Monday, May 27, 2024

QR 017 kena turbulence

 Yesterday Qatar Airways flight QR 017 was hit by a severe turbulence when flying between Doha and Dublin. Six paxs and six cabin crew were injured.

Air turbulence is on the increase due to climate change so I was told. Flying as a crew is no longer fun as one may get seriously hurt due to the ever increasing turbulence. What are your thoughts on this?

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Anonymous said...

After COVID,CAT.Really need to to update equipments to be CAT proof like latching on to floor.Any comments about bad service ,etc slow ,late throw out into bin.Complain dept should be dissolved too for being too plp to PPS comments.Days will come when pax sued for causing harm to crew due to unreasonable request causing. Injuries.The pax dollars causing hurt to crew, disrupt the cc life as a workers.Pax should look beyond service,life at stake onboard.