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Friday, April 22, 2022

SIA is recruiting cabin crew from Malaysia

Come this Sunday, SIA is going to KL to interview and recruit stewards and stewardesses. Besides Singapore, Malaysia is the second favorite place for SIA to recruit crew. Traditionally, crew from Malaysia are known to be hardworking and conscientious. However, whether they still are, I can't really tell. Leave to the cabin crew management because they should know better. How about hiring the Indonesians?


Anonymous said...


I think M'sian crew behave that way because the money 3x earned is too good to let go after flying for some time and they get sick of it.

Am a MY crew said...

I am not sick of flying, in fact I have to carry on working
with SIA as I have bought 2 houses and need to pay my

Anonymous said...

You just proved my point. You claimed not sick on flying but you need the money to pay the loan of those 2 houses.

Lifestyle inflation. Longer stay flying - cannot quit because money too good to let go.

Anonymous said...

You'll get many with even worse English since most Chinese parents have been sending their kids to Chinese medium schools in the last 15 years or so.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter to SIA whether the cc can speak good English or not but as long as they are humble and service oriented SIA will be contented.