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SQ sincere in honouring Joseph Schooling??

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Friday, 26 August 2016

SQ flight from JFK diverted to London instead of Frankfurt

The flight from JFK which was supposed to land at FRA was diverted to LON. Many paxs are upset and I do not want to speculate what has happened to the flight as it may be sensitive in nature. Perhaps the incident may be reported in the press tomorrow. So look out for the press report if there is any.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

The people who designed the cabin crew training manuals.

Cabin crew service/work training manuals were actually compiled and designed by the former Cabin Crew Executives or CCEs. Cabin crew management has never engaged a consultant to do the manual for us. It's difficult for the external consultants to design a manual that is peculiar to our needs.
The more experienced CCEs were drafted into a committee to do the job.
There was only once when the cabin crew management asked a consultancy company to revamp the training manual for us. After a long study, the company asked for a couple of millions of dollars. Cabin crew management decided to drop the idea of engaging them as it was too expensive and turned to the CCEs once again.  In less than a year, the CCEs revamped the training manual and until today, it's still in use.
Although the CCEs were not directly involved in the computer-based- training programme, they did assist in providing information and feedback to a high tech company that was engaged to do the software for the training programme.
In conclusion, the cabin crew division by using the CCEs not only save time and money but also has training manuals that are suited to our type of service for the passengers.

BT: These CCEs were made redundant during the SARS crisis in 2003.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Singapore's 6th president SR Nathan dies, age 92

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Crew safety instructors

The safety instructors (SI) are qualified staff who train and equip the cabin crew and pilots on safety procedures of the aircraft. Besides them, there are also first aid instructors who are mostly from the nursing profession.
These days due to a shortage of SI, SIA look to former and retired crew to fill up the vacancies. However, these SI are paid on a daily basis and up to $200 a day. I understand not all retired and ex crew are interested or fit for the job of a SI.
With this problem at hand, SIA now turn to the operating senior cabin crew to assist them (pay is the same as the SI). During the days-off, they would double up as SI and help train the crew. This I understand is a temporary measure.

BT: Officially they are known as Safety Equipment Procedure (SEP) Instructors but I prefer addressing them as Safety Instructors (SI).

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Singapore's Chef de Mission to Rio Olympics

Many years ago when I was an IFS, I had the privilege of serving a former schoolmate of mine from RI. He was an active sportsman in school and a good ruby player. At the time when he was on my flight, he was working with an international bank based in Singapore. I had also served his boss a couple of times. Both were excellent first class passengers. They were gracious and friendly with the crew.
Recently, I happened to meet this same schoolmate again and this time it was at a charity dinner hosted by my two former classmates.
The schoolmate mentioned above was none other than Mr Low Teo Ping, the current Singapore's Chef de Mission for the Rio Olympics.

Seated from left: Mrs Abdullah Tarmugi, Mr Abdullah Tarmugi (also my ex-schoolmate and former minister and speaker of the House) and Mr Low Teo Ping. Standing behind was me.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fair Play's comment....

I hope readers will think clearly before giving comments. SIA is being criticised for 'jumping on the band wagon'
What if SIA totally ignores Schooling even after he won the gold?
The criticisms will probably cover pages.
Has SIA done the right thing? My answer is a big thumbs up!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

SIA is sincere awarding Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling the .....

Circulating online

Hahaha this is the real   commercial world.SIA also join the queue to reward Joseph Schooling by upgrade him to first class and provide 1million free millage etc at the Same time take opportunity of him as free advertisement on SIA.
*Always something for something right?*

The above message that's being circulating on social media is in my opinion, utter rubbish! SIA awarded Joseph Schooling the upgrade to first class travel back to Singapore from Rio and the award of 1 million Krisflyer Miles along with a KrisFlyer Gold Card was a sincere genuine gesture. 

With the 1 million miles, he can take five return trips on first class, or, if his broad shoulders can fit into economy seats, then 15 return trips in economy.
3. Schooling could also use his free miles to fly to London to watch his favourite soccer team, Chelsea. The miles will allow him 16 economy class trips or five first-class tickets.
4. Alternatively, if Schooling wanted to take a trip every year to Hong Kong, he could use his free miles for 40 years (flying economy) or 21 years (on business).
5. If sushi and ramen are more to his taste buds, Schooling could take annual trips to Tokyo and finish his miles only in 26 years (on economy) or 10 years (if flying first class).