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Friday, 15 June 2018

No more gold plated teaspoons for the crew

Oh my gosh! I heard the cabin crew has recently been accommodated at the Grand Prince Takanawa Hotel again. We pilfered their gold plated tea spoons and tea sets from the room when we were staying there in the 1980s. We were "kicked" out and later went to Hilton Shinjuku.
Well, we were nicked named Ali Baba and his thieves by the Takanawa staff back then. However, that generation of Ali Baba and company has left the airline except for a few who are presently IFMs and AMs.
I hope the current crew do not steal things from the hotel like their predecessors did. Anyway, I heard the hotel does not provide gold plated teaspoons anymore.

Below is a comment left by an ex-stewardess:

Lian said...
I remember the melon juice! Haha...and how we are called Ali Baba and 40 thieves! So embarrassing but so true. Once I witnessed this well dressed stewardess who started her Ali Baba operation after 11pm. She would look out for room service trays left outside the rooms and steal the crockery. She covered all the floors, good exercise for her:-) Never mind they're dirty, she can always wash them in her room. She told me by doing this way, she had accumulated a complete dinner set. She even asked me to join in her modus operandi! She had, of course a big and sturdy Ali Baba bag with her.

SIASU: Meet-The-Members-Session

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Removal of posts

Someone from the airline called asking me to remove an article I posted in my blog. It was about a female crew who was charged for theft during her stay overseas. Subsequently, through the union's intervention she was left almost unscathed and resumed her flying duties. I was told she wanted to move on and so it wasn't good of me to blog about the incidence.
I had many asking to remove this post and that post. One even asked to delete a post that did not concern him. It was about his friend's friend. It was about theft too.
There were others who took selfie in nude and pictures of themselves while engaging in sexual activities. Then somehow somebody got hold of the photos and they went viral in the airlines. I posted them once I got the photos. Again, I was told to delete them.
Even management had in the past asked me to remove posts I made about them. I complied and delete some but not all.
I am a blogger and I make money from blogging. If I were to accede to the requests to delete my stories then how am I gonna to make money?
Can one asked the reporters to remove stories about them in the newspapers? You can't right? So a blogger is some kind of a reporter.
My advice is if you do not wanna feature in my blog then do not do stupid things like those I've mentioned.

BT: Above is a repost and below more asking me to delete my stories:

  • One crew passed away and  I merely said so and so passed away peacefully and RIP...wah I was asked by a third party to delete it as the family needs "privacy at this juncture"
  • Another one, a former kleptomaniac died a horrible death. I posted a short story about this ex crew and how he/she died. Again, a third party asked me to remove the post as "it is not nice to say things about people after they've died". 
  • Again another ex crew passed away and I related a story of what we (yes me and him) did when we were at outstation many years ago. Nothing bad though but it was just some kind of mischief we got into which I think my readers would like to know. Wa lau his son demanded that I delete the post and said "we are grieving the loss of our father and you.......".
* Sigh*like that how to make some money for my kopi during retirement?
A reader asked this question regarding the long turnaround time for a A380 "why is the A380 turn around time more than 1 hour?" (for most if not all aircrafts the turnaround time could be less than an hour)

"Singapore Captain" a regular visitor to my blog has this to say   "The A380 only uses reverse thrust on 2 engines thus the stress on the wheel brakes are greater. Airbus initially wanted to do away with thrust reverser to save weight but FAA will not certify the aircraft to be airworthy. That’s the reason for minimum time required on the ground to allow brakes to cool." 

During the more than 1 hour time required for the brakes to cool down, the crew on the turnaround flights (eg: SIN/HKG/SIN) are allowed to leave the aircraft.

To read more click here

Monday, 11 June 2018

Success stories

These 2 WhatsApp me about their success at the SIA cabin crew interview over the weekend. They were my former seminar participants. Both were super happy and excited.
I've helped realized their dream and hope they will have an exciting career with the airline.

This email just came in:

Saturday, 9 June 2018

He did charity, won't even harm an ant and yet ....

Bitter after being sacked, he needs a closure
This ex-steward was sacked and he is bitter about the so

called 8 people who "fixed" him up. He often commented in this blog he hope the 8 would die "horrible" deaths and would spit at their coffins. When asked who the 8 people are he simply refused to disclose except that he will be watching the obituary everyday to see whether anyone of the 8 is dead.

 Below are some of the comments I have reproduced. Would   anyone be able to help/counsel this poor soul?

Victim: Due to the 8, I lost my job. My parents have to collect 

cardboard and work as cleaners. My wife left me. I dont have 

money to cure my kid of a life threatening illness and he died at 2.5 

years old. I will never forget how those 8 framed me for something I never done.

Keep all these obituaries coming as it makes my day knowing their deaths. Everyday I am eagerly and waiting in anticipation to know those 8 who made me into this state had paralysed from stroke or die a horrible death. I believe heaven have eyes and its jus a matter of time before I read about the 8.

2 years later and just yesterday came this comment:

What about those 8 who harmed me!? They are still happy and extended or promoted!? I dont beleive in karma anymore ever since I got sacked due to them! Every 1st and 15th i eat ovgml! Buy tissues from blind,gave up seats in mrt! Wont even harm an ant! Yet look at those 8 and me! Karma!?

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

My golden "rules" to good health

My heart breaks each time I read or hear that some of our older crew have passed away. Recently, quite a number has gone and most were in their late fifties or sixties. It is scary just to think that someday our turn will arrived. It is inevitable that we have to die but the manner in which we die is important. Most of those who had gone suffered a lot. Some had cancer while others had strokes which made them bedridden and worst still became a huge burden to their loved ones.
The last thing anyone need is advice but I think I am somewhat qualified to advise our younger colleagues that taking good care of their health is of prime importance. You younger people may one day be old like me and so "invest" wisely in your health.
I am now in my early seventies and in good health. However, I can still "go" at anytime but as long as I am fine, I will abide by certain "rules" pertaining to good health. Perhaps the following may help:
  • Don't worry unnecessarily especially on trivial matters.
  • Interact with others. In other words be sociable.
  • Be positive.
  • Keep busy, have a hobby or two. (Blogging is therapeutic)
  • Don't over exercise like trying to do a marathon etc..don't be a John Chua, he is exceptional!
  • Walk briskly for about 15 to 30 minutes a day, 5x a week.
  • Do not eat or drink after 6pm and the next meal should be at least 16 hours later (it is known as intermittent fasting).
  • First thing when you wake up, drink 2 glasses of warm water (avoid ice cold water and drinks).
  • Drink alcohol in moderation (I am a teetotaller).
  • Drink coffee (I drink 1 to 2 cups a day).
  • Do not smoke.
  • Eat more food which contains lots of fibre.
  • Avoid process food, fast food and instant noodles which sadly is a favourite among our crew.
  • Do not sleep too much (6 to 8 hours a day is good enough).
  • Most of all believe that God loves and cares for you (His name is Jesus Christ).
Please don't take offence when I state that my God is Jesus Christ. It is a personal thing. Also, I do not force anyone to believe all the above rules that lead to good health. You may have your own rules.

Monday, 4 June 2018

We are saddened to hear the passing of IFM Cheng and Jeffrey Tan recently.
May both RIP.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Gratuity for SIA male cabin crew on tenure

Above is the gratuity for male cabin crew on tenure (those who joined before 25 Aug 2004)
Example: Those who choose to retire at age 45 will get the highest payment ot $115,000 while those who retires at age 61 will be paid $40,000.
As for those who join the company on or after 25 August 2004, they are on fixed-term contracts (same as female crew).

Source: SIASU/SIA CA 2016