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Monday, 15 January 2018

Maggot Ler Lim rants against SIA, ends up getting pwned

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Why did he wish the "8" die a horrible death?

This so called ex cabin crew had often come in here and cursed the "8" senior crew. Many people have asked him to tell us why is he cursing and hoping the "8" will die a horrible death. Below is the long awaited message from him:

Know already so what? Can you return me my job, my wife and my mum and my so called friends? Because of the 8, i jus framed, CI-ed, sacked. My wife and kid left me. My mum lost her sanity and attempted suicide. My so called friends ostracised me and talk behind my back. I am living day to day still waiting for the day Karma will get those 8 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Ex IFM Gerald Fu found dead

Gerald's decomposed body was found in his Marine Parade flat by his neighbour.
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This is an old photo of Gerald. He was a chief steward back then when the uniform was more colourful. RIP Gerald the nice guy.

More tributes to the late Gerald Fu:

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

 SIA business class pax lost 5k earrings on flight.

A business class pax on SQ 832 from Singapore to Shanghai on 19 September 2017  claimed she lost her $5,000 earrings on board. She stated the cabin crew did not help find her earrings. She wrote to STOMP which you may read here

A Jet Airways stewardess arrested for carrying US dollars on 8 January 2018.

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Retirement extension for chief stewards and inflight managers

In the recent extension of chief steward (cs) and inflight manager (ifm) retirement exercise, 3ifm and 2 cs were successful. By successful I mean, the cs and ifm retirement were extended by another 2 years. These successful cs and ifm are allowed to work till 60 and 62 respectively.
Some of the criteria used for the extension of the retirement are work performances, medical records, health etc.
In all, 1 cs and 1 ifm failed in their application for extension. They will have to leave the company soon. The cs will be paid a sayorana package of $80,000 and the ifm $50,000 plus 1 free yearly travel for themselves and spouses plus 2 discounted tickets on SIA network.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

A stingy ex colleague

A few days ago I met an ex-IFS at a food centre. At first, I couldn't recognised him as he appeared old, fat and haggard. But when he ordered his food loudly, I recognised that voice. It was Ven (not his real name). What I am going to blog is rather personal but I felt compelled to tell the story as I've held it back for many years.
Some years ago (probably in 1974), Ven and I did a flight together and nightstopped in London for 3 days. Ven was a heavy gambler. He was a member of a prestigious casino in London. On checking into the hotel, Ven and I had a meal. After a few hours of sleep, Ven left for the casino. He told me he was going to break the casino with his 2,000 English pounds which he brought from Singapore. In those days, one pound was equivalent to S$8. In short, Ven had a capital of S$16,000 to fight the casino.
The next morning, Ven rang me up and conveyed the bad news. He had lost all his money to the casino. He wanted to borrow money from me but I did not have much except for a hundred pounds.
Ven kept pestering me to borrow from my London friend whom he knew was quite rich.
I spoke to my friend and managed to borrow 2,000 pounds from him. On receiving the money, Ven left for the casino that evening. I did not go with him.
About 3 hours later, there was a knock on my door. I opened the it and there stood Ven! He was in a fabulous mood for he had recovered his losses plus won another 3,000 pounds. In short, he won 5,000 pounds or S$40,000 from the money I lent him. We were jubilant and celebrated with a big meal in a nearby restaurant.
The next morning, I returned the money I took from my London friend.
It was a big and lucky break for Ven. Had it not for the loan from my friend, Ven would have no way of winning back his 2,000 pounds and won another 3,000 pounds.
Here is where the story began. Since Ven won so much money, I asked him for 100 pounds or S$800 to be donated to a student studying in London. I knew this student who was from a poor family in Singapore. No doubt he was on a free scholarship but sometimes, he needed some extra money for food and clothing. Ven refused to donate. I was disappointed with Ven after all the help I had given him. I knew Ven for quite a long time but now he showed his true colour.
Since that incident, I kept my distance from Ven. We did not talk to each other for many years.
The last I heard was that Ven has retired, suffered a stroke that left him almost paralysed. I was told his wife had left him after he incurred a huge pile of debts as a result of gambling losses.
To me this is karma or retribution. 

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Punished for not keeping her appointment (a repost)

I remember this incident clearly. It was about a stewardess who was unable to keep her appointment with her manager because her pet dog was in labour on the same day. Her reason for failing to turn up wasn't good enough and was punished by being "grounded" for a few months. Although I sympathised with her, I could not empathised with her back then as I did not know the intrinsic value of a pet.
Many years later during my retirement, I started to be attracted to dogs. My first "love" was a puppy called Belle and later Chee Bee, a red toy poodle. A few years later, Belle went missing and Chee Bee passed away. The departure of these 2 pets broke my heart. These incidents reminded me of the case of the stewardess. Now, I am able to empathise with the stewardess and would have done the same by staying and taking care of the pet instead of keeping the appointment with my boss.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Latest on the outraging modesty case

The final decision is out on the IFM (Inflight Manager) case on alleged outraging of a stewardess's modesty. The IFM has been allowed to resign instead of being sacked and also a payment of 3 months salary. This amounted to about $15,000 which is quite good. Had he work till aged 62 (he was a few months before retiring) he would received a $20,000 gratuity.  In fact, MOM and SIA has been magnanimous in their approach to the IFM.
I heard from one the IFM's golf kakis that the stewardess took vengeance on him for having corrected her on some work issues. Another crew told me that this particular IFM has chided the union for securing the $20,000 gratuity for those IFM who retire at 62. He expected a bigger sum of gratuity. I understand he is an opponent of the current union.
On a separate note, I heard the victim may take a civil suit against the IFM. If it is true, the whole saga is not closed yet. 

Monday, 1 January 2018

Fasten Your Seat Belts by Boh Tong

Once again it is time I promote the above book which I published in 2010. It was S$19.90 in paper back form but now Amazon and others are selling them online for as low as S$3.
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