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Thursday, 23 November 2017

I will make it short as the internet connection is slow.
Recently, there were 2 complaints from paxs regarding
cabin crew. First, it was about the stewardesses uniform.
A lady pax complained that the neckline was low thus exposing
the girls` boobs. She even went to the extent to say that the girls
were more like porno actresses than cabin crew.
Second complaint was about the bad service rendered and
demanded for an upgrade to business class for her future flights.
As for the first complaint, I suggest that the pax write to the
designer of the uniform, Pierre Balmain. (too late la cos he died
oredi in 1991). I would not know how would Balmain address the
complaint had he been alive.
The complaints are available in SIA` Facebook.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Lesser intake of cabin crew

From what I understand, most of the classes that are going on at STC are for the A350 and A380. There are fewer classes for new crew. SIA is still having surplus crew。
SIA is trying to  reduce costs so it can survive in a cut throat environment. If it continues to make money like the last 2 quarters, it can reach the $1 billion mark in profit for year 2017. In this case, the staff and crew may even be rewarded with a 3 month bonus.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Some dun believe I am in Japan. Well I was on the above flight 3 nights ago. Dun be fooled by the above photos because the flight was almost full when it left Singapore. 
Frankly it is a pain to post photos and blog using my phone. I did not have my laptop with me so expect some delay.
I am in Japan la so am trying my best to blog using my phone. For the moment I do not have any news regarding airline stories except that SQ is darn strict in the last interview in Singapore and KL. To be honest none of my students has been hired.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Otters not allowed to board ? :)

It is the airlines fault for not putting up signs informing the ottters they are not allowed on board lol :-)

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Monday, 13 November 2017

Pilots chasing after stewardesses or vice versa?

Two readers wrote the following, one for the pilots and the other for the stewardesses:
1) My husband is an FO for a major airline. The cabin crew are like this the world over, a lot of the time. He wears his wedding ring but still they ask to come up to his room/ask him if he wants a BJ/asks him to have sex in the bathroom with them etc (& I've been there when they've done this, lol, idiots). He's also seen married pilots couple with men, women you name it. Just last night a bunch if them got drunk and the female cabin crew were lying stretched out on tables, beckoning to the male flight crew to "come have a try", and two of the pilots, one married and one an expectant father, started getting off with em whilst the dirty old captains were trying to get a feel in. It makes my heart feel sad. Why does it always come down to lust and sex? Guess I'm just too boring and loyal for my own good to understand.
2) Let me assure u tt it is a known fact that the flight attendants are not interested in trying to bed the pilots but infact it is the other way round. Many girls have been lured into false promises of love and marriage only to find out later that their so called boyfriend is married. Pilots are known for their extremely cheap behavior and abuse through their ranks. They actually believe tt they are very intelligent in all fields from financing to politics n more. But in actual they are really shallow using their ranks to intimidate and get things to go to their way and if it turns out that their decision was wrong they will never apologize . The old days of girls falling blindly for pilots are gone. Today many of the flight attendants are degree holders and some even double degree holders..Not bimbos...But having said all this there are quite a few pilots who are equally good and of excellent character...
So please do not assume that Female flight attendants are running for pilots cus let assure you that is history .
Have you seen how flight attendants are never afraid to spend on food etc....Well that is not the same with the pilots who will wait to eat on board immediately as they are always hungry and thirsty....So stop blaming any female flight attendants and male as well....

Friday, 10 November 2017

Smoking in uniform

A member of the public, purportedly a fellow Singaporean videoed some of the cabin crew smoking cigarettes in uniform at the hotel lobby in Australia. He/she sent the video to the management.
The crew concerned were hauled up to the office after the flight and given a dressing-down.
Although the crew did not commit anything serious, somehow it is not good for the company's image to be seen smoking in public.
Any comments?

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Of alleged molestation and wines theft

  • An IFM (Inflight Manager) has been sacked for allegedly molesting his female colleague. I was told from an inside source that there was no strong evidence to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the molestation has occurred. However, to fire and hire is still the prerogative of any company in Singapore.
  • Some cabin crew were nabbed for allegedly stealing several bottle of wines belonging to the company. According to a reliable source , the crew was given a few bottles of the aircraft wines by a chief steward. They posted in the social media that the wines were given to them by the chief steward on their flight. Unfortunately for them , the company was tipped off by someone regarding the post. Eventually the crew were hauled up and interrogated. The chief steward has also been implicated.

New Suites and Business Class | Singapore Airlines

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

SIA's profit tripled to S$190 million for the 3 months from July to September 2017. It earned $65 million for the same period last year. SIA share closed down 7 cents from $10.39 to $10.32 today.

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