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Sunday, 23 November 2014

In contrast to stewardess Ronda, Sue was...

A voice that sounded familiar called out my name from a distance. I turned around and saw a plump old lady smiling at me. She must be in her late fifties. Being polite, I returned the smile she gave. "Can't you recognise me?" the lady asked me. Sheepishly, I replied in the negative. I can't remember knowing her. Was she an ex stewardess or was she a long lost relative, I asked myself. Neither was what came to my mind.

"Aiyoo, I am Sue la" the lady smiled unabashedly. "Oops, sorry Sue You have changed so much that I can't recognise you" I replied with honesty in my voice. " Ok ok I am old and fat so I don't blame you la", she said with a grin on her wrinkled face.

Sue was a cute looking stewardess back then. We used to go out together during our night stops. Sue was fun to have around and was a jovial girl. She must have neglected herself after she had left the airlines but then it was many years ago.

Sue was a divorcee and lived with her son in an estate near my place. She took down my phone number and said she would invite me to her son's wedding in 2 months time.

A day after we met, she called me on the phone. Sue wanted to borrow $5,000 from me. She told she needed the money to pay off her debt. I was taken aback by request. I told her I can't lend her the money as it was not a small sum. She sounded disappointed at my refusal to lend her the money.

It has been 5 years since I spoke with Sue. No, I was not invited to her son's wedding. She must have been disappointed with me for not lending her the money. Well, it's no love post really between me and her.  I wish her well and hope she is doing alright now.

Do you know or do you remember this one?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Stewardess Ronda's story continues

It must have been 16 years since I last saw Ronda. Recently, I bumped into her in the busy area of Orchard Road. She was alone. At first, I could not recognised her. Ronda was completely out of my mind because 16 years is a long time. She has put on weight but still look the same as when she was flying with SQ. Still gorgeous and sexy!

We  went to the nearest cafe which was ToastBox 313@Somerset to have a drink and a chat.
I could see the excitement in Ronda's eyes. She can't wait to tell me about herself or was it about Eddy?
I ordered 2 cups of coffee, one for Ronda and the other for myself. The place was not crowded and so we could chat freely.

Ronda had closed her shop selling branded stuff in Kuala Lumpur a few years after it started. Business was bad and Ronda could not continue with the losses. She told me it was Eddy who had financed her business at the beginning but decided to stop helping her into the second year of the losses. She lamented the breakup with Eddy. "No love lost actually as he lied to me that he was not married"....Ronda confessed. " I loved him at first thinking he was single but he lied to me," she told me with a tinge of sadness in her big brown eyes.

It was almost evening when we had finished chatting. In fact, the whole session was a listening session. I listened most of the time while Ronda did the talking. 
Ronda and I went to have something to eat. She loved steak and I took her to a steak house nearby. After dinner, Ronda suggested having a drink in a PUB. I obliged but only one Bloody Mary that's all I told her. 

By the time we left the PUB, Ronda was almost intoxicated. She talked even more about her love life. She is still "unattached" because she has not found her "Mr Right" she lamented. She realised she was getting older but she rather wait for her Prince Charming than to rush into a relationship.

She invited me to her hotel which was near Orchard Road. At first I declined but sensing she was a bit drunk I decided to walked her back to her hotel room. It was a 10 minute walk.
When we arrived at her hotel room, I opened the door for her. This was one of the nicest hotel rooms I have ever been in for a long time.
I stayed in the room for a while as Ronda continue to drink from her minibar. After an hour or so, she was so drunk she fell asleep on the couch. That was when I decided to leave the room.

Next morning, I called Ronda to find out how was she getting on. She told me she was feeling "great" after talking to me. She needed someone to listen to her story. 
Well, I was in a way, happy that I could help someone who needed a listening ear.
A day latter, Ronda flew back to KL.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Did Ronda marry the Sultan's P.A.?

My supervisor informed me the Personal Assistant to the His Royal Highness wanted to downgrade himself to the business class.

In this sort of situation,the airlines would not mind as the PA's seat was in the first class. The PA was a handsome tan looking well built man of about 35 years old. Later on during the flight he was frank and honest with me. He told me he was eyeing the stewardess working in the business class.

Ronda was an exceptionally gorgeous looking girl of about 24 years of age. She was the most attractive girl on this flight from Singapore to London. No wonder Eddy, the PA was interested in her.

The moment,Eddy downgraded himself to the business class,Ronda knew he was keen on her.
It was a long flight to London,almost 14 hours and the flight was 80% full except for the first and business class. It was during the flight that Eddy made a quick move.By the time,we landed at Heathrow and just before he disembarked,Eddy cheekily winked at me as if to tell me he had already made a date with Ronda in London.

We had a 3 day stay at London Gloucester Hotel on this trip. Most of us crew went shopping at Oxford and Regent Street as there was a big summer sales.
We ate most of the time either at London Chinatown or at Queensway except for Ronda who was busy with Eddy.

On the last night before our flight back to Singapore, Ronda called me and wanted to come to see me in my room. Over coffee in my room,Ronda told me of her adventure with Eddy. I could see the sparkle in her eyes as she related her story to me. She was indeed deeply in love with Eddy.
Ronda and I could get along very well as friends and colleagues and she would never lied to me about the things she told me. Some of the insight I had about the lives of the royalties were fascinating. Ronda told lots of things which she heard about the princesses,princes and their families from Eddy.
A layman like you and I could not fathom the types of lives they lead and how they spent their wealth. It was incredible and I have to thank Ronda for it.

One of the things Ronda related to me was how their conversation was interrupted by a call from the royal family and Eddy was summoned to attend to a little princess.
At the time Ronda was there,they were staying at a posh London hotel. One whole floor of the hotel was reserved for the members of the royal family.

When Eddy left his suite,Ronda was wondering whether it was a test of her honesty.The suite was filled with expensive gold and diamond studded watches and gifts meant for the royal families' friends.The were lots of cash,stacks of crisp 20 pounds notes and US dollars lying around in the opened suitcases.No one was in the room except Ronda. There was a great temptation to pocket some of the watches and cash,Ronda secretly confessed to me but then on second thought,she thought it might be a test for her by Eddy.
When Eddy came back to the suites,he teased Ronda about pocketing the gifts and money. It confirmed to Ronda that it was a deliberate attempt by Eddy to test her honesty when he left her alone with all the luxuries around her.
Eddy showed Ronda the hidden cameras which secretly taped her when she was alone in the suites.
Ronda felt insulted at seeing herself being taped and chided Eddy for doubting her integrity and honesty.She was so angry that she packed her belongings and dashed out of the suites.

I was told that the Sultan had a multi storey air conditioned car park to house his expensive cars back home.The royal families travelled on chartered flights most of the time with dozens of body guards and governess (maids) to care for the kids.
During their shopping spree,they would spent millions of dollars at one go. Meals in the palaces were cooked by specially trained chefs and each meal would cost thousands of dollars, with much of the food to be wasted later on.

Eddy felt bad at the way he treated Ronda and he called her at her hotel to apologise and later followed by a bouquet of flowers sent to her room.
After some persuasion and apology,Ronda was back with Eddy.They had a beautiful and memorable time in London,albeit too short. What went on romantically between the two,Ronda did not tell me.

Over the next few weeks, I met Ronda on another flight and this time she told me Eddy had proposed to her and she would not be marrying him until she had solved her main problem and that was her steward boyfriend.
Ronda and her flight steward boyfriend Steve had been dating for the last few years and although they had planned to get married,Steve's drinking habit and bad temper were obstacles to their relationship.
Now Eddy's proposal was a great temptation for Ronda to ditch Steve.But then,after all these years with Steve,there was a little hesitation on Ronda's part to leave Steve for Eddy.
Will Ronda finally leave Steve and marry the rich and handsome Eddy? We will find out more later on.......

Frankly if I blog beyond what is here then I would be adding my own version. The ending is not as exciting as one would expect but it was the true version.

With Eddy's proposal,Ronda began to be less tolerant of Steve's behaviour. She saw the proposal as a way out of her choppy relationship with Steve. But then the "old time sake" feeling for Steve kept Ronda from accepting Eddy's proposal right away.

One day,something happened that made Ronda leave Steve. By sheer coincidence,she found him flirting with another stewardess.

Ronda quit the airlines soon after her breakup with Steve. She left for KL (Kuala Lumpur),Malaysia where she opened a shop selling branded and fashionable items and clothing.

I heard from reliable sources that Ronda and Eddy did not get married.They remained good friends and Eddy could have help her set up the shop in KL.

The reasons for not marrying Eddy remained a mystery. I have lost contact with both of them and have not heard anything from them or about them.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Her life changed after becoming a stewardess...

A reader left this comment:

Hey i tell you same thing happened to me.. She had big dreams when she joined as an airhostess... She loved me no doubt, but later in the profession she started spoiling herself going for drinks, comparing herself with other airhostess... 

Started going pubs and hiding from me... Things became serious when she had sex with another guy in drunk condition without protection... Didn't told... Started hating herself for that... But i excused her that too and asked to get married soon.. But she started complaining about money is important in life and that guy has more money...even that guy was ten years older... 

She went to meet him told me That she went for saying sorry... But again had sex too and didn't came home without protection... What kind of profession is that... That girl was th best girl i ever met.. But see she changed.. 
When we were together i have seen her other friends were like that too... Girls should choose this carefully dnt know where this will end.... 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Your phone number will reveal your age

Do you know your mobile phone numbers could reveal your age?
Read more

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Not dislikeable but not respected

It's not that I do not like this manager. He was not a helpful boss when I was working under him. He was always "playing safe" and would not speak up for his subordinates. He only looked after his own "ass" so to speak.
I saw this ex-manager this afternoon at a shopping mall. I avoided him although we've not met for ages. He is very old and thin and was struggling to walk steadily.There's no love lost between us.
No, no  I am not saying he was a bad person but on the contrary he was a nice person. He was quite generous when it came to settling bills whenever we went out for our meals. He was a soft spoken man who would not harm a fly.
In short, he was not a dislikeable person. We just did not respect him as a boss at all.  

Monday, 17 November 2014

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Johore Bahru (JB) Malaysia tour with my schoolmates

Started off from our class "monitor's" place at Springleaf area by having our favourite Roti Prata and Teh Tarik etc at 7:30am. The Malaysian coach picked the 14 of us at 8:30am.

Arrived Aeon, Terbau City just before 10:00am. We were given 2 hours to do our shopping and sipped our Cappucino, Caffe Latte etc with donuts at J Coffee.

We left Aeon and arrived at Sungai Rengit for a seafood lunch. After lunch, we went to JB City to do our shopping again for about 2 hours. Some of us gathered at our favourite ToastBox coffee joint for a kopi and chit chat session.

The coach picked us up and proceeded to Pekin Restoran for dinner at 6:30pm. It was a 45 minutes ride. Evening traffic was heavy.
At Pekin Restoran we ate a yummy dinner of Suckling Pig, Roasted Duck, Fish etc etc. The food and ambience here is good. After dinner, we left for the Causeway check point and returned to Singapore.

Cost of the trip:

Roti Prata B'fast,cost of transport plus tips for the driver: S$30 each
Lobster seafood lunch at Sungai Rengit : S$ 40 each
Dinner at the upmarket Pekin Restaurant : $25 each
Total = $ 95 each.

The trip and the great company is worth the time and money spent.

We may do this again but instead of JB, we may want to visit Malacca.

Got this from a reader re: Stewardess's reasons for leaving SIA

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Daring SQ stewardesses posted their pictures in social media

Daring SQ stewardesses posted their pictures in social media inspite of the risk of being caught and sacked. These were sent to me.