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Monday, April 18, 2022

Why my late ex-colleague avoided me ....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what if you blogged about him? What was he afraid of? Was he not well liked at SQ? Did he terrorise his female colleagues?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have not done wrong why scared of the police??

My answers are directed to the above comments as well as others ( click here for more). The late KS Goh was a nice man. Why he avoided me was a mystery. I personally like him as a colleague and subordinate. He was a good worker, amicable but sometimes could too nice to his juniors.
If I were to blog about him, it would have been nothing short of complimentary. Maybe his reason for avoiding me could be that he did not like me. I may have, in the course of work, said something about him which he did not like. Perhaps someone had told him something not too nice about me. Well, it is too late to know the truth now as he has already "gone".

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Anonymous said...

The constant appraisal done on the juniors in the name of maintaining standards for the bestest airlines were the causes of the gulf and the gap between the crews.Top down,creating paperwork,hardly a fair methods as varid as the toes on the foot of the judges all unequal,observing a moving goal post of different moods,pax profile and,pots and pans environment,a mishmash situation,it's amazing anyone claim it's fair.Not to mention karma,it needs most,many have passed due to Covid.The double edge sword cuts both way hopefully for the best.Let us pray.