Sunday, May 19, 2024

Ungrateful staff?

 SIA is so very generous to the staff by giving the highest bonus ever of 7.9 months and yet the staff complained a lot about SIA. Take for example some were not happy because SIA treat its staff to kueh kueh for May Day. The staff gave SIA such lousy ratings as Best Employer, dragging it down to 112 position.

Are the staff ungrateful??

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Bohtong

Let me tell you a story.

In the jungles of lush borneo, there was a family that thrived on farming. The farmer whose family for generations enjoyed the lands was wise and also lucky. He went through many hardships and sacrifices. However, as the good years came there was also the bad years. There were times of famine and disasters that the farm had to endure.

Together with the farmer was his work horses. Through the decades many work horses came and many left as well, but the farmer always knew that his farms would not survive without his reliable work horses. Throughout the years word would spread about this amazing farmer and how work horses will lead a fruitful life if they were to join this farmer.

The farmer then continued his enterprise and eventually his son inherited his farm. His son was also experienced but had a different mindset. When his father was the one leading his farm, he would treat his work horses well and made sure they are well taken care off. His son on the other hand, saw his work horses only as assets and use 'data'' to justify many decisions on the farm.

As the decade goes by, time on the farm became very different and yet time and time again most of the work horses stayed. They endured the change. However, as climate change decimated the landscape and with the rising temperatures, the work horses started to ask the farmer's son for more water while they worked on the farm. The farmer's son responded by telling the work horses 'don't worry, I know your pain, I see your pain, continue to work hard and tomorrow you will see your reward'. Shortly after he left and returned to the comfort of his quarters while the work horses continued to slog on the fields.

This pattern continued and the farmer's son kept repeating his same lines. Until one day, the farmer's son decided to surprise his work horses with a reward. The work horses saw buck lots of containers loaded up by their rest area on the farm, they were excited and thought finally the farmer's son is going to reward us with more water. However, to everyone's bewilderment, the farmer's son opened his containers to reveal peanuts, literal peanuts and retorted "today I sacrifice my time and pocket money to reward my loyal work horses with Peanuts! These peanuts are high in protein and will help motivate you to continue doing the great job! Thank you my dear work horses"

The story continues and we have many retired work horses, and today we have one typing away on his computer telling the new generation of work horses to be less of an ungrateful b*stard because you are not getting peanuts today, you are getting kueh kueh and stickers leh!!!!