Luke will be conducting a "Talk/Seminar" for cabin crew wannabes on 12 March (Sunday) 2017 at Ang Mo Kio. Please visit for details.Alternatively you may also make payment in this blog. Hurry seats are limited.

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Talks/seminar/for cabin crew wannabes

I will be conducting "Talks for cabin crew wannabes" on 12 March (Sunday) 2017 
from 11 am till 1 pm (2 hours). 

The fee for this "Talks" is S$75 .

If you are interested, please click this link  for the payment of S$75 Kindly drop me a note to say you've made
payment in the comment space below in case PayPal fail to notify me.

The venue is in Ang Mo Kio. As soon as you've paid up, I will email you the address. It is a brand new air conditioned classroom (pictures below) which has free wifi,water dispenser etc. I do not want to advertise the address as I may have unwelcome guests/gate-crasher as experienced in the past Talks.

SIA cabin crew interviews for March 2017

  • Singapore (Video and Walk-In interview) 25 March 
  • KL (Malaysia) 11 March
  • Chongqing (China) 11 March
  • Jakarta (Indonesia) 4 & 18 March
All cabin crew will be based in Singapore.  Expected salary and allowances per month
is about S$4,500 to S$5,000.

 SIA website is here

Friday, 24 February 2017

Comments show management is not solely to blame for crew's ill-health

  • "I have been a crew for 23 years. I cant go elsewhere cos I only had N levels and I know how easy and relaxing this job is depite all the whining. No other jobs pays me 8k a month for klkk cho bo lan, finding food to eat onboard and idling outstation. I am very grateful for the job and hope they feed me till I die or retire at 67."

  • "Lack of rest woh. Work a few hours rest 24 to 48 hours. Come back SIN rest another 24 to 48 hours. Tell that to 99% of the working people ourside who work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Even office people in cho bo lan STC work about 9 hours a day mondays to fridays then off 2 days only. As for nutrition, perhaps you guys should stop your 'must have chinese food' sickness overseas. Go frisco must eat thai joint, go paris must eat vietnamesw joint. Go london must eat goomine.

  • Exercise wise-its up to oneself to go gym or just go for a walk during those layovers. Instead of lying on bed watching those kimchee dramas or surf facebook reading whether your friends ate a old chang kee or drank a koi."

  • "They must also stop smoking and drink less. Instead of blaming work they need to accept that their lifestyle (smoking, drinking, gambling, promiscuity,compulsive shopping) makes things worse. Instead of sleeping after a long flight, some still have the energy for additional 'workout' with their colleagues. That will take 7 hours at least depending on their stamina."

  • "They dont give towels, menu cards, and constantly giving drinks."

They do,actually. Which airline you referring to now? SQ is a good company with a good management team but they can't cater for every eventuality, including the ill health of their staff. Employees are responsible for their own well-being. Ownself must take care of oneself and not expect management to do it."

  • "Honey, it happens at other airlines so stop complaining.
It's getting old.  If you don't want to have to do extra, then don't hold yourself out to be the airline that goes the extra mile. We don't want you to miss your usual cup of jasmine tea, so we went to China to get it for you.The lengths we go to. Wasn't that what your marketing girl said on YouTube? 

Don't blame the passengers, the management, the sun, the moon, the sky, your pet rabbit etc. No wonder you're not number one anymore. Nobody forced you to apply to SQ. It's optional unlike NS."

Thursday, 23 February 2017

No ECA but still got extension

One IFS told me he had never took part in ECA in his 30 years with the airlines. His average casual MC was 12 days a year and yet his retirement was extended. I believe he told me the truth.So what's the big hoo ha about having to participate in ECA to get promoted or retirement extension?

Did the cabin crew tell pax the following....??

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Please let him rest ...

This chief steward's wife has taken to the social media to plead with the crew not to visit her husband who is in intensive care after a brain operation so he could rest.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Too much disclosure by management

The above is an extract from a circular issued by cabin crew management detailing the criteria and components for cabin crew's promotion. In trying to be transparent and fair to the crew, management faces backlash from both the public and crew. They accused the management of punishing those who took medical leave by not promoting them or renewing their contracts. Some claimed they left because of this issue.
My questions then are:

  •  Isn't it better not to disclose too much to the crew? 
  • Are the crew grateful for the fairness and transparency?

Let the issue of promotion of the crew be decided at the interview without disclosing how it arrived at promoting such and such a person. After all, it is management's prerogative to hire, fire and promote whoever they want.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Possible reasons for not being promoted

I've received numerous questions asking why the late leading stewardess who passed away in SFO recently was not promoted to the rank of a chief stewardess after flying for 16 years?
Before I answer the question, please note that: 
  1. I do not represent SIA as I have left the company many years ago.
  2. The reasons given are my own.
  3. I may not be necessarily correct.
In my humble opinion, I can think of 3 possible reasons she was not promoted beyond the rank of leading stewardess:
  1. She may have turned down the offer of a promotion.
  2. Her overall work performance was not up to par.
  3. The company does not require so many chief stewardesses (no vacancy).
Now let's hear what our readers have to say to the above. Please do not be rude or childish etc. in your comments

Friday, 17 February 2017

No resignation yet for CCE Sarah Tan

CCE Sarah Tan has been given a chance to attend a disciplinary inquiry instead of outright resignation regarding the MC saga in cabin crew.
Just for info, a CCE is also a unionised worker and cannot be sacked or asked to resign by the employer.
An ex colleague of mine, also a CCE was sacked by the company for so-called "inappropriate" behaviour. The union took the company to task and eventually he was compensated $170,000 for wrongful dismissal.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

IFS to be IFM or just IM?

I can't confirm at this point in time but I heard the "Inflight Supervisor" title may be renamed as
"Inflight Manager" from April this year (hope not an April Fools' Day joke). It seems salary, working conditions etc will remain unchanged.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Motor bike accident and brain surgery

The above WhatApps message was from a pilot. I didn't want to publish the complete message nor his photo here due to privacy concern. This pilot is a nice gentleman but sadly he lost one of his arms in the accident.
I also heard that a chief steward has a condition known as brain aneurysm and he is undergoing surgery. Please pray for him and the pilot.