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Saturday, 22 July 2017

More crew deaths in Hotel rooms than....

Injuries caused by this is very rare. In fact, in all my years of flying, this is the first time I've heard of this type of accident. In fact, crew deaths in hotels were more "common".
As far as I know there were 4 cases of crew deaths in hotels. 2 captains died in their sleep in hotels, one in Zurich and the other in Istanbul. There was a case of a stewardess who died in a LA hotel room, murdered by her male colleague. Another stewardess died in her SFO hotel room early this year.
Although the said steward who was injured by the shattered shower screen is a jinx but somehow he survived.

Monday, 17 July 2017

The frequent hiring of cabin crew/flight attendants

The frequent recruitment of cabin crew from overseas and Singapore is quite puzzling to many (click here) . From what I know, the resignation rate is high  among the junior ranks. Then there are those who has ended their contracts as well as some who retires at the end of their long career. Thus, the attrition rate of between 1% and 2% every month.
For a crew to be able to operate her/his flights, she/he needs to be on the ground attending 4 months of training. But resignation is either by a 24 hour notice or a month's notice. Therefore, the airline has to anticipate the resignation rate and recruit as many and as fast as possible. The other reason for the frequent recruitment may be due to expansion or increase in frequencies to certain cities. Whatever the reasons, SIA will not stop its frequent hiring of cabin crew unless it decides to "shrink" the size of the airline due to heavy losses.
Meanwhile, the cabin crew hopefuls from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and India still have a chance of donning the SIA Girl iconic Kebaya.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Well trained cabin crew saved passengers' lives

The aircraft landed with a loud bang on the runway. In the next few seconds, one of the engines caught fire. The captain made an emergency announcement, ordering the cabin crew to evacuate the passengers once the aircraft came to a complete stop.
All crew and passengers were caught unprepared by the situation. Passengers were screaming as though they were going to die.
The cabin crew were well trained in this kind of emergency. The moment the aircraft came to a stop, the crew evacuated the passengers through one of the safer exits.
As soon as the crew and passengers were evacuated and ran to a safe distance away from the aircraft, the Comet 4 exploded. Fire engines rushed to the scene and in a matter of minutes, put out the flame.
Today, as far as I know, Jackson and Harry, the 2 stewards involved in the incident are still alive while stewardess Kitty K has passed away on the operating table during a heart by-pass surgery at age 71.  I do not know the names of the pilots and other cabin crew.
The above incident happened sometime in the 1960s.

Friday, 14 July 2017

SIngapore National Day sweep draw

This is a Singapore lottery and its normal payout for the first prize is S$2.3 million. For the August draw, it is known as the National Day draw and its first prize is a whopping $5 million.
Well it isn't about the special draw that I want to talk about but rather how one lucky SIA staff was, when he hit the first prize of $1.5 million back in the 1990s. The ticket cost only $1 back then. With the prize money he bought a beautiful house at east coast.
His name was Robin (not his real name) and has since "retired".
For this National Day draw, I bought just one ticket ($3) and hope to win the jackpot prize of $5 million.
Some of you may wonder where are the numbers on this ticket. To be honest, since I think I am going to win the $5 million, I have left out the numbers in the photo.
Wish me luck ok?

Thursday, 13 July 2017

30 times a year? biggie la

Just recently, each cabin crew are allowed to swap flights with one another up to a maximum 30 times a year. This may sound like a big deal to SIA crew but I know of airlines whereby they allowed unlimited changes of flight.
The perks given aren't that attractive as compared to some international airlines. One example is the number of flights crew or staff could hop on as passengers. SIA at the moment allowed crew/staff a free flight a year and as many discounted fares on as many flights during their vacations. One airline that I know allowed unlimited free flights for their crew/staff as long as there are vacant seats. Not only unlimited free flights but are allowed to fly first or business class if there are seats available.
So come on SQ, 30 times of flight changes per year per crew is no biggie.

Monday, 10 July 2017

SIA cabin crew interview in KL


We will be conducting a recruitment exercise for Cabin Crew in Kuala Lumpur. If you meet the following requirements, we will be pleased to receive your application.

Singaporean or Malaysian citizen 
* Minimum age of 18 years old due to legislative requirements

Walk-in interviews will be conducted on 12 August 2017 (Saturday) at:

Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Level 3, Pullman Three & Pullman Four 
Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Main reason I put up the above is because some Singaporeans have asked me whether they are allowed to attend the upcoming interview in KL, Malaysia.
Yes, Singapore citizens are welcomed to attend the above interview on 12 August 2017.