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Affordable food at this place..Read here

Australia granted gunman residency over this family ... Read more

Sunday, 21 December 2014

WhatsApp chat...as to why people cursed the stewardess in high drama case & the stolen coffee machine

"As long as a gal is kept sure ppl cursed..like gals cursed cos envious..boys cursed cos inferiority complex like tt..Poor thing bt i belif she is kept by a married man..."

" Maybe she was one of fss who spied on ifs & snr cc to coy so ppl cursed her. Dey say it is karma"

"aiya cc is full of drama bt make life more interesting,don u tink so?"

"did u hear nespresso machine offloaded? crew tokin abt it..maybe happended in Seoul bt when it happened i dun know...evrday sq cc got drama, actuali many haf probs in life bt juz hide dem"

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Was the berserk stewardess that bad?

 In response to my post on "Drama on SIA flight,stewardess went berserk,boy friend on board" , instead of sympathising with the victim, a reader/s posted these comments

Anonymous said...
Has my prayers come true? Has my weekly visits to Tiger God finally got a response for Heaven? I hope she is one of those 8...

Anonymous said...
She is a junior fss but why you hate her (talking to the first top Annoymous)?

Anonymous said...
you are not me... you do not know how those 8 harmed me & my family... if you were me, you will feel the same..

Anonymous said...
Most likely the b/f is attached or married man. Somebody put a curse on her. She thought she can have a good time with him in hongkong. Serve this bxxxxh right!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Drama on SIA flight,stewardess went berserk,boy friend on board

Below 2 messages were WhatsApp to me:

1st message:

Last nite Sq968(cgk ns) turn back to Spore as FSS went berserk and ran towards cockpit b4 take-off shouting "die,die..." hit on cockpit door; tried to open both cockpit and  cabin door....
A/c turned back.
Apparently Fss is Possessed. She's in IMH now.

2nd message:

Last nite Sq968(cgk ns) turn back to Spore as 1 female crew(nt sure wht rank) went berserk and tried to open both cockpit and  cabin door....

Staff number 232---
Banging her head on cockpit door. And keep pressing ****
Then she just sat on the floor Infront of cockpit. Start scratching the floor
 Apparently the bf was on board on jcl
 Before service. I saw her bang on the toilet door. Her bf was inside. She shouted to him stop playing we going holiday already. Then when he opened. She just hugged and kissed him
Then when the bf went back to his seat. She decided it was time to meet the tech crew.
Diverted back to sg. Mentally unsound.

She has bipolar disorder history

Money, apartment and a classy car, never mind about not being married

Ann was a stewardess that I knew quite well when I was with SIA. She was stunningly beautiful and a clever girl. We met recently when I was shopping at a mall. It was 12 years since we last flew with each other. Ann has since left the airline.
At 34, Ann still looked good. We spoke for a while, in a cafe where we had our coffee. Ann's story is rather interesting and so I thought I would blog about it.

Ann is still unmarried. She told me she is now living with her boyfriend. The guy is a married man,unfortunately for Ann. But she does not mind because he is rich and is giving her a monthly allowance of 50k. He bought her a private apartment in the east and a classy Porsche. She told me her BF is quite old. " I don't really care about being his mistress so long as he provides me with money, apartment and a Porsche", she told me with a cheeky wink in her eyes. "He is giving me 10 times the salary SIA was paying me and besides, I don't have to work like a dog but just be caring and loving with him", she told me in a matter-of-factness.

After about 30 minutes, we parted company. We did not exchange phone numbers as her lover was a jealous type who has warned her against mixing with guys. She told me she has a lot to lose if her lover finds out she is going out or chatting with guys. I told her I understand her situation.

Sometimes, I wonder why would a beautiful and young lady like Ann want to be "kept" as a mistress. Is money,expensive cars etc play such an important role in one's life? Ann would one day be an old lady and after her lover's demise wouldn't she be lonely? I can't understand but to Ann money is the ultimate. Good luck to her then.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Vistara couldn't have found better time to spread its wings

Vistara, the Tata-Singapore Airlines joint venture full-service carrier that received its air operators permit (AOP) on Monday, is expected to begin operations in India in the second week of January. Given the state of the domestic aviation sector, it appears, the airline could not have found a better time to taste the Indian skies.

To begin with, Vistara could leverage the opportunity thrown open by the sudden decline of low-cost carrier SpiceJet, which controls over 16 per cent of the domestic market.

The Kalanithi Maran-controlled airline has reduced its capacity drastically by cancelling more than 1,800 flights in December. And there are no signs to suggest it will not do so in January, which might be a worse month for the airline. According to sources, SpiceJet has severely pruned its fleet and is operating only 17 Boeing aircraft, compared with 37 during its peak.


Vistara could leverage the opportunity thrown open by the sudden decline of low-cost carrier SpiceJet, which controls over 16 per cent of the domestic market

It could also benefit from the fact that the difference between the fares of LCCs and economy class of full-service carriers in India is minimal today

Though Vistara is not a low-cost carrier (LCC), it could benefit from the fact that the difference between the fares of LCCs and economy class of full-service carriers (FSCs) in India is minimal today, thanks to aggressive pricing strategies adopted by FSCs like Air India and Jet Airways to keep customers from moving to LCCs.

The other big benefit might come from the government’s likely move to scrap the 5-20 rule for flying on foreign routes. Under this rule, domestic carriers must have flown for at least five years within India and possess at least 20 aircraft before they could be permitted to begin foreign operations.

If Vistara gets to fly abroad under an eased regime, Indian consumers will get the much-needed alternative to Air India for international flights. Apart from concerns over quality of service, Air India has lately been losing its market share to West Asian airlines like Emirates and Etihad. Vistara, thanks to its Singapore Airlines connection, could leverage its position in many ways — it could make India an international hub to connect East Asia with Europe through India, or could fly from India to the US on the West Coast via Singapore.

Another benefit for Vistara could come from Jet Airways’ changed strategy. As part of its plan to align with Etihad in Abu Dhabi, the Naresh Goyal-promoted airline has been reducing its presence in the domestic market and deploying its capacity on international routes. For instance, in the winter schedule of this year, Jet Airways has reduced its capacity by 8.6 per cent, and subsidiary Jet Lite by 10.8 per cent. That leave a room open for Vistara to fill in.

However, with only 87 flights to 11 destinations every week — equivalent to not more than one per cent of the total number of domestic flights annually — Vistara might seem to be going too slow. The share of these flights would be two per cent if only FSCs were considered. Even after four years, assuming other FSCs do not grow, these will account for only seven per cent of the market capacity.

Vistara might surely want to change its plan in due course and become more aggressive, especially when international skies open up. But if the airline’s route plan is looked at more closely, the strategy seems clear — go for routes where there is large business-class potential.

For the uninitiated, business-class seats currently account for eight-10 per cent of the total capacity but 15-20 per cent of total domestic aviation revenue. Business-class fares, typically three to six times higher than economy ones, make for handsome margins for airlines. Unlike economy or LCC seats, where margins are squeezed because of competition, Vistara could have a business-class configuration of 16-18 seats, according to sources.

If Vistara’s four-year route plan is anything to go by, as much as a third of its flights will be deployed on the lucrative Delhi-Mumbai route, either through direct or indirect flights. Also, Vistara would deploy half of its flights on routes connecting the four key cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The reason is simple: The country’s top six metros account for about 85 per cent of business-class travellers.

Source:  Business Standard
Writer : Surajeet Dasgupta

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Message from a crew : Details on IFS Vishnu

As informed earlier, Vishnu's family will be accompanying his casket on SQ861 today n expected to arrive at abt 1910 hrs.
The casket will be transferred to Cargo Complex 6 for d undertakers - Eesan Casket to claim. Sats would expedite d paper works n port health clearance, when all original relevant documents r submitted. This process may take unto 2 hrs. Then d hermetically zinc sealed coffin as per IATA compliance would have to be taken to d funeral parlour n have its seals broken. D undertakers would then check d condition of d embalmed body whether it is fit to last till d funeral on Friday or else may have to be re- embalm again. They would then redress d casket n deliver to his home. Hence, this process may take sometime. Those going to Vishnu's home to pay your respects, pls park your car at d nearby multi-storey carpark as white open HDB carpark lots r very limited. His address is: Blk 520 Serangoon North Ave 4

I was stating a fact not a comparison

If you fly with SQ 99% of the time you are not able to comment on service quality.

Applying criteria to only 1 airline results in bias.

The minimum comparative study is for apples to apples.

Use TYO sector and fly with CX,Delta, ANA (or JAL), United and SQ

Read more

The above was a comment left by a reader on my earlier post "SIA cabin crew as efficient and conscientious as those during my time".

I wasn't comparing the service on SIA to that of any airline. I was stating a fact and that's SIA inflight service is as good as before. Anyone can comment on the service even he or she has only flown on that one airline. 

When I said that SIA's service was good it does not mean it is the best. It might have been the best during my time but other airlines service have by now caught up or surpassed it.

Therefore, I wasn't bias when I said that SIA's service is still as good as before.

Monday, 15 December 2014

SIA cabin crew as efficient and conscientious as those during my time

Frankly, I think the SIA cabin service is still as good as it used to be when I was there as their training and check executive. However,the crew of today is a different class of workers. The junior crew are bolder and will not hesitate to report their seniors for any work/disciplinary lapses. But this does not mean they are less hardworking and less efficient than the crew of my era.

As for the statement that the stewardesses are "very flirty with Ang Moh men, and I also saw some often bend down in front of Ang Moh men so they can see their chest." is pure nonsense.

The perception that the SIA stewardesses "treat the Ang Moh passengers in the same class better than Singaporeans or other races" is also a lopsided view. In my opinion, the stewardesses "treat the Ang Moh better" is because the interaction between the Ang Mohs and the stewardesses are more "visible" than say, between them and the passengers of other races.
In fact, the Ang Moh passengers are more complimentary and this may have resulted in the stewardesses being responsive to such treatment.

Generally Asians,Singaporeans included are more conservative and quiet. However, that does not mean they are not nice people. During the training sessions I have reminded the trainee stewardesses to treat passengers of all races equally. Being young, these girls sometimes do forget and may become more responsive to being flattered by the Ang Mohs. 

Since my retirement 11 years ago, I have flown with SIA as its passengers a dozen times. On each of my flights, I have noticed that the service is of a high standard.
The statement made by "Singapore Girl" regarding more Malaysian girls flying as SIA stewardesses than Singaporeans is also wrong. If I am not wrong, 70% of the SIA girls are Singaporeans.

Sunday, 14 December 2014


I work for in marketing for a pharma so I need to fly around the globe almost 3-4 round trips per month on avg for the past decade, so i know about the different airlines’ pros and cons.

Here’s the deal with SIA. My personal opinion only : –

- SIA cabin crew service has been steadily declining since as early as mid 2000s. But drop more noticeable these couple of years esp for economy class. Business class and up still decent.

- Food is still okay for economy but service is only average now.

- Strongest selling point for SIA has always been the “Singapore Girl” image, which plays on neo-colonial mentality and Ang Mohs’ liking of anything “exotic”. Marketing almost all centred around this. Even the attire is skimpily designed to sell this. Quite sexist and embarrassing IMO, not to mention degrading for the women. Which other airlines in the world now still has more skimpy outfit like SIA (and MAS which got the same design)? None. Zero. Not even third world airlines.

- In the past, Singapore Girl image can work, but now most parts of world got gender equality and are more sensitive to women’s rights issues. So more and more educated travelers don’t really buy the Singapore Girl nonsense, especially not female travelers. Singapore Girl concept can still work on Ang Moh men, but they got no money these days to vacation due to economies in the west being so weak. On top of that, women don’t want to be degraded like that, so maybe less women willing to work for SIA? I also notice cabin crew now often Malaysian, not SG.

- But since service only average for economy class and Singapore Girl concept does not have as much pull, SIA shifted focus on First Class & Business Class. But that’s the problem…. Airlines like Emirates and Etihad have same or even better services for those two classes, with better and newer equipments. So SIA ends up not being able to compete with rivals even in premium classes. Ask yourself lor, with the recession which company still dare to send employees on Business Class trips?

- Emirates and Etihad also adding routes like crazy to regions SIA previously strong in. So more competition.

- Then you get whole lot of other airlines offering same or better economy class services at cheaper prices than SIA…. so SIA is being squeezed from top and also bottom.

“…but also sometimes very flirty with Ang Moh men, and I also saw some often bend down in front of Ang Moh men so they can see their chests.”

- more on the Singapore Girl thing…. this is the part the irks me… this is the 21th century for God’s sake. This modern day and age, how can a national carrier go fly around the world and pander its women’s image like that? Quite distasteful in my personal opinion.

- to add insult to injury, I personally notice that SIA flight attendants tend to treat the Ang Moh passengers in the same class better than Singaporeans or other races. Not just treat better but also sometimes very flirty with Ang Moh men, and I also saw some often bend down in front of Ang Moh men so they can see their chests? Not sure if intended or not…. but it’s something I observed. Could be just my personal misconception but I’ve been traveling for so long and always seem to notice this. My colleagues also said the same thing.

- Also people have been saying these days the SIA service really cutting back and passengers being squeezed like that passenger who ended up being billed for $1200 or something for internet? WTF. People also say better bring only minimal luggage because SIA aggressively discouraging hand-carry and also charging passengers lots of money for excess weight even though fuel cost is diving down so fast now.

- And then the whole thing now about SIA shifting to budget airlines is just messy. Even after the whole mess with Tiger Airways, I heard SIA even now planning to work with some India counterpart….. don’t know whether it is joint venture or another subsidiary or what…. but honestly, I think most travelers would run far, far away from any airline having anything to do with India.

- So you see lor, this type of situation, how can SIA make it? Unless new management brought in, no hope liao. Basket case.

Singapore Girl

Source: http://therealsingapore.com/content/sias-singapore-girl-getting-bad-worse

Tribute to Mr Rufino Soliano, one of S'pore's greatest musicians

I was at National Library Drama Centre last Saturady night to watch this show which was dedicated to Mr Rufino Soliano. Interseting and enjoyable indeed. The show was compered by Brian Richman.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Breaking News : IFS Vishnu passed away in Hong Kong this afternoon

The chief steward was with IFS Vishnu when the latter passed away in HK (WhatApp message below)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

SIA share at S$8.65 and $8.90??

Is Deutsche Bank AG analyst Joe Liew trying to scare SQ shareholders?

BT: Now that SIA share is trading upwards (closed at $11.65 today) let's look at what was said about it over here

StanChart Research on 21 Oct 2014 (less than 2 months ago) predicted SIA share would fall to S$8.90.
Again the pros are wrong. Read more

I am not a pro but my prediction on 4 Nov 2014 is more accurate than theirs. Read More