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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eric Chia dies of heart attack

SUNGAI PETANI: Former Perwaja Steel managing director Tan Sri Eric Chia Eng Hock died of a heart attack at his Park Avenue Hotel yesterday. He was 74.
A maid called for help after Chia failed to respond when she tried to wake him up at 9am.
The hotel's panel doctor confirmed that the tycoon had died of a heart attack.
The hotel's mechanical engineering department officer, S. Muniandy, 42, said Chia was asleep when he went to his private room at about 7.45am.


Boh Tong's Posts on Tan Sri Eric Chia:

".....I still remember a flight ,where one first class ang moh passenger abused the crew because he could not get a particular seat that he wanted .Another first class passenger by the name of Eric Chia (Datok Chia then) stood up the f***** the hell out of this big sized ang moh. The aircraft was still on the ground and Eric Chia told this ang moh if he was not happy, he ,Eric would buy over his seat. This incident happened in the full view of the other first class passengers and staff. Suddenly, that ass, meekly went to his seat and sat down. I supposed, he knew who Eric was."

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tan Sri Eric Chia,one of my favourite paxs.

It was a long time ago that I first met this pax. He was a distinguished looking Chinese gentleman of about 6 ft tall. He was well built and had nice black curly hair. He must be in his mid 30s then. This was my first encounter with a man called Eric Chia. He was my only first class pax travelling from S'pore to Penang.
When I approached Eric and asked him whether he wanted a drink from the bar, he asked for a glass of tonic water instead. He did not want to eat either.

Eric was in deep thought throughout the 70 minute flight. The aircraft was a Comet IV Jet owned by Malaysia Singapore Airlines. I was a young steward working in the first class cabin.

My first impression of this gentleman was positive. He was a "Datok" at that time.
"Datok" is a title bestowed upon a man by the King of Malaysia for some noble deeds he has contributed to his nation. It's equivalent to the title of "Lord" in England.
Therefore Eric was to be addressed as Datok Eric Chia (years later he was awarded the "Tan Sri" title which is more prestigious than the former).

When Eric disembarked at Penang Airport, he gave me a warm smile but did not say anything to me. I bade him farewell.

I had the opportunity to serve Eric a few times travelling from Singapore to other parts of Malaysia v v. He never once ate on the flight nor drank alcohol. He loved his tonic water. Eric was a very quiet pax.

A year later, I met Eric again. This time it was from Singapore to Tokyo. Again, Eric turned down the offer of the first class meals.
He sat at first class B707 Sky Lounge most of the time during the 7 hr flight.
My curiosity got the better of me and I took the courage to ask Eric why he kept refusing to eat on his flights.
He looked up at me and replied " I do not like aircraft food but I will eat once I arrive at Tokyo". " How about you, young man?" he asked me. I told him we crew did not have much of a choice because food was expensive in the Marounochi Hotel and besides it was winter and we coudn't go out to eat.
Without hesitation, Eric invited me and all my crew to dinner that night at the Copacabana Night Club and Restaurant which one of the most posh night spots in Tokyo.

When we checked in at the Marounochi, 2 limos were waiting for us. Eric had instructed him Japanese limo drivers to fetch us to the Copacabana.
We met Eric at the Copa and had dinner with him and his Japanese manager.
We were being served and entertained by gorgeous Japanese hostesses. Eric told we guys could bring the Japanese hostesses back to our hotel for the night.
Needless to say, 2 of my crew had a nice time with their hostesses that night.

The next time I happened to meet Eric was on a flight from HNL to HKG. He flew in from LA and I took over the flight from HNL to HKG.
On that flight I was surprised he wanted to eat on board.
My first class crew dressed his table for the meal.
The next thing I saw, Eric folded up the table cloth and asked the crew to take it away. Now he didn't wanna eat. His body language showed he was displeased with my stewardess.
Eric wore his eye shade, reclined his seat and went off to sleep without saying a word to me or my crew.

Half way through the long flight, Eric got up from his seat and went to the toilet. It was then he realised I was working on the flight.
I brought Eric up to the upper deck Biz class "cove" and asked him what happened earlier. He told he was very hungry and decided to eat his supper. However, the bread rolls the stewardess served him was not hot. He was not so much upset because the rolls were not hot but rather the excuses the stewardess gave him.
Although Eric complained to me about the stewardess's attitude towards him, he cautioned me not to write a bad report about her. "Give her another chance"..he said to me.
For breakfast, my chief steward Muthusamy ( Eric once bought Muthu and his crew a very expensive seafood dinner in HKG) prepared a nice and hot bowl of porridge for Eric ( he was famished otherwise  he won't eat aircraft food)

You see, Eric was a kind man. He was good to us without any motive. Many paxs tried to be nice to us because they had their own agendas or motives if I may call them. Most were "chee ko peks" and wanna try on the stewardesses but not Eric.
He was a class above many millionaire or even billionaire paxs whom I have served in my 35 years of flying.
I had served many multi-millionaires as well as billionaires. One would be considered lucky if these wealthy paxs did not give trouble on board, let alone be given tips or dinner treats.
Even well known politicians were not gracious to the crew who served them.
Some of these first class paxs made use of us because they were "after" our stewardesses. Some were nice because they wanted upgrading or something else. But not Eric. He simply wanted us to be happy when we had him on the flights.

It was not unusual for Eric to buy us expensive meals if we meet him overseas. He was not only generous to the crew but sided the crew when other paxs abused us.
He once told a Caucasian first class pax to "F*** off " for abusing the crew. He shouted at that pax and told him he (Eric) would buy over that seat if he wasn't happy about it (that idiotic pax abused the crew because the seat could not be reclined fully).

At HKG airport, I was told Eric almost punched a pax for shouting at the poor airport staff who had worked so hard to ease the pain of the paxs over a delayed flight.

A favourite IFS ( Supervisor) of Eric's was given $300k to settle his debts when Eric came to know of his problem.

I read about how the immigration detained Eric in the US because of his attitude towards the whites. He once told me he didn't like the whites.
A minister or if I am not wrong the PM of Malaysia intervened and got Eric out of detention.

I felt sorry and deeply saddened when I heard Eric passed away a few years ago.
To us, he was more than a good first class pax. Eric was a friend and one whose presence never failed to brighten us on the flight.

Thank you Tan Sri Eric Chia......may you R.I.P

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eric Chia my good friend.

I am proud to count Tan Sri Eric Chia as a friend of mine.It's great to hear that he has been acquitted of the corruption charges laid against him in the Perwaja case.
From the very start when Eric was charged with corruption,I knew he was an innocent man and he would be acquitted.

Eric and I met on a flight 38 years ago. I was a 22 year old steward and this first class passenger of mine was a burly Chinese gentleman who declined to eat his first class meal. He drank soda water throughout the flight. He never bothered me or my crew and gave us the occasional smile when we pass by where he was seated.

I had served Eric many times on the MSA (Malaysia Singapore Airlines)flights. Not once did he eat on the flights nor drank alcohol.He was usually quiet and deep in thoughts.

There were occasions when he came to the crew's assistance when dealing with PITA first class passengers. He would tell the PITA passengers to back off and leave the crew alone or else be thrown out of the aircraft.
Basically,Eric was pro cabin crew because of his background. He came to Malaysia in 1950 at the age of 17 with only RM5 in his pocket. He became a multi millionaire because of his love for hard work and the people who worked under him. Even when the company he headed got into financial trouble,he kept back his staff and paid them their salaries from his own pocket.

Eric is indeed a very generous man.Whenever he disembarked at the same destinations as the crew,he would bring the crew out for lavish meals.

Once at Hong Kong Kai Tak airport,he almost bashed up an 'ang moh' passenger who was nasty to the ground staff. To us,Eric was and still is the champion of the underdogs.

When a colleague of ours was victimised by our director and lost his job,Eric invited him to Kuala Lumpur and offered him a job that paid double what SIA used to pay him.

"PITA passengers,please don't bully us lah,have a heart hor cos we have to make a living to put our children thru' schools and support our poor aged parents"

Recently,I visited a forum whose members were mostly SIA PPS passengers. While there were many who were courteous and friendly to me after discovering I was the blogger "boh tong",there were others who were snobbish and treated me like a "low down" steward. One accused me of being bias and obnoxious and a few others sided with him.
I responded by telling some of them that while SIA may stand for "Sir I Apologise"( we were taught that even PITA passengers were right when they were wrong and so as cabin crew we must apologise for everything)my name is "boh tong" and it stands for "But Over Here, Terrorising's Over N Gone".
The moderator of the forum closed down the Topic ( PITA PPS passengers)after subtlely telling the other members that I had issued threats.

At the forum,I mentioned some the prominent and nicest passengers I had served,people like Prof. Tommy Koh,MM Lee and Mrs. Lee,Eric Chia,Robert Kuok and others and that a few our PITA PPS passengers should emulate, I asked to piss off.

PITA = Pain In The Arse.
PPS = Priority Passenger Service ( or Poor Pathetic Shitter...hahaha)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rich Uncultured and Rude Passengers Who Need "Wee Shu Min'" Type Of Stewardesses

Oh, how true is the saying "it takes all kinds of people to make the world" and so are passengers. However, we don't need morons to fly with us and the flight would be a damn good one for all. If they do fly, then we should have more of "Wee Shu Min" type of SIA girls.
There are many wealthy Singaporean passengers who are f****ing rude, demanding and bullies. These people think the world of themselves....but they are a billion miles apart from passengers like Robert Kuok, Eric Chia, "Pak" and many others whom I will mention later on.
One of these morons,as a matter of "habit" would chuck the newspaper, page by page onto the floor after reading them,expecting the SIA "maids" to pick them up. His table manners are worst,spilling food and drinks on the floor and ordering the "maids" to clean them. Such degrading passenger really spoils your day. So what if they are rich? I rather have dignity and a good reputation than being rich and despicable.
The one "that" spat at a stewardess was also a Singaporean. He later on ,paid a few "peanuts" to the girl as a form of compensation. If Michael Fay, the American boy was caned for vandalism,this particular ass**** should be hung by the neck till Mr. Death takes him to hell.
I still remember a flight ,where one first class ang moh passenger abused the crew because he could not get a particular seat that he wanted .Another first class passenger by the name of Eric Chia (Datok Chia then) stood up the f***** the hell out of this big sized ang moh. The aircraft was still on the ground and Eric Chia told this ang moh if he was not happy, he ,Eric would buy over his seat. This incident happened in the full view of the other first class passengers and staff. Suddenly, that ass, meekly went to his seat and sat down. I supposed, he knew who Eric was.
There are and I am using "are" because there are still many dumbasses flying around, giving problems to the crew and other fellow passengers. Perhaps, I will go more into it a bit later.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It is stewardess Gloria's blog stomp talked about.

A few days back a so-called regular passenger of SIA posted a portion of Gloria's post (Gloria is a blogger who claimed she was a stewardess from SIA) with STOMP, a Strait Times' portal urging SIA take stronger action against her for her obnoxiuos posting.
Gloria has since closed her blog to the public but has asked those who are interested to read her blog to email her so she could permit them access.
Heard that SIA has asked her to close her blog but did not take any disciplinary action against Gloria...Phew!
Gloria has alway maintain that SIA is a very good employer.In her blog she vent her frustration mainly against the nasty passengers who had treated her and her colleagues worse than maids. This,I would tend to agree with her. I had personally come across this type of passengers during my 35 years with Singapore Airlines and like Gloria,had blogged about them.
All said,I had also mentioned the passengers who were extremely gracious and good to the crew eg. Sutopo Yap, ex Chief Minister Mustapha of Sabah,Tan Sri Eric Chia, Mr & Mrs Lee Kuan Yew, Mr. E.W. Barker, Mr. Devan Nair, Mr. Robert Kuok,Mr."Suzuki" and many others.
I really don't understand what would that stomper achieved by posting Gloria's blog in STOMP. But is he or she a reguklar passenger with SIA as claimed?

PS This blog express support for gloria

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Biggest tip by a super generous passenger

Whenever the subject of tips surfaces, I would always think of a pax called Mr Yap from Indonesia. He was super rich and generous and he gave the crew lots of tips. He simply liked to make the crew happy.

I heard he once gave a crew a $10,000 tip for the inflight service rendered to him.
He once told the crew he had to spend $30,000 a day otherwise his bank account would "over flow" (dun know whether he was kidding or not).

Whenever he flew with us he would give tips for the whole set of crew ( B747 carried 18 cc). On the average each crew would get about $1,000.
During one of the night stops in SFO, Mr Yap entertained the crew in his hotel suite. He gave an IFS a stack of US100 dollar notes to tip the waiters whenever they bring food and drinks to the suite. This same IFS once told me he had seen Yap's brief case packed with stacks of 50 British pounds just like you would see it in the movies.
The late Tan Sri Eric Chia gave an ex-IFS $300,000 to settle his debts (the ex-IFS told me). Tan Sri was indeed very generous but only to certain crew.
Putting the subject of tips aside, the one who benefited the most out being a crew was Pauline. She is married to Robert who is one of the world's billionaires.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A gentleman and a great passenger.

Many may not have heard of this man called Chang M. T. who used to own a big bank in Singapore and Malaysia as well as a string of hotels. He was one of my nicest passengers besides Robert Kuok, Eric Chia and many others.
I had in my 35 years as an SQ crew served Mr Chang on many occasions. He never demanded for service and was a cool, calm and composed first class passenger.
I first met Chang in 1969 when I was a leading steward. My first impression of him was excellent. Being a chairman of a big bank, he was humble,soft spoken and courteous. He never pushed the crew around like many of the CIPs (company's important passengers) did. After having served him a couple of flights over a few years, he gave me his business card with his signature on the back of the card. He told me to show that card of his to his manager should I needed financial help from his bank.
One day, I needed a small loan to start a business. Remembering what Chang told me, I proceeded to his bank and asked to see the manager Mr.Ker. The manager's secretary spoke to her boss and then asked me to wait for a little while. That "little while" turned out to be almost an hour. Not wanting to wait any longer, I handed Chang's business card to the secretary who showed it to Ker. In less than a minute, Ker came out of his office and apologized profusely to me. He showed me to his office and asked his secretary to give me a drink.
As we sat down in the comfortable chairs, Ker told me not many people has got a business card with Chang's signature on it. "You must be someone whom Mr. Chang is fond of " he told me.
" I hope so" was my reply.

On one particular flight, I remember Chang was seated in the economy class. He embarked from S'pore and since there was no first class seat available, Chang was "involuntarily downgraded" by the check-in staff.
I was the chief steward on that flight and knowing that Chang was not feeling comfortable sitting in the small economy seat, I insisted he be given the first class lounge seat. In those days, the first class lounge seats ( 4 in total) may be allocated to revenue passengers,subjected to the Captain's approval.
Chang was pleased with my action because I had given him "face".

The next time I met Chang was nearly 4 to 5 years later, also on a flight. It was on this flight that he offered me a deputy general manager post in one of the hotels he owned in  Pattaya, Thailand. I couldn't accept the job as I did not have any hotel industry experience but nevertheless I was happy. In fact, Chang encouraged me to leave flying. In his own words he told me " you are getting older and flying would be tedious for you, so try and do something else".

He used to live in Bintong Park, a upmarket residential area. He once invited me to his house but I was not in Singapore and could not visit him.

Just a year later, I read in the newspaper that he had passed away in Malaysia.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My early years as a steward.

I started with SIA' predecessor MSA (Malaysia Singapore Airlines) as a flight steward in Feb 1968. I was 22 years old then. My starting salary was S$255 per month during training which lasted 3 months.
After "Graduation", I was posted to the F27 aircraft fleet which flew to cities in Malaysia. My average gross pay packet was US$150 or S$450 a month (it was S$3 to US$1 exchange rate in 1968) ,which was quite good in those days. 
After a 6 month probationary period I became a "confirmed" staff of MSA and was promoted to the Comet fleet which flew to international destinations like Perth, Hong Kong, Taipei etc.
My salary went up by 40% mainly because of the night stop and meal allowances paid by the company whenever we stopped at those cities. I think the meal allowance for a day stay in any city was S$33 flat.

Life on the comet jet fleet was more exciting. The cabin and cockpit crew were put up in 5 star hotels whenever they night-stopped at outstation.
Passengers traveling on jet planes were more sophisticated than those on the domestic F27s. They were a class of their own. Even the economy or coach class passengers were more polished than today's passengers. Most of these passengers were well dressed and rich and were more friendly and well mannered than their present day counterparts. They were also generous with the crew, some tipping the crew with hundreds of dollars at a time or treating the entire set of crew to dinners and what have you, whenever they stopped with us at outstation. I still remember the rich and very generous passengers like Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Eric Chia, Sugar King Mr. Robert Kuok,the late Indonesian businessman Mr. Sutopo Yap whom we affectionately addressed as "Pak", Datok Lin of Sabah,the late chief minister of Sabah Tan Sri Mustapha, the late Chief Minister of Singapore Mr. David Marshal and many more. Some of these passengers married our stewardesses.
I remembered the first stewardess to be "hooked" by a Chinese business tycoon was Jill ( not her real name), a delightful looking girl whose make-up made her looked like a Hong Kong actress. She was chauffeured wherever she was,whether it was in Hong Kong or Singapore. I remembered her pestering her rich but stingy boyfriend to bring the whole set of cabin crew out for dinner one night in Hong Kong. He did however, reluctantly brought all of us out with Jill for a lovely meal in Hong Kong. This rich boyfriend of Jill was a big business tycoon in Malaysia.He must have been in his 40s and Dilly was a sweet mid-20s.

The next thing I recalled was Jill and her boyfriend broke off after a few years together and this time Jill was flirting around with another filthy rich Malaysian multi millionaire who was younger than the first one.

All in all, I think Jill has amassed a huge fortune from these 2
"boyfriends". She would probably owned a few houses and apartments with lots of cash and jewellries. Oh Jill must be in her 60s now..still alive I was told and living in Penang.

There were senior stewardesses who were bitchy. If you did not have them on your side, they could make life difficult for you. To win them over, it was like a piece of cake for me. I shared room with them whenever they were afraid to sleep alone. I carried their stuff when out shopping with them.
Many of them were gorgeous and when sharing room with them I was tempted to jump into their beds......but I would not dare too because they were the no nonsense type. They would get me a sack if I did that to them. To them we young stewards were like little brothers.
Life was fun and we look forward to flying everyday. These days the crew are more grouchy and full of complaints. Perhaps, stewarding is no longer a glamorous or attractive job anymore. Maybe this generation of crew aren't hungry like we used to. Or  is it something wrong with the way things are being run ??......I don't really have the right anwers.