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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tired of airlines stories?

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Union helped CSS accused of shoplifting

This must be a big boost for the morale of the cabin crew. Their newly elected union managed to convince the management not to fire the CSS who was accused of shoplifting in Tokyo.
In essence, the CSS was not found guilty. She was reprimanded for missing her flight as she was detained by the authorities in Japan. The whole incidence arose from language problem. The Japanese couldn't speak nor understand English and the CSS couldn't communicate in Japanese.
Well done Alan and Heart for you guys truly won our admiration.

Received this re: alleged shoplifting in Tokyo

Flying with insufficient crew is a serious matter

I have written about this subject in this blog but felt more of my readers should know about it.
This is a serious matter as more than 20 recent flights left without the sufficient number of cabin crew. What this means is that the operating crew has to work extra hard for nothing because the absentees were either on medical leave or some other reasons. There is no replacement of the absent crew. The service on board and safety of passengers (in the case of emergency) will inevitably be affected. This message was circulated to the crew by the union.

Section 18 of the industrial act means the cabin crew management has to sit down and discuss with the union as well as take remedial action to solve this problem. If the management does not want to discuss or do something positive, the matter will be referred to the Ministry of Manpower which will then decide on the next form of action.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

A Chief Stewardess fired for alleged shoplifting,another case coming up soon

Perhaps some of you may have heard about the story of a CSS who was alleged to have shoplifted at an overseas station 2 years ago. If you have not then this may be of interest.
I was told the CSS was apprehended by the department store security staff on the second day of her visit. But why on the second day?
It seemed security made a boo boo and missed the CSS on the first day of her visit to the store. After she had left the place and after reviewing the cctv they realised that she took something from the store without making payment.

On her second visit the next day, the security pounced on the CSS. They took her to the police station and made a report against her for shoplifting. Since there was no item from the store with her, the police searched her hotel room. Nothing from the store was found in her room. The police was told the CSS had an "accomplice" with her when she was alleged to have stolen some items.
They did a search in the room of the CSS's so called "accomplice" who was an LSS. Again nothing from the store was found.
Although there was no evidence of the alleged theft, the CSS was detained and hauled to court. We aren't sure whether she was prosecuted or not but when she returned to S'pore, the company fired her.

Recently, there was another case involving a CSS. She was alleged to have shoplifted in Tokyo. I understand her case is coming up at the company's inquiry soon.

The difference between the first case and the second one is that the unionists in the first case did not put up a strong defence to help the CSS. In the second case, the union committee members are more experienced and seasoned and the victim may stand a better chance.
Let's wait and see whether the current unionists are effective or not.

Back by popular demand

Initially, I asked for 20 "yes" votes to put me on track to blog about airlines stories over here again. Then I want to be more assured by asking for 100 "yes" votes.Well by this morning,I have gotten 42  "yes" votes and I think that's a strong indication my readers want me to continue. Ok, I will obliged by continuing blogging here.
Look out for another story coming up soon.

Friday, 2 October 2015

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If I can get 100 votes asking me to return and continue blogging about crew stories in this blog I will surely obliged. The survey or poll is on the top right hand side of this blog. So go and give me some indications by doing the survey.
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Cabin crew union is serving the management Section 18 for the shortage of crew. Read more

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I have moved

Effective today, I will ceased to write in this blog. It has been 9 years since I started this blog. Things are getting stale and I've less stories to tell. Readership has fallen from an average of 5,000 a day to 1,500. Moreover, people especially the crew do not have to worry about their wrong doings as less people will know about them.
For those who are still keen to follow me (some told me of their addiction to my blog), I will blog about different stuff in this blog

Cabin Crew Union in full swing since elected April this year

Above image credit to SIASU Cabin Crew Branch

Since the new cabin crew union committee members (Heart Party) had been elected in April this year, many crew have approached them for assistance. The crew may or may not be members of the union but nevertheless, Heart Party people have been busy helping them. Some of them have issues like rostering, annual leave, off-days, medical leave,hotel accommodation, cabin crew complement,discipline etc.

You won't believe this but the Heart people went into overdrive, clashing with management over work issues as well as crew welfare and what have you.

Unlike the previous union committee,the Heart people freely circulate their phone numbers and even create a few forums for the crew to register their grouses and clarify work issues. These unionists do all the extra work for free. Mind you they have their own flying jobs too. Union work have caused many of them to earn less but most do not seem to mind.

I understand about 1,000 crew have resigned from the union since 2010 when the last committee was elected into power. Heart is now trying to encourage them to rejoin the union.