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Monday, 22 April 2019

"Cathay Pacific cracks down on petty theft by cabin crew of Hong Kong carrier’s in-flight supplies"

BT: No big deal la cos SQ has been cracking down and sacking numerous cabin crew on same issues since day one!

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Jet Airways folding up

The once high flying and pride of India is now folding up, leaving hundreds of passengers in limbo. It has been accused of allegedly treating its customers poorly. It has not been paying it pilots salaries for a year now and it is so broke that it can't afford to pay for its fuel. Yes, I am talking about Jet Airways.
In mid 2000s, at the height of its glory, it even try to persuade the cabin crew of SIA to join it. I was one of those who went for the interview and was verbally told it would recruit me as its chief purser. My colleague VJ was promised the post of Singapore station manager when he helped conduct the cabin crew interview. As sure as its eminent collapse, it broke its promise to employ us.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Still don't wanna retire early??

Monday, 15 April 2019

Past & current cabin crew directors, SVPs and union chiefs

Anonymous said...
It would be interesting to have BT post the
different Directors and SVPs from the very beginning
of SQ in 1972... and also the corresponding Union chiefs.

History lessons can reignite fading memories...

BT: here we go.....

A) Directors/SVPs cabin crew

1. Capt Segar (late), Director of cabin crew
2. Chris Lee,   Director of cabin crew
3. Yap Kim Wah, SVP cabin crew
4. Thoeng T.O,    SVP cabin crew
5. Eddie Jesudasen, SVP cabin crew
6. Sim Kay Wee, SVP cabin crew
7.Tan Pee Teck, SVP cabin crew
8. Marvin Tan, SVP cabin crew
9. Tan Pee Teck (2nd time and current) SVP cabin crew

B) Union chiefs of cabin crew

1. Doraisamy (late)
2. Eddy Chew
3. Ben Fernandez
4. Eddy Chew (2nd time, won election against Ben)
5. Alan Tan (won election against Eddy)
6. Tony Sim
7. Alan Tan (current)

Had the guts to complain about his director

Tony looked thin and haggard. He was an ifs with SIA but has retired about a decade ago. I met Tony a few months ago at a food court near his house. He complained he is withering away due to his poor health. I sat down and had a coffee with him. We chatted for a short while.
As I remember it, Tony was the crew who had the guts to complain to the chairman about the unfair treatment he received from his director. Although senior in service, Tony was not promoted.
The chairman had a word with the director and at the next promotion exercise, Tony got his promotion. Well, I am not sure till this day whether Tony was promoted by his director out of fear or on his merits.

Sunday, 14 April 2019