Monday, April 25, 2022

My former manager and his assistant were in cahoots to fix me when I was still working some years ago are dead and gone. Both had cancer and died terrible painful deaths. Please don't get me wrong because I did not want them to go in such a horrible manner. Someday, I will go too but at least someone "upstairs" let me witnessed how these 2 went before me.
Just to quote what Google said about Matthew 18:6...
Where in the Bible does it talk about tying a millstone around your neck?

The important thing to remember is the echo of Matthew 18:6 in the last stanza, where it states that the people who offend the little children are sent to the seas with millstones around their necks. It means people who mistreat or abuse children suffer a gruesome death and go to hell.
Honestly, I hope the part about hell does not apply to them because I pity and forgive them. However, God's words never fail!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord !I have seen those who defied the natural orders by hurting another thru actions or omissions in the line of duty,to inflict horrendous injuries by way of financial or otherwise.How high the rank,death will renders them equal,dust to dust,return to earth,kings,tyrants,religious deviants false prophets,dictators etc.Lack of prayers in their names,good karma and blessings,wishes etc will trigger early demise.Then,gloating instead of grieving,it's better to be blessed then curse.Amen

Anonymous said...

In the office, they think they are god.
When their tenure is ending with the coy,
they start to become good person.
Hahaha..Too late la Sexy and ah gua....

Anonymous said...

A miserable death is dependent on ailment.

But, to die poor, with nothing left to pass on to the next generation...
or better still, to die without family, no kids, is to prevent further
propagation of evil.

They know themselves very well. They know they have been evil.
The evidence of their knowing is seen when they insist on privacy for
their family.
They hide their spouse, children.

Such people must not be allowed to procreate.