go and get save before it is too late

 I often wonder what is the meaning of life especially now that friends like Lambert, Smokin Joe, Haridas,Francis S and many more who had passed away recently.

The game is going to be over and the sun is setting. Don't be cynical my friends because your day will come. Death is certain and you can't run away from it!

Go and get baptized according to ACTS: 2:38 and you will be eternally saved!


Anonymous said...

One must have the right company.If you only mic with the wrong crowd,like those you mentioned,they are really not people friendly,nor crew friendly,thus,cussed behind their back after duty ,lack of mass prayers for their souls, means one live shorter, contributing to their early demise.Isnt they get what they live for,?

Anonymous said...

It depends on the company one keep.If they have selfish attitude, crews tend to avoid,or cussed behind their back.Lack of mass prayers in their name causing early demise, this is what they get Fat lo,ky jelly, plus what you mentioned,they were not crew friendly, even management,by doing evil live acts, promoting incredible person like shiok boy,etc.Mass prayers help, proven when a group of hiv names were given to be prayed versus none, those named live longer.So bless those who done good,for they shall be saved,Amen .