Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Singapore new Prime MInister

 Mr Lawrence Wong will be our new prime minister from tomorrow onwards. He will take over from PM Lee who will be a senior minister. 

I wonder what is Lawrence like and his policy for Singapore. Will he be able to tackle the high and rising cost of living in SG ? However, there is little change I guess. Well we will just watch how his performance will be in the coming months and years.

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Anonymous said...

A great person,the rise of the King 'Wong',generation to rule Singapore for the next millennium.Same as the great Lee made Singapore on the world map,aka Trump-Kim summit.Also T.Swift concert,a new Era for Sin.No religion,just pure money making and entertainment,hearts pulling music to the ear.Now with guitar playing into the hearstring,a stairway to heaven music that will rock the electorate into the world stage.With our reserves,rick solid and passport like a magic wand, we are proud to be Sinkies.Tonight the night that will rock the state of Singapore,much like the end of Ww2 that ended decades.We are a success story much to the envy of our neighbours.Long live the King !