Talks/seminar/workshop for cabin crew wannabes by Luke Tan will be held on 6 April (Friday) 2018. Please visit for more information.

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Wise to re-employ ex crew and flying mums?

Monday, 19 March 2018

SIA cabin crew interviews

Tentative places and dates

Singapore on 7 April 2018
Penang     on  31 March 2018

SIA's website is here

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Donations for my blogging

In 12 years of blogging, I have received 2 donations. One was a donation of S$60 and another of $5.
Just 2 days ago, someone donated $1 via my PayPal account. After a deduction of 0.54 cents (PayPal's commission), I collected 0.46 cents. Well, it is said the amount does not matter but the thought behind it is more important 🤣😅😂😊😁. What say you??

Saturday, 17 March 2018

SEP (Safety Equipment Procedure) instructors

Most of the SEP instructors are retired or former crew. Their job is mainly to train and certify that the crew,both cabin and technical crew are fit and able to operate the flights. This is a good job for ex crew as the salaries are quite attractive. They are daily paid and can choose to work the number of days in a month. Some prefer to work about 2 weeks in a month and the airline would accommodate such requests. They used to be paid $100  a day a few years ago but I understand it has gone up to $270 a day. They usually work from Monday to Friday but at times they may be needed to work on weekends too.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Sacked stewardess better off now

Exchange of WhatsApp messages between me (green) and a stewardess yesterday. She was unjustifiably sacked due to her medical records.

Monday, 12 March 2018

MSA stewardesses from 1960s

                                                            Images credit to SPH

I have flown with Irene and Margaret during my days as a young flight steward with MSA. I don't know what has happened to them as we do not keep in contact. Those days, the stewardesses could only work one 5 year contract unlike now they could stretch from 4 to 6 contracts depending on their ranks.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

At 43 she wanted to be a stewardess with SIA

She was 43 and wanted me to coach her so she could pass the SIA cabin crew interview. I told her SIA will reject her and I do not want her to waste her money by paying me for the lessons. She also tried for the stewardess position with SilkAir.
Below is the extract of her email to me....

I am always keen and interested n passion to become a SIA cabin crew if I am given a chance to do so.

I am a very hard working and diligent woman n I really need your help to prepared and help me to build my confident to go for the interview.

I would appreciate you for an advise and do u think I still need to sign this course or do you think I should give up this as my dreamt job as SIA Cabin Crew.

If I were to be lucky and fortunate to go for an interview without fear of my age and the most important thing is that if I am selected by them to get the job and your kindness will be greatly appreciated in my life.

noted with thanks Mr Luke for your advise and recently I went for the silk air interview but I am not selected but I was out of speech during my introduction in front of the two interviewers with 9 other candidates.

U mean if you don't looked like 43 years old and even if I have the suitably qualified to apply cabin crew job but they will still reject me becos of my age is 43 years .

Thank you for your honest personal opinion and also asking me not to waste my money asking you to coach me.

Can I try and I am thinking not to give up easily whatever we do and I know myself and you maybe thinking that I am very thick skin and if I were to attend the interview and i know alreadly outside there are many people keep laughing at me at this moment and there will be many people a loud laugh at me too.

If I am determined to do it and if I were to succeed with Exceptional cases.

Do u have any special arrangement or other alternatively exceptional cases you think they will looked into my resume first and make an exceptional cases for an interview.

Please do not looked down on me as I am looking forward to work as a career but nothing that all.

thank you for your time and you have a good day mr Luke.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Biggest shareholder is interested to know .......

I may be wrong but I heard the latest news regarding the flight delay out of HK  is that the largest shareholder of SIA wants to know the reason/s for the delay and what has SIA done to prevent such delays from occuring again. It is not unusual that the government would intervene once things are grossly wrong. It owns 52% of SIA through its company, Temasek Holding. The delay was 3 hour long and has caused a lot of  embarrassment and inconveniences to the passengers.
The following case which I am going to mention was more serious than a 3 hour delay but it nevertheless illustrate that when things are not right, the government will step in. In the 1980, the SIA pilots resorted to a "work to rule" industrial action. The pilots had asked for a 30% increase in their salaries and meal allowances but the company had refused. The then PM took the pilots union to task and threatened to close the airline if it continued its industrial action. By the end of 1980, the matter was resolved. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

A win win situation

SIA is encouraging former cabin crew to rejoin the airlines. This also includes those girls who had given birth. They will be paid their last drawn salary and maintain their former ranks eg: if the leading stewardess resigned earlier, they will come back as leading stewardess w/o losing their seniority in the company. The airline will gain as these crew are experienced crew. Their training will be shorter as compared to a newly employed crew.
Let's hope with this new idea, SIA will be able to offer better inflight service to its passengers.

Friday, 2 March 2018

HKG ground engineer in trouble?

Two of the 5 cabin crew who delayed their flight ex HKG may have gotten the ground engineer in trouble. The following is part of the WhatsApp message regarding the incident.

All the 5 crew who caused the delay of SQ 841 for 3 hours have been asked to resign. If they refused the offer, they will be subjected to a CI (Co.'s Inquiry) and if found guilty may be sacked.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Update on crew who got into trouble recently

  • IFM who was alleged to have smuggle gold into India is currently waiting for trail. I was told he is now staying in the crew hotel in Delhi (yet to be verified).
  • The steward who threw an OFO bike into a drain is given 4 demerit points.
  • The crew, who a few days ago delayed the flight ex HKG will be dealt with.
  • The chief steward who allowed his stewardess to off-load wine has been sacked! The stewardess was asked to resigned earlier. The company waived her bond since she co-operated by turning prosecution witness. 😪😥😫

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

SIA cabin crew will be conducting a "Walk-In" interview on 10 March (Saturday)
in Singapore. Please refer to its website here ✈🛩🚀🛬🆗

Cabin crew delayed flight at Hong Kong

Yesterday, 5 crew during their long transit at HKG airport left the aircraft to do some shopping.They lost their way and were detained by the airport authorities for questioning. Two of the crew did not have their security passes with them. I was told they shopped for pocket wifi which cost about S$170 in HKG. In SG, it cost $250. Due to their actions, the flight was delayed for 3 hours.