Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ex SIA staff the owner of a drink lounge in Fukuoka

She is now the proud owner of her private drinking lounge in FUK,Japan. I visited her last night as it was not crowded.The place is strictly for members only. It is a small place which could accommodate around 8 people. She used to work for SIA. I ordered a bottle of Champange and with the 2 other friends we had an enjoyable time chatting and sipping Champange. The bottle of Champange cost S$160 but it was worth every cent I spent.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Goh Chok Tong visited Inflight Supervisor wake

Singapore ex prime minister paid respect to IFS Derick Ong who passed away on 14 September 2014. IFS Ong lived in Mr.Goh`s ward of Marine Parade.

Ocean fresh Sashimi and Sushi from supermarket

Not only are the sashimi and sushi very fresh,they are inexpensive too. An example is the picture of a box of sashimi above showing the price of 599 Yen or S$7.20. In Singapore,you would have to pay double that and yet not as fresh. On the cover it even stated the time it was packed e.g 3 pm on the same day I bought it.

A simple dinner and refreshment in FUK

Me,just like the crew love this type of meal when nightstopping in Japan. This set dinner is made up of Chinese dishes cooked by a Japanese chef. The cost is S$8 per set and I ate it this evening. Reason I post this is because I am trying to see whether the posting is possible without my PC. Yes after a few attempts, I have it got right.

Refreshment Time

Re: London cigarette case clarification

12/9/14 12:20:04 am:
Mxxxx: LS Sxxxxxxxx (LHR cigarette case)
DI today.10sep
1 year wage freeze.
Thsts ALL
Tony in sfo.
PJ was there

Latest posting on other chat groups! ! Great Job Boss PJ! !

12/9/14 12:21:16 am:

xxxxxx said: Hello all, the above text is in circulation
For your information, unlike CI (company inquiry) the DI (divisional inquiry)in which Ls Sxxxxxx went through was handed almost the wosrt deliberation.DIs are convened and deliberated by 2 Admin officers within the division and forfeiture of service increment is the worst case scenario. Terminations, demotions are only meted out at CIs never for DIs.Ls Sxxxxxxx's employment beyond 45 or 55 years old is now compromised (CA page 13 and 14).
Whoever claimed credit for any mitigation at the DI is definitely someone who flaws in many aspects.

BT: I was informed that the LS did not smuggled the cigarettes but he declared it to the London Custom.
However, the amount he brought into London was excessive. Just to clarify, if one declares the goods to the custom then it is NOT deemed as smuggling no matter how excessive or illegal.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Travelled by Singapore Airlines to Japan

I flew SIA a few nights ago from SIN to FUK. The flight was 80% full in the economy class. I am not sure about the business class pax load as I was seated in the economy.
The inflight service was as usual, good. Cabin crew worked very hard and was visible in the cabin throughout the night serving drinks to those paxs who were not asleep.
The flight was slightly bumpy but overall comfortable. The cabin was clean and the toilets were kept in pristine condition. 
If I have the means, I will always fly SIA. I would strongly recommend people fly SIA. My friends who had flown with other airlines complained to me about the service standard as well as the condition of the cabin interior.

On the SIN/FUK sector (flight time about 6 hours), breakfast was served before landing. There was a choice of Japanese or Western breakfast. I chose the Japanese breakfast of grilled salmon with rice etc. The food was delicious just like the ones we served when I was flying as a cabin crew.

The only complain from me was the cabin temperature. It was rather cold and the blanket I had could not keep me warm.

Last year, I flew to Melbourne and back on SIA too. The inflight service was also as good as this one.
I have written a complimentary letter with all the names of the crew serving me to SIA. A gentleman seated next to me did the same too.

Well done SIA you are still the BEST!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

IFS Derrick Ong passed away peacefully @1:45pm today. RIP Derrick.

Touring Southern Japan

Map of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan

Currently, I am touring the southern part of Japan, a place called Fukuoaka in Kitakyushu. It`s quite a good time to t visit Japan,nice Autumn weather aside, the Yen has dropped to S$12 per 1,000 Yen. Two years ago when I was in Japan the Yen was S$16 per 1,000 Yen. It`s a little commbersome to blog without my usual PC, so I may try my best to do whatever I can.  I will be in the city starting tomorrow so it will be easier to blog since I can have the hotel Wifi.