Tuesday, June 25, 2024

She fought it out in court

 There was a stewardess whose father engaged a lawyer to fight her case when they caught her for shoplifting in Tokyo. The next thing we knew was that she was found guilty and fined! She is now out of job....silly isn't it? Should have negotiated with the store owner and paid them than fight it out in court.


Anonymous said...

Dont say things in hindsight. Dont say should have this should have that. Suresh should not be on SQ6 and gave away to do a turn or keng MC that day. The guy vs 8 should not have been on that flight. If he had not been on that flt? He will have his job and family and kid. Those who died in the recent 10penis accident should not be there at that time and should go by Bedok route

Anonymous said...

We dont know the whole story about the Japan shoplifter. Maybe she insisted she never shoplift? Maybe she already took a statement and cant change it? Maybe the shop refuse to let her pay 100x the original? Mayne the shop want to make her an example? Who would want to go court and engage lawyer and fight if there is a better option? Ask those who wemt CI and got sack. Were they offered to settle? Those caught offloading, were they offered to pay back 10 playing cards or 10 pens?

Anonymous said...

Suresh was my batch,Rip and to Josephine,whom I met on board,to Perth decades ago . Those who lived well and religiously will be happy in here and beyond.Those who done evil in mind and body,will be unprayed.Proven to live longer when many souls prayed while evil live have early demise due to facts and faith, sustaining their every breath.Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hello Boh Tong

What's your opinion on SQ used to be 1st now 2nd after Qatar took the top spot in the top 10 airline ranking in 2024?

Is it true former SQ staff help drive the Qatar service?

Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

The quality of training and the people SQ is recruiting is not so good. I am not sure about former crew helping Qatar.

Anonymous said...

These days, many many things are available online.
And they are not expensive, especially to people earning like crew.

But many crew (SQ) are recruited from countries that have poor access to
some of these material things or are very expensive in their home countries.
Partly from exchange rates too.

So, when they are staying over for a night or day in a city like TYO, LON, NYC.. etc
they wander around the city's stores.. they see something attractive... and these things are not
expensive. luxury items, as these are likely to be displayed with anti theft devices or are inside glass showcases.

Its the less expensive non-luxury items... the price of which is not very cheap neither very expensive.

These people have issues with their judgement.

Anonymous said...

All these shoplifting started off with offloading items from aircraft eg children toys, japan biscuits, sweets. Then slowly progress to caviar, liquor. When these provide no kick, they venture into opening other crews handbag or cabin bag and also shoplifting.

Anonymous said...

For info,I had a clapto FSS once working in the ey galley of four,it was obvious who was the culprit.Onto the ns in Tyo,we discuss the issues with the four crews concerned.Later I suggested a deal ,the clapto FSS,looking sweet,she agrees to return,no reporteding to office done.Thus,one job safe,but the repercussion unknown,money returned to FSS.Lesson learned is to lock the handbag or risk losing .One Clapto IFS in CPH got caught,basically,the mind wanders after landing thru jet lag or something else,isolation being overseas does not help.