Friday, 24 March 2017

Grateful to the cabin crew pioneers

Most of the senior stewards who've passed away joined SIA in the early 1970s or late 1960s.
For those who are still around, most if not all, are now in their late sixties or seventies.These crew were ones who helped made SIA inflight service what it is today. We are grateful to them.
As for the stewardesses, they did not work as long as the stewards as they were put on a 5 year contract.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The demise of ex ifs Mohd Sultan and.....

We are saddened to hear the passing of Sultan. He was one of the most respectful and nicer ifs. Each time I eat kueh lapis I will always think of M Sultan because he made the best kueh lapis.
Coincidentally ifs Sukor died of a heart attack on the way home from JB. Also heard ifs Salim was warded in the hospital after a stroke.
Rest in peace my buddies :(

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Forward message on molest case in London

Forward Msg:

IFS kin, took advantage of a married Leading Stewardess whose husband is
also a crew.

During the rest period, Lss was assigned same rest duration with Kin.

While chatting at crew seat, Kin took Lss's hand and place it at his groin area.

Lss informed CS & LS when they returned from rest period.

At outstation, all 3 crew met up in room to discuss on this matter without Kin's knowledge. Lss broke down in room and station manager was informed regarding this matter.

Upon check out, Lss didn't turned up for flight and CS informed IFS that Lss had reported sick for flight and will not operate the flight back.

IFS made numerous call to Lss at lobby but to no avail.. Kin was only informed on flight back regarding this matter. VR was raised and captain informed regarding this incident.

Lss pax back on next available flight.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Chief steward accused pax' husband of hurt and intimidation

A few days ago, a female pax being unhappy with the chief steward on her flight got her husband who was waiting for her at the arrival to intimidate him.
The pax unhappines started during boarding at FUK when the cs asked for her boarding pass. It is a requirement by the airlines to check the boarding passes of all embarking paxs.
The pax's husband grabbed the cs by his shoulder and demanded to see his name tag. In the process, he hurt the cs's shoulder.
The cs proceeded to consult a doctor. The cs also filed a police report against the pax's husband for injuring his shoulder as well as intimidating him.
The cs's stand is that no pax or member of the public should harrass a crew member for carrying out his or her duty.
The cs is considering taking  legal action.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Alleged molest happened on flight and not...

Correction: The alleged molest case according to a reliable source happened on board the flight from SIN to LON. It was alleged that the ifs of that flight touched the leading stewardess a few times and still persisted even though the leading stewardess had warned him she will report him.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Leading stewardess alleged supervisor molested her

Many in cabin crew especially the junior ones are celebrating this "happening"'s the case of a "top 10" ifs (inflight supervisors) being reported by a leading stewardess for molestation.
The story happened during the nightstop in London last week. I was told this particular ifs (Len ..not his real name)became somewhat lonely as none of his crew wanted to mix with him and so he persuaded his leading stewardess to keep him company. She was afraid to reject his appeal and so relented.
Life as a "Top 10 or Top 20" most feared and hated crew-in-charge could be lonely. One can't be hated and feared and at the same time have subordinates joining you for meals or going to movies with you during the nightstops.
The victim Lisa (not her real name), I was told is not well liked by some of her juniors too. She was described as "Bitchy". Lisa, I was told, was so traumatised by the  alleged molest that she had to travel back as a passenger (very rare case of the company allowing this).
Perhaps, it's a blessing for Len that Lisa did not report the alleged molest to the London police. It would have been a big scandal. Lisa instead, reported to the company.
We will watch and see what sort of action the airline is going to take. Will there be a disciplinary inquiry? It may take a while for investigation to complete.

UAE Airlines likely to see profits down this year more

Monday, 13 March 2017

Is this for real?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The SIA kebaya is darn famous and many men want to sleep
with the real SIA Gals and willing to pay them. One thing
must be present to attest to the genuine SIA gals and that
is the airplane cabin smell is mixed with the kebaya, if you
know what I mean or perhaps Bohtong could explain further haha.

These bags should complement the SIA Girl uniform

The SIA Girl Kebaya uniform is so famous that some companies are making bags using the almost similar type of the SIA Girl Kebaya Batik material. These bags are selling like hot cakes. The bulk of their customers are the tourists. Even our friends in foreign countries have asked us to buy for them. The topmost bag in the post is priced at S$15 and the 2 pieces (reversible) is S$25. We bought them from a shop at Far East Plaza. If I am not wrong, the factory cost of each bag ranges from $2 to $5. 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

How to delete the malicious malware in your devices

To those cabin crew wannabes (or anyone for that matter) who were tricked into downloading my so called "free e-guide" from the wicked website, your PC or mobile devices will be infected with malware. The malware will disrupt your devices operation by diverting you to other undesireable sites, freeze your devices and may steal your password etc.
Once infected, the first thing you may see when you switch on your devices are below.

  • a home page called will divert you to other sites as in Image 1 or
  • your devices will freeze or hang as in Image 2
Image 1

Image 2

It is very annoying to be infected with the above. As for image 1, it's not too bad but if  image 2 appears on your screen your device will freeze.

However, this is not the end of the world because you can get rid of the above by googling for a free an anti malware software named " Zemana AntiMalware" (below image). Download "Zemana" and follow the instructions and in about 15 minutes you would have gotten rid of the malware. Hope it helps. "Zemana" will help delete all vicious malwares in your system.

Friday, 10 March 2017

The passing of "Iron Man"

SIA cabin crew Iron Man IFS Daniel Yap passed away yesterday from cancer. He had this medical condition when he was in his 20s but recovered. Now 20+ years later, he had a relapse.
As far as I know, there were 3 Iron Man among the flight crew, 2 cabin crew and 1 technical crew. The latter has a stroke many years ago while the other cabin crew has retired (don't know what has happened to him).
The "Iron Triathlon" is an event held in Hawaii annually since 1978. The event covers a non stop 3.8 km swim, 180 km bicycle ride and a 42 km marathon. To qualify for the title, one must complete below 17 hours.
I understand that Daniel, after recovering from his cancer did not participate in the event but did keep himself fit by doing a lot of physical exercises. This is typical of a sportsman. In fact, he was a super sportsman.
R I P Daniel Yap cos we will always miss ya!

Image result for what is iron man triathlon

Image result for what is iron man triathlon

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