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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Chief stewardess caught with her pantie down

This is one clothing store you don't fool around with...I mean don't steal their stuff. It has super hidden camera even in the fitting rooms. I read of one story where this store secretly videoed
a couple making love in one of the rooms.
Recently, at one of the overseas stations, chief stewardess Jenny (not her real name) was caught exchanging her pantie and bra for the store's new ones. Apparently, the whole act was caught in camera. Sure the store won't admit it videoed the changing process in the fitting room. The staff detained (the crew) and searched the alleged shoplifter. She was caught with her pantie down so to speak.
The stewardess was handed to the authorities and she is now back home waiting for a company's inquiry.
Anyone heard of this story?

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Food for thought

BT: For those supposedly SQ cabin crew who had left "mean" and "thoughtless" comments in this blog you may wanna read what this ex flight attendant from a major airline has to say.

"I noticed many comments on this page is very mean and thoughtless. Why would you say something like that about your own colleague? I flew 17 yrs for a major airline before and when a misfortune happened to one of us back then, we never fail to give our empathy or to go pay them a visit (even if we have never flown with them). I am not saying all SQ crew are like that but obviously many that comment on the site are. No matter how tough the going gets, no reason to vent hatred on each other. If we think crew lives are miserable, perhaps we should take a good look around and see the real meaning of suffering. I wish everyone safe travels and happy days ahead!" 

Onboard Injury

Another story by a cabin crew:

Angela was an experienced stewardess hailing from Beijing.  During her time with the airline, she blossomed into a young lady of beauty, poise and elegance.  She was packing her belongings accumulated over the years to go home for good as she recounted this story. 

Angela was rostered for a Sydney flight.  Much to the crew's chagrin, it was a day flight and the passenger load was full.  There was a lack of stewards so Angela has to fill the role of a galley steward.

When the flight took-off, requests for food and drinks from the mostly Australian passengers came pouring in.  The crew were kept on their feet fulfilling orders.  Between service, Angela wanted to rinse a water jug.  In her fatigued state, she drew boiling water from the heater instead of running the tap, scalding the back of her hand in the process.  She let out a startled cry, which brought her supervisor to her aid.  Immediately, he rendered first aid.  The IFS and captain were notified.  Angela was relieved of her duties for the rest of the flight and put on the next flight from Sydney to Singapore.

On her way back to Singapore, Angela's scalded hand worsened.  The raw skin started to peel.  Upon landing, Angela rushed to a renowned burn centre for treatment.  Within a few weeks, the scald healed with a jagged scar over it.  Although crew management disallowed Angela to return to flying due to the unsightly scar, she was ordered to undertake a mundane job at the crew control centre, pending review if her scar would fade.  

Every working day, Angela had to face the eyes of operational crew.  Some were genuinely concerned for her but their intentions were often misconstrued as being nosy or patronising.  The mundaneness of her job and the crews' probing eyes became unbearable.  Furthermore, Angela came to the acceptace her scar would require long-term specialist treatment to improve.  Even so, there was no guarantee the crew management would reinstate her to flying.  With a heavy heart, Angela made the difficult decision to resign and return home for good to heal inside and outside.   

Monday, 27 July 2015

Backbreaking Job

A true story contributed by a stewardess:

"When Amy recounted this story, she had lost confidence in herself and was forlorn.
She lifted the hem of her blouse to expose a back support corset she had to wear for most hours of the day.
Here's how she ended up in this predicament...

Amy was a probationary stewardess due to work aboard her first Mumbai flight.  She was filled with trepidation caused by the negative stories recounted by senior crew about Indian flights.  Yet, she was eager to please for the sake of scoring brownie points to aid her progression to become a full-fledged stewardess.

During priority boarding of special needs passengers, Amy enthusiastically offered to assist a mother travelling alone with her infant to stow a carry-on luggage into the overhead compartment.  When she lifted the luggage overhead, its weight was to heavy for her to bear and she felt a crack on her lower back.  A sharp pain spread but she pressed on to Mumbai.  When the crew arrived at their designated hotel, Amy went straight to her room.  She thought that rest would be the remedy for her aching back.  She steeled herself to complete the flight pattern, lest her probation gets affected.

After one day's rest at home in Singapore, Amy's back was still painful.  She ignored the pain to go on a flight to Shanghai.    During the flight, the pain became unbearable.  Upon checking into the crew hotel, Amy finally confided in the flight's female IFS.  She immediately arranged for Amy to seek treatment in a Shanghai hospital.  After basic examination, Amy was diagnosed with a slipped disc in her lower back.  She choose to be immediately repatriated to Singapore for treatment.

The airline's appointed hospital confirmed the slipped disc diagnosis.  Amy had to use the appointed hospital for her treatment and physiotherapy in order for the airline to pay her medical bill.  She was given a 6 month-long medical leave to recuperate.  At the end of her medial leave, she returned to work despite feeling discomfort while carrying out her duties.  Reluctantly, Amy forked out a high five-figure sum for her own chiropractic treatment.  When her probation was up for review, Amy's ward leaders decided to extend it due to her long absence from work."
Passenger brutally hurt stewardess on her face ...view here

Sunday, 26 July 2015

One reader has this to say too

There was a crew who was very, very frugal.
He did not join anyone for meals.
He would not have any 'cargo' bags so as to avoid contributing to tips.
He would bring his trusty sanyo cooker.
No, not instant noodles but healthy foods.
He would buy broccoli, potatoes, fresh prepared fish.
Cooked them in a little water like steaming.
He ran 10K almost every night stop as exercise
By the time he was an LS he had bought a townhouse in a very ulu place.
He paid the bank slowly and the townhouse area soon became a very popular place
to live.
He bought it at below $100,000 and after 15 years sold it for close to $850,000
He is still flying as an IFS now.
He has more rental properties ( all fully paid ) than SC NG and Dennis.

No rolex
No car
No maid
No smoking
No alcohol
No women
No Prada
No dogs

He blends into the crowds very easily.
Do you know who he is?

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Bob the retired IFS

We bumped into each other recently at Ikea. I was there trying to buying some furniture for my flat and there was this old fellow waving at me from a distance. I couldn't recognised him at first as he has aged a lot. Yes, he was Bob the retired inflight supervisor.
All those years in SIA we did not interact much with each other. I supposed we were busy attending to our work and families to really socialised with one another. But now after a decade into our retirement, some of us are lonely with nothing much to do. Well, not all retirees are lonely as some are still struggling to make a living outside of SIA (including myself). Some are driving taxis while others are driving for Uber and MBS. Quite a few are working as security guards and security supervisors (fortunately I don't have to drive or be security personnel).

As for Bob he is financially sound. He drives around in his new Honda Accord and lives in a condo with his wife when most rely on public transport and live in government subsidised flats.
Bob and I decided to have a coffee and a chat at the 4th Ikea restaurant. I offered to pay for the coffee but Bob was quick to present his Ikea membership card to the cashier for the free coffee.
We chatted for almost 2 hours over 3 cups of free coffee each.

The conversation was more of a one-way street with Bob confiding in me how he is retiring comfortably when many of his colleagues are not.
He confided that he has almost $2 million of cash in the banks. He also invested his money in stock and shares. Bob began the "lecture" by stating that he bought about 100,000 SIA shares at $1 a piece offered by SIA (staff option scheme) in the 1970s. A few years after  SIA floated the shares, Bob liquidated all his SIA shares at the average price of $10. With the proceeds from the sale of his shares, he went on to buy his house. Just before the housing market crashed 2 years ago, Bob sold his house for $3.5 million. Last year, he bought a condo for $1.5 million.
As far as I know, Bob is a frugal man. He also confided that he has saved $1 million from his and his wife's salaries.

According to Bob there are 4 types of retirees:

  • The ones who inherit wealth from their parents 
  • The ones,like himself who had SIA shares and saved a big portion of his salary
  • Then there are others who weren't prudent and did not save much for their retirement
  • Worse of all are those who are penniless, deep in debt and bankrupts
Although Bob is comfortable in his retirement, I can sense that he is very much a lonely man. He asked me for my phone number and told me he would like to invite me over to his place for dinner.

Note: For our younger colleagues who are still working you may want to take note of what Bob has told us. You will have to retire one of these days and hopefully if you are not in the first category then be in the second one.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Are stewardesses allowed to have "double eyelid stickers/tapes"?

Some people have asked me whether the airlines allow the girls to wear "double eyelid stickers/tapes". Honestly, I think the grooming guide is not updated and so this issue isn't mentioned at all. However, at least 3 stewardesses told me that many of them are using
the "double eyelid stickers/tapes" and as long as the "fixture" could not be detected the crew-in-charge do not make it an issue.

Stewardesses' reply to my Whatsapp on the topic

Video on what and how to use the "double eyelid stickers"

Readers said these. Are they true?

22/7/15  Anonymous said...

Some of the lj thingys screw love to do in hotel overseas:
1. Ta pao peasant food and eat in room,
2. Cooking curry and claypot rice in room,
3. Organising drinking and fxxking sessions in room,
4. Stealing items from room,
5. Calling hotel staff to reheat their home brought food,
6. Asking hotel to stow their bloody food brought from supermkt in freezer instead of the mini fridge in room,
7. Watch porno pay tv and refuse to pay
8. Going down for foc breakfast in their pajamas
9. Drinking and eating non stop in the executive lounge. Baiscally parking there and spending more time than in their own room
10. Pulling chairs and tables in the restaurants to form a gang while ignoring the stares of other guests
11. First to come down for breakfast but last to leave. Keep talking and yakking non stop about company policys and union and rosters.
12. Keep asking hotel to replenish the bottled water in their room when entitlement is only 2 per day.
There are many other lj things cabin crew do in overseas hotel. Please feel free to add on.

23/7/15  Anonymous said...

13. Requesting to change rooms next to kakis or female crew
14. Playing loud music or cards in their rooms
15. Asking for free shuttles even though hotel doesnt provide any
16. Keep forgetting key cards in room
17. Asking for free wifi code in room or hanging around lobby for free wifi to skype bfs/gfs back home or check their facebook
18. Keep asking reception who the next set of crew checking in the hotel.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Crew accommodation in London

For more than 30 years, Gloucester Hotel was a hotel both for the pilots and cabin crew during their stay in London. Now the crew has moved to a 5-star hotel which I will not named due safety reason in the heart of busy London.
This new hotel allows the chief stewards/stewardesses and the IFS free access to its executive lounge. These senior crew are also entitled to free breakfast during their stay in London. In all the crew rooms there are free Wi-Fi.
Gloucester Hotel did not extend the above perks to the crew and because of that plus the high room rates the airline decided on the move.

Note: The hotel committee consists of unionists and management people. They will source for hotels based on the following criterion:

  • The hotel must be located in a safe place
  • The hotel rates must be reasonable
  • There should be amenities nearby eg: eateries, supermarkets etc
  • Any other reasons .....

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Generous first class passenger who ........

Jack (not his real name) was a frequent first class passenger. He was rich and always generous to the cabin crew.  Whenever Jack was on the flight, the crew would be rewarded,either with generous tips or taken out for sumptuous meals at outstations.
Sometimes, when the crew had long stay in Australia, Jack would use his connection and obtain free tickets from domestic airlines and fly the crew eg. from Perth to Brisbane or any city in Australia for a short holiday. This practice went on for a few years until one day the crew were shock to read in the newspaper that Jack was caught by the Australian authorities for drug smuggling.
Jack was sentenced to 20 years in prison. It is believed that Jack died before he was released.
This story happened some 40 years ago.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Stay or quit? Go for the interview first lah

Anonymous said...
Sheraton will be packed on a sunday with wannabes who wish to be part of the glamours life of flying. Let me repeat myself glamours life. Naive these younglings. Oh well we all once was naive till we saw the reality n asked ourself is this the life we want so we stay or should we go.
Many stayed many left, those who stayed grew out of the fantasy of flying those who left just couldnt believe what they saw was a nightmare.
Younglings who wish to fly think hard before trying out dont waste your time and dont waste ours if u cant take the heat

I would like to take a bit of time to comment on the above by a reader. There are many things that one wishes for in life may not turn out as expected. Take for example in a marriage. Before committing yourself you may think she/he is the right partner for you but after a while you may find you have made a mistake. So what happen next? You either live together for the rest of your life in misery or get a divorce. Still your second marriage (if you decided to plunge in again) may not be guaranteed a successful or happy one.
Another example is the case of a pilot. He graduated as a doctor of medicine but later on found he does not like practising medicine. He made a switch and became a pilot.

Those wannabes fall into the same category too. After getting into the airlines some may find that being a cabin crew may not be their cup of tea while others may find that flying is a joy.
Personally, I think it is fine to go for the interview first and secure their so called dreams
and later decide whether to stay and quit.
From what I know many are happy flying with SIA.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

SIA cabin crew recruitment in Singapore

Interviews will be conducted on 2 August 2015 (Sunday) at:
Sheraton Towers Hotel
39 Scotts Road,
Singapore 228230

A few wannabes have asked me why is SIA conducting the above interview on a Sunday instead of the usual Saturday.

My guess is the Sheraton Towers Hotels and Suntec City Convention Hall, the usual venues for the interview are fully booked on Saturday 1 August.

SIA has requested that due to space constraints and as there will be no waiting area for those who are not attending the interviews, candidates are not to bring companions to the interview venue.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Cabin crew promotions in the early years

Anonymous said...

Wow. 4 years frm 1969 to 1973 u jumped from being a leading steward to ifs? Champs....

The above was a comment from this post.

I joined MSA (SIA's predecessor) in 1968 as a flight steward,promoted to leading steward in 1969, chief steward in 1972, inflight supervisor (formerly known as senior chief steward) in 1973 and check steward in 1975 (retitled cce or cabin crew executive in 1981).

There were other cabin crew who were promoted faster than myself. In fact,some of my seniors received multiple promotions, examples: stewardesses to check stewardesses ( Dorothy, Doreen, Shirley and other ladies), leading stewards to check stewards ( Cryril, John, Willie, Peter, Albert and others).

In the early days, the airline was expanding like crazy and so it did not have much choice but to promote us. The airline did not employ experienced foreigners to fly as cabin crew. As for the technical department,it had to employ experienced expatriate captains (one can't just promote an inexperienced and unqualified co-pilot to be a captain right?).

I was one of the lucky ones to have benefited from joining a new,young and fast expanding airline.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Why doubt my credibility?

Anonymous said...

You wrote this yourself huh? Most of your stories and so called comments from fans bear simliar template and style of writing.

This anonymous alleged I wrote this story myself. I've produced screenshots of the email and the purchase of the cabin crew guide below and I hope the sceptics will not doubt me anymore.