Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Crew in car accident in Christchurch, New Zealand

Jus happened this am in CHC...1CS,1Lss & 2 most jnr Fss + 1 FO in car crash w horse float.
This sort of accident had happen before cos crew are not familiar with the road epecially in N Z and Australia. Earlier report cs died but not true. He is now out of coma. Co-pilot was the driver of the car (below).

Received above messages from cabin crew

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Top criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan defended accused in spa murder case

Incidentally the lawyer (Subhas Anandan) who defended the Spa murder case was the elder brother of the late chief steward Suresh Anandan who died in the SQ 006 accident in Taipei. The plane crash happened in TPE on 31 Oct 2000.

The above was one of  Subhas's story (spa AMK murder in 2006) shown on channel 5 last night and I watched it for the first time.The title was "The Best I Could" a book written by lawyer Subhas.

Last Monday, channel 5 telecast another case handled by Subhas which had something to do with a chief stewardess named Constance Chee. She threw her lover's daughter from a high rise apartment. Subhas defended her and she was jailed for 13 years for manslaughter instead of murder.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Nice and polite ways of asking for my free E-Guide

These are some of the nice and polite ways of asking for my free E-Guide from the cabin crew wannabes. There are others whom I consider quite polite but I do not have space to reproduce their emails over here. Some wrote asking for the free guides but at the same time tried to "kill two birds with one stone" by asking for advices regarding the upcoming interviews on 11 Oct in SIN.

Dear Mr Boh Tong,

Good Afternoon.
You probably heard this a lot, but I am a fan of your blog! I've been reading your posts since discovering it in 2009.
I saw the post on your blog stating that I would be able to get a copy of your E Guide today.
May I be able to get 1 please?

Thank You in advance.


Hi Boh Tong,

I received the guide that you attached.
Thank you so much.
P.S. It will be awesome if you can write a second book!



Hi Mr Boh Tong,

Good day to you ! :) 
I read in your blog that those who wish to get the free copy E guide for the coming interview , drop you an email . here is my email to you . hope I am courteous enough . 
I couldn't agree more that sharing is loving & it helps to motivate people . 

hope to hear from you soon :)

thanks ! 


Dear Mr. Boh Tong,

A very good Sunday to you!

I have been reading your blog to gain several insights for the coming SIA Interview and i must say, it has been a very big help. Thank you for that.

I came across your most recent post today and saw that you are giving free copies of your E-guide to cabin crew hopefuls. 

Could I, please, get an E-Guide from you? This is my very first time trying out for the interview, and i would really like to get as much help as i can get. I am very thankful for your generosity and would be grateful to get help from you.

Best regards,


Hi sir!
Just saw the blogpost for the free eguide for the upcoming interview & i wish to request a copy from you :) very generous of you to give out free copies!
I have tried many time for the interview... and I always didn't make pass the management round ): Read from forums that candidates who fail so many times at management round will not be considered at all? Hope that it's not true! will try again for the upcoming interview!!
Have a good day sir!


Does Singapore Airlines (SIA) serves Korean Food?

I am curious as to whether SIA serves Korean food on its Seoul flights. During my time with SIA, I do not think we ever serve Korean food. However, Japanese food was served on the Japan bound flights and it still is. Just curious about the Korean food because I had the Korean food of beef and pork for lunch today at a newly opened stall near my house (above pictures).
It's really a waste to have this new food stall near my place serving mediocre standard Korean food.
I am disappointed really. But then how could the food be good when the cook and workers were China nationals?
This same stall was serving Thai food before that. It folded up just after 9 months in the business.
The same goes for a kway chup stall nearby. The cook and his wife were Chinese nationals.

But the kway chup in the picture above was delicious. Why? Because the cook was a Singaporean Teochew lady. I once told her I will be sad if she decides to retire one of these days.

After my return from Japan, I've lost my appetite for the food in Singapore. Needless to say, in Japan even the Chinese and Western food cooked by the Japanese chefs tasted better than the ones in Singapore. Even the convenient stalls like Lawson and Family Mart in Japan serves better standard of sandwiches, oden, cakes, snacks etc than anywhere else.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Money "talks" even with cabin crew

We purchased the 2 piece Washer plus Dryer (pictures above) and was delivered to us yesterday. Two of the seller's staff installed the items for us. One was a Malay guy and the other a China man.
The latter wasn't friendly and did his job grudgingly. Half way through the installation, I shoved a $10 bill into his pocket. He was pleasantly surprised and asked me whether he has to share the tips with his Malay colleague. I didn't answer him but instead handed another $10 bill to the Malay guy.
From then on, they were friendlier and helpful. There were smiles all round. Besides the tips, I donated our old washing machine (still in working condition) and a TV set. I told them the 2 items could fetch around $60 or more. They agreed with me.

So you see the tips and the 2 items  gave those 2 workers a lot of incentive to provide good service. Most of the time, customers do not tip these workers but instead boss them around. This applies everywhere especially in the service industry, inflight service included.

The above brought to mind the few generous passengers on SIA. First, there was a regular rich passenger from Indonesia who would tip the cabin crew generously. If his destinations were the same places as the crew night points, he would invite the crew out for lavish meals and his hotel suites for drinks.

Another, a Malaysian was also very generous with the crew. He would buy expensive dinners for the crew whenever he stopped at the same places.

There was a Japanese passenger who would tip the crew generously and on an occasion even paid for a crew's home renovation expenses. He had also chartered an aircraft and flew the crew to LAS from LAX for leisure.

Know what? The crew had always looked forward to serving the above types of passengers. The crew simply adore them. Best of all, these generous passengers do not demand to be treated special. They were nice,understanding and generous.

Therefore, I believe money is a great incentive for people to work harder for you.

Just a little note here. What I am going to say now may or may not have anything to do with the above. Immediately after the 2 workers left my home, I received a sms from one of my customers to run some errand for him from which I made a profit of $500.
Now all I can say is "Thank you LORD" for the bible verse of " Give and you shall receive" is so true.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Yes one can manipulate the polls.

Yes, as rightly pointed out the polls can be manipulated ( I never did manipulate). I learnt from that person who accussed me of cheating and making Alan lead in the polls. I didn't believe him/her at first but have discovered one could actually vote many times from one's computer or laptop etc. It's quite a tedious process though.
I would like to thank that person for teaching me.
Since, the polls could be manipulated I've decided to delete them and not to used them again.

My breakfast for these few mornings

Two ex crew..what were they doing at Changi Airport?

Met them at the arrival terminal 2 last evening. One was a chief steward and the other was an inflight supervisor. Both are retired and now working for DBS and MBS as Limousine Captains.
They were waiting to pick up their clients arriving from overseas and send them to their respective destinations.
These 2 ex crew are nice people whom I could work well when we were flying for SIA. We had a brief chat and left after their clients arrived. 

More on former cabin crew (video)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Bridge Over Troubled Water: by Jeffrey Jiles

Flight steward on medical leave spree

Whenever Steward Ali did not feel like going on his flight he would resort to taking medical leave or as we call it MCs. He would usually take MCs on the unpopular turnaround flights. Ali did it so frequently that management became suspicious.

One fine day, a management staff called the clinic and enquired about the frequent issuance of MCs to Ali. The clinic staff and the doctors were surprised as there was not record of them issuing MCs to Ali except one. An investigation was launched and before long, they found that Ali's MCs were all from an MC booklet that was found missing a while ago.

Ali was hauled up to face the management. Ali confessed he had stolen the MC booklet from the clinic. Ali begged management not to report the matter to the police but would accept a firing from the airline.

The above was a true story.

Nasi Lemak for my breakfast

Nasi lemak is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and "pandan" leaf commonly found in Malaysia, where it is considered the national dish.It also popular in neighboring country such as Brunei,Singapore,Riau Islands and Southern Thailand. However, because of the nasi lemak's versatility in being able to be served in a variety of manners, it is now served and eaten any time of the day. I am not sure whether this dish is being served or has been served on Singapore Airlines (SIA) flights.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Accused of manipulating polls

Anonymous September 22, 2014

BT! Not bad! You can even change Alan's vote to make him win in your survey. Make Choice look bad, yet you want be the FAIR person? You can bullshit all you want and earn all the money on the visits. When the truth is out and Alan lose again, please close your blog for good.

In the next union election I will vote for:

Alan & Party
  154 (44%)

Vernon & Party
  19 (5%)

PJ & Party.
  175 (50%)

Change your vote
Votes so far: 348 

Days left to vote: 341 

I was accused of manipulating the above polls so as to make Alan lead in the upcoming union election. At a certain point Alan was leading and this was the comment left by supposedly Tony's or PJ's people. Now few days later (25 Sept), as you can see the above polls is showing that PJ is leading Alan by a whopping 6% or 21 votes out of 348 votes. 
For the uniformed person who has left the above comment please note that polls could NOT be manipulated or altered once someone has voted. This also means that one person from his PC/mobile/tablet can only vote once.

Best Kway Chup

This is the best Kway Chup in Singapore. It's at Tampines Street 11 coffee shop. I had it for breakfast this morning. Please don't lecture me about it being high in cholesterol. At my age I should eat whatever I feel like eating haha :-)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Breakfast at Ikea

Was at Ikea Tampines for breakfast with my wife. Food was good and prices reasonable. Good thing about the car park,its free (parking is expensive in S'pore). Please refer to Ikea website here

Applying ticket online for SIA retirees

SIA has designed a new website for its retirees  to apply for tickets online.

The benefits of this online facility:

• With automated e-ticket issuance, retirees are able to apply for e-tickets during non-office hours and      travel at short notice (at least 1 day in advance)

• Retirees are able to check ticket cost at their convenience.

• Retirees can check utilisation history and unused entitlement at their convenience.