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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

About the LBGT in the airlines

Some readers have asked me to blog about LGBT among the crew. Frankly, I am not an expert on the subject so I can't say much about this special group of people.
However, in my umpteenth years of flying, I must admit that I know a little bit more about the LB than the BT.
The Lesbians are not very open about themselves. They tend to be secretive and keep to themselves. They do not trust the "straight" crew or even the Gays. The latter are more open and some are quite proud to be considered as gays.
In my opinion, gays made up of about little more than 10% of the crew population of 8,500. The lesbian group is much smaller, perhaps 2 to 3%.
The gay crew are by and large good service providers. They take pride in their personal grooming as well as in their work. Most, if not all of them will look forward to their next flight with eagerness. Every flight is an opportunity for them to meet handsome and good looking passengers as well as the male crew. Those lovely stewardesses who work under their senior gay stewards must be wise enough to not to compete with them for a share of the macho male passengers. If one crosses swords with her gay senior, one would be in trouble.
As for the lesbians, their jealousy is much more intense than the gays. For the stewards working under senior lesbian crew, they must know who their senior lesbians crew are eyeing. For example, Anne is a beautiful charming stewardess and Linda the lesbian IFM (Inflight Manager) has an eye for her, then John the steward should steer clear of Anne or else......!
The Bisexual and Transgender are mysterious groups because very little is known about them.
I hope I 've answered the question posed by our readers.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Yet another former cabin crew has passed away, I was told. He was from the first batch of stewards trained by BOAC (predecessor of BA) in London in the early 1960s. I think the batch comprised of 5 stewards. Out of the 6, 3 were made cabin crew managers who had retired years ago.
The late Jackson Loke was the first to pass away after a long illness. He would probably be in his late 70s. RIP Jack, we missed you !

The procedures/stages of the SIA cabin crew interview

    Cabin crew interviewers look for 4 main qualities in its candidates (acronym below)

There are 5 rounds or stages in the interview

As for the video/online interview, shortlisted candidates will skip the first 2 rounds and start from the 3rd round (group/discussion/debate round) which is to be held at STC (SIA Training Centre).

After passing the 5th round, candidates will then be informed to go for their medical checks. After the successful medical check ups, candidates will be asked to sign a bond and start their training (date will be advised by HR).

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Not so good business class service

On his flight from SYD, he was impressed with SQ business inflight service but on the sector back to SYD yesterday he text me this message:

Friday, 13 October 2017

                         Calender 2018, part of the transformation process CEO mentioned.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Not just "Sir" in SIA business or first class

Had lunch with a friend from Sydney. He is a lawyer and is visiting his relatives and friends in Singapore. On his flight from SYD to SIN, he was impressed with the cabin crew who had looked after him. His family name is quite difficult to pronounce and instead of just addressing him as "Sir", the stewardess politely asked him how to pronounce his name. He told me on his other flights, the crew would conveniently address him as "Sir". I told him the crew are trained to ask the passenger how to address him or her if the name is unpronounceable. By the way, he travels business class most of the time.

BT: All first,suite and business class passengers should be addressed by their names. When a PPS/Solitaire passenger flies in the economy class, crew should also address him or her by name.
Crew do not have to address economy class passengers by their names.
A list of passengers' names are kept in the document bag under the charge of the most senior cabin crew.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Married couple crew robbed in Rome

Allan was a chief steward and his wife Alice, was a leading stewardess.They worked on the same flight and stopped in Rome for two nights (SIA has this couple flying scheme where married crew were rostered together)

Both of them love branded goods. They wore Rolex watches and carried LV bags to work and naturally this type of people became target for the robbers,thieves and criminals.
After a day of sightseeing in the Rome, they were back in the hotel by evening time,ate their dinner and went to bed.
When they woke up the next morning,they were shocked to find their two lovely and expensive Rolex watches,which were left on their bedside table, gone. Their money and the LV bags were also stolen.The room door was not even forced opened. It was a inside job, Italian style.
Allan suspected some kind of gas was pumped into the room while they were asleep and probably that was the reason Alice and him woke up that morning with a drowsy feeling. The gas made them sleep so soundly while the thieves transferred the loots out of the room.
A police report was filed but nothing came out of it.

BT: I met Allan recently. He has retired from the airlines and is having  a mild form of Alzheimer. He couldn't remember me as we have not met since 2003.