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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Why disallow her from proceeding to next round of the interview ?

This cabin crew candidate was told at the SIA cabin crew interview today that being an ex cabin crew (was with another airline) she was not allowed to proceed to the next round even after passing the first round of the interview.

If SIA does not want to recruit ex cabin crew, it should state in its website that ex cabin crew are not qualified to apply for the job.

BT: The above was a WhatsApp message from a very disappointed cabin crew wannabe.

Should include the red text for future interview or else will be wasting each other's time.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

A steward from AirAsia X

It was a firm but friendly grip around my neck from behind and a male voice asked me "You are Luke isn't it?". A second later, the guy released his grip on me and what I saw was the face of a young man,good looking of about 25 years old. "Luke, my name is Stanley and I recognise you from the pictures in your blog", the guy introduced himself to me.

Stanley is a flight attendant with AirAsia X.  He is worried as X is on "the verge of bankruptcy", he told me with a tinge of sadness in his voice. The CEO has resigned and Stan and many of his colleagues are now being transferred to X's sister airline, AirAsia. Stan told me on X he was paid an average of S$2,500 a month whereas on AirAsia his monthly will be about S$1,000.
He has attended the SIA cabin crew interview several times but without success. He pleaded with me to help him. "Luke, could recommend me to SQ management?", Stan asked politely. I told him that SQ would not resort to "string pulling". All successful candidates would have to undergo the rigorous rounds of interview. With SQ, there is no "string pulling" nor favouritism. It is all based on merits.
By the way, Stan is a Malaysian and he finds it hard to believe that even an ex-cce like me could not help a wannabe get the job through the "back door".

I asked him to forget about being a steward. I told him I could help him get a job in Singapore that pays around S$2,500 a month. My friend runs a business and he needs a few more staff and in my opinion, Stan is suitably qualified for the job.
Stan took down my phone number and said he will respond to the job offer in the coming days.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Touched by this email I've now update the detective stories blog

Dear Boh Tong,

I stumbled your blog while googling for SIA Cabin Crew Interview tips
and I have been a follower ever since. I have always enjoyed reading
your blog and your many stories because it gives me a better insight
into the lives of cabin crews in SIA. I also enjoyed reading your
short stories but I am sad you are not
updating it anymore :(

Regards from April

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A "Chee Hong" (sex maniac) boss

Jim used to be my neighbour many years ago when I was living in Bedok. We have not seen each other for umpteen years since I moved out from that neighbourhood. Just a few days ago, we bumped into each other at a food court. He looked gaunt and unhappy.
He was surprised to hear that I have left SIA  years ago. For Jim, he is still stuck to his job with his old company.
He told me he wanted to retire but he is still in his 50s and needed the job in order to support his family. He confided in me about the things that were going on in his office that sickened him and other male colleagues.
His manager, a man about his age was bias against male workers. He valued female employees more not because of merits but because of their gender. Often the manager could be seen frolicking with the female staff in his office. He once witnessed his manager kissing a female subordinate.

Jim quoted a case of a particular female colleague who would perpetually be late for work any yet no action was taken against her. If Jim and his male colleagues were to report late for work, they will be disciplined. In fact, Jim told me one of the guys who had put in 30 years of service had his service terminated recently because of some minor lapses. Another one was retrenched after 20 years of service. The reason for the retrenchment was that the department was "over staff".

It seemed promotions were mainly reserved for the "skirt wearers" (female).

I told him he and his male colleagues could bring the matter up to the Ministry of Manpower since they were not unionised.
He simply nodded his head and didn't respond to my suggestion verbally. I supposed he was thinking of not jeopardising his position for his family's sake.

Poor Jim, my heart goes out to him and his male colleagues.

Discharge your "duties fearlessly" an advice from a senior crew

It may be true that some of these young crew today are better educated. I would like to add that degrees and doctorates do not make anyone better educated. On the contrary, they make people more literate. No senior crew should feel out of place when it comes to dealing with this new breed. If these youngsters feel that they are that good, they should leave and see for themselves what the job market out there in the streets is like.

We are different from them in that all of us treasured our jobs and very often have gone the extra mile for all our paxs. We cannot afford to let our guard down, failing which we shall inherit the risk of falling into the same trap as in other deplorable airlines where their CC are allowed to talk back, argue, report late and even snub at their paxs and senior crew.

The SIA Cabin Crew image is all about personal grooming, commitment, punctuality, discipline, clarity, etiquette, professionalism, putting paxs before self, versatility, humility, initiative, friendly and firm when necessary.

No amount of feedback to management should deter any senior crew from discharging his duties fearlessly. Be prepared to walk alone overseas and to remain exemplary at all times. 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday worship video "Daniel Curry the great American evangelist who is a nobody until he ...."

The real 21st century cabin crew ?

A senior cabin crew lamenting the new crew are ..........

BT, times has changed. The new crew are better educated and pampered. In the past, all the senior gals will volunteer to operate as B2 (galley) when asked. Now, everyone will try to "siam" regardless of seniority. Some new crew will even try to aviod checking the toilets which is part of their duties. They don't even wash their own clothes, let alone clean their own washroom at home.Do you think they will do a good job onboard? Some behave as if their maids were onboard as they leave their stuff for others to clean up.
If you try to correct them at work, they will complain to office or send mass apps to condemn you. Some will resort to accuse you of victimizing them (refer to CSS case below). Sad to say, the sword has changed it's direction at the senior crew. CC seems to entertain such complaints against senior crew members when even they are discharging their duties.
Nowadays, try walking along the way to CC control. You dont see crew greeting one another especially the junior ones. Once out of STC after graduation, they pretend that their fellow colleagues are transparent and only start to "drama" once they are in the briefing room. Thereafter out station, it's the same attitude again.Some play hide and seek with you outstation, trying to avoid you at all means even when they see you at the lobby. Some just pretend to walk past you or pretend not to recognize you.
I guess the culture in CC is eroding. You would be darn lucky if you get a few good ones onboard...

Friday, 23 January 2015

Mommy's gals not fit to be stewardesses

Recruiting "mommy's gals" as stewardesses is great disadvantage to the airlines. These gals can't even fend for themselves let alone looked after the safety and comfort of the passengers.
They do not even make their own beds or  breakfasts when they wake up in the morning let alone clean toilets. They have maids to do it for them. Some even make their maids or moms packed their luggage for them whenever they go overseas.
One stewardess was caught by the Australian Quarantine officer for failing to declare an apple which was in her luggage when she entered Australia. Her excuse was her mother packed and put the apple in her bag because she was worried that she (stewardess) would be hungry when she check into the hotel after her flight.
Another stewardess called her father from overseas to ask whether it was ok to join the IFS's invitation for a drink.
Some parents even encouraged their daughters to break the bonds (parents paid the bonds) because their little daughters looked "gaunt" and "skinny" losing weight when started flying.
Some are being chauffeured to work and back.

Many wannabes attended the cc interviews with parents,boyfriends and friends accompanying them.
In a statement SIA has advised them:  "Due to space constraints, there will be no waiting area for those who are not attending the interviews. Candidates are advised to refrain from bringing companions to the interview venue".
Some wannabes attended my workshop/talks with parents or boyfriends keeping watch a distance away.

These girls are pampered and spoilt and would, in my opinion, make poor service crew.
That's probably the reason why these mommy's gals would not hesitate to report their seniors for things like raising their voices, being told off etc regarding their work performances.

Just a suggestion: when recruiting stewardesses do not recruit these "mommy's gals".

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Guarantee? What guarantee girl? Even the manager-in-charge can't guarantee

This email was sent to me by a cabin crew wannabe regarding my workshop to help them pass the cc interview.

"I am applying for the upcoming interview on 31st Jan 2015.
However, I would like to enquire more about the private 1-1 coaching as you have mentioned on the blog.
My mum is willing to fork out the money as long as there is a guarantee that I will be able to pass
through all the five rounds of interview if I attend your session and follow your tips accordingly.
Your blog sounds promising to me as it includes the emails and conversations of all the successful candidates that have been to attend your talk".

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Stewardess reported her chief to the company

On 12 Jan I received a whatsapp message regarding a stewardess who reported her chief stewardess (not the other way round ok) but it wasn't clear then. However, this report is being circulated among many cabin crew now and I too, received it. Now the whole thing make sense.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Breaking news in cabin crew control center

Ibrahim, SIA cabin cew senior control officer who was warded in General Hospital recently had passed away this afternoon.
We are saddened by his passing. I have worked with Ibrahim for many years and found him to be a likeable and cheerful colleague.
R I P Ibrahim my buddy.

Passed the interview in S'pore but .......

Dear Mr. Luke Tan,

I am Chikako from Japan who passed walk in interview in Singapore in August.

The thing let to another, Japanese side made No decision after the review in Osaka yesterday.

They said what they are looking for is different in Singapore and Japan and Japanese seems not happy about going interview in Singapore.

I will stop applying this company but still I like Singapore so I might look for some job in Singapore as well.

Thank you very much for your support!

I really thank you very much.



BT: The above was an email from a female candidate who attended the cabin crew walk-in interview in Singapore. At the time, candidates were invited from overseas to attend the interview. This lady flew in from Japan and attended the interview in Singapore. She successfully completed and passed all the rounds of the interview. She was told to return to Japan and wait for an interview in Osaka to meet the Japanese supervisor. The intention was for the Japanese supervisor to personally meet her.
Sadly, she was told she should not have attended the interview in Singapore by the supervisor. 
A few days later, she was told Singapore has rejected her.