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Monday, 18 February 2019

Pilots from India to fly for SQ & Scoot?

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Now the real story is out

SINGAPORE - A Singapore Airlines (SIA) captain has been grounded since Feb 1 after he allowed a stewardess to sit on the first officer's chair and took a photo for her.

The cabin crew has also been grounded, The Straits Times found out.

When questioned, the pilot said that the cabin crew was on the chair to help clean some stains on the cockpit window.

For full story click here

IFM to work till 63

Effective this year, the IFM (Inflight Managers) are allowed to work till 63. Previously they retired at age 62. Congrats! 👍

Monday, 11 February 2019

Captain and stewardess grounded for ............

You may want to read the story 👇here https://www.facebook.com/129011692114/posts/10155882533172115/

Since most do not have access to the ST Digital (by subscription) let me give you from what I've heard about the case.
The story goes like this: the co-pilot left his seat and visited the toilet. The stewardess entered the cockpit (a safety requirement) and instead of taking the "jump" seat, she sat in the co-pilot's seat which is on the right hand side of the captain's seat. The captain took a picture of her in the co-pilot's seat. She posted the photo in the social media and as a result got herself and the captain in hot soup.

"Our love was mutual until she became a stewardess"

"...i loved a girl who was the same age . our love was mutual until she became a stewardess . i was a student and she was working still the relationship went smoothly for 3 years until she found someone better . i loved her with all my heart and begged to her to reconsider but she left me without any second thoughts. she left me for a dumb DJ who used her and threw her away . after 4 months she comes back to me and promises me that she will change and that she wants to become my life partner . i eventually took her back cause i truly loved her . after that exactly after 1 year she was two timing with me , i got to know from her own brother . when i caught her red handed she boldly said that i wasnt understanding and was immature . damn this whore i was with her for 7 years through all her turbulent days and this is what she gives me. after such a close bonding she changed overnight and her excessive partying changed her character within minutes. this is my true story , i am 22 and dont want to reveal my identity cause of the foolish decision i made . i dont mean any offence to stewardesses but my only advice to such women is to stay away from honest and sincere guys. i hate that woman and cause of her , i am not able to love any other girl. hope you guys think with your brains than your heart and get wiser. good luck ".

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Comments regarding the stewardesses

Below are some of the comments left by the readers of this blog when asked what do they think of the stewardesses

Anonymous said...
And their ah beng boy friends with tattoos all over their arms and legs waiting to pick them or sitting and chatting with them at T3 basement Kopitiam. These girls are a bunch of low class waitresses. No wonder BT has given up coaching the wannabes. Their behaviour must have put BT off.
Anonymous said...
Yep. I agree with you. Most of them love to have all these chow ah beng who sport tattoos and wear slippers and a lj cap. Most of them will wait for these sluts at arrival with a packet of cha bee hoon & soya bean in exhange for a good fxxxk from these sluts later on.
Out of curiosity I had asked these sluts what their b/f are working as and so free huh can always be their drivers. The following are some jobs they are holding-
Undergraduates/studing for a degree-supposedly in some lj private school like informatics or thames
Telecommunications business- those sim lim sell h/p
Recycling & environment business- garang guni?
Bankers- some bank tellers or mail room boys in bank is banker?
Finance related- ah long san or bookie?
Service line / pub related- some waiters or DJ or singer?
These sluts dream is to snag a tech crew or maybe a low CS/IFS. Only a minority will get a decent guy with a honest job.
Anonymous said...
I lol when reading your observations that stewardesses have such people as bf and will offer their bodies in exchange for rides to and from airport and of course the bee hoon and soya bean drink. Lol
Anonymous said...
6 years flying senior says:

I must say the culture of crew have changed alot. I also get turned off by our FSS of late. To make it short, they expect whole world from the senior crew:

- longer rest , no need to say expect to go 2nd rest for all 4 sectors
- good work position
- help them with lj orders like cup noddles and mocha, when come to these kind of orders, they suddenly very busy cannot fix
- EXPECT male crew to help them with cargo bags
- crew bus take best seats
- crew meal chop all the dishes with rice and noodles
etc etc..

all i can say is nowadays all very selfish , never think about own colleagues one.
best is after helping them with most of the things, they go makan boycott you lol
If you ask them out for makan, they say you tryer LOL...
Anonymous said...
Their secret weapon is.....

sexual harassment ( if you donch help, or help unwillingly )
crew performance will back them up 1st... dont care true or not, just shoot 1st.
training dept... assures them that senior MUST impart knowledge.

coddle, cuddle, comfort, chowkeng, con

5c's of crew

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Monday, 4 February 2019

Her dream of flying was ......

A young lady (Molly) asked me to coach her for the SIA cabin crew interview. She is dying to fly with the airlines since she was a small girl. Her parents used to bring her for many of their vacations on SIA. From a young age she was impressed with the SIA "Girls" and vowed that one day she would be a stewardess.
After coaching, she attended the interview for the first time. Not surprisingly, she passed the interview and was asked to proceed for her medical in which she did well. Now comes the problem. Her parents refused to allow her to be a stewardess. They are from a wealthy family and serving people was unthinkable.
The parents warned her they would disown her if she accepted the job. She was so sad that she thought of suicide. I counselled her and advised her to obey her parents' wish. Eventually she relented and her parents rewarded her with a new Mercedes Benz and a beautiful apartment.
Today, Molly is working in her father's company and paid a S$15,000 salary.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

26 years ago the case of the crew salary was heard in Arbitration Court

These are just 2 of the documents  in which the union battled the company in the Arbitration Court in 1993 over the salary of the crew.
"Mr Chew" was the representative of the company
"President" was the president of the court.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Goofed Inflight announcements.

A senior steward while the plane was still on ground waiting for one last passenger to arrive announced: Ladies and Gentlemen, We are still waiting for one passenger to arrive. As soon as he arrives, we will leave the aircraft.

The same senior steward during the flight made the announcement before commencement of the sales of duty free products: Ladies and Gentlemen, We will be conducting our duty free sales shortly and they will be rolling down the cabin.

A new stewardess was heard making the Welcome announcement: Don’t Read It, Say It. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, ......... (“Don’t Read It, Say It” though written on the page of the announcement book was meant as a reminder for the crew not to sound like as though you are reading.)

Another stewardess on landing into the old Manila Airport panicked, because she had to announced the name of the airport in the arrival announcement. Instinctively she peeked through the plane window and noticed what she thought was the name of the airport and proceeded to announce: Ladies and Gentlemen, We have just landed at MABUHAY Airport. (Mabuhay in Tagalog means Welcome).

Contributed by former CCE Edmond Tay.