Saturday, 23 August 2014

Complained about their jobs but .......

Whenever I meet any cabin crew especially the junior ones, they would tell me their work problems. They are usually the same complaints: tight rosters, bitchy seniors, full pax loads, unsympathetic management staff, uncaring control staff etc.
After listening patiently to them, I would ask why don't they quit and get another job. The answers would always be about the same and they are: I like the night stops, the shoppings, the pay is quite good, I will give it a go for another year or two, I will leave once I hook a big fish on board etc etc.

I believe there is something about the cabin crew job that keeps many from leaving prematurely. The job has some magnetic appeal that keep people stuck to it. Almost all complain about the job but few are really serious enough to leave. In fact, many will carry on working until retirement age. The odd thing is many will  ask for extension of their retirement, example the guys/ifs want to work beyond 60 and the ladies also want their retirement extended.
Mother, yes flying mums also want their retirement extended. Then some would have their children joining the airlines and flying together either as dad & children cc or mum & children cc.

I personally believe that flying is addictive. It's not a bad job given the educational qualifications that we hold. During my time, an "O" level will be enough to get you the job. It's the same now even after 50 years but of course in today's context a diploma is an advantage.

More later................

Friday, 22 August 2014

A manager who thought he was a genius

A few days ago, when I was at a supermarket doing a bit of grocery shopping, I almost came face to face with someone whom I knew in cabin crew (actually I siyum/avoid him). Let's call him K.
K was a manager in cabin crew. He left at about the same time with me.

If you want to know, K was promoted to due to his skills in balls-carrying. He was well-liked by his superiors because he would do anything for them, from licking their boots to you know what....

It did not matter back then whether you were an efficient staff or not but as long as you were able to lick your bosses' boots you would be promoted.

The big test came when he retired from the airlines. Thinking he was a genius, he got half a dozen of his colleagues to join him in a business venture. They tied up with an outsider businessman, promising that their joint venture would be lucrative. The other chap pumped in 250k and K and colleagues collectively put in the other 50%.
They sourced for contracts from other airlines and was willing to train their staff for half the market rate. At first they managed to train the frontline staff of two low cost airlines. But after that they were unable to get more contracts. K and his partners thought they were the experts in staff training but after many presentations made to their potential customers, they thought otherwise. Their training methods were considered old fashioned and outdated.
Two years later, their company collapsed and many of K's colleagues lost their money in the joint venture. Naturally they blamed him for the failure.

Now K spends his time looking after his grand kids at home.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Singapore Government and Singapore Airlines

I am eternally grateful to the Singapore Government and Singapore Airlines for being so good to us the pioneer generation. From the S'pore Government we are given the Pioneer Generation Card which we may used to get subsidy from dental and health care from 1 September this year onwards. Of course my wish is that I do not have to resort to flashing my card at the health and dental clinics. I hope to be healthy both physically,mentally and "dentally" too.
From SIA, we (my colleagues & I) were given 25 months salary and other benefits when we left the company. Why are they so kind to us huh?
If I am younger man today, I will gladly volunteer to be in the Army,Air Force or Navy to defend and serve my beloved country, S'pore.
As for SIA, I will from time to time advertise and tell the world what a great airline it was...oops I mean it in the present tense too... " what a great airline it is".

Tough questions but easy answers from me

Anonymous said...
BT: How you know his appeal was rejected? You sources from management inform you liao?

Back to the Naked lady and wong cases, where their circumstances same as Moon? If you are that good, how come you did not manage to succeed in your appealing for your retrenchment

My answers (BT): My info is not from management. The Naked lady & Wong's case were 10 times more serious than Moon's case.
SIA did not retrench me. In fact long b4 the SARS period, I asked for early exit from cc, from the time mr thoeng and sim kay wee were in charge of cc. They were reluctant to release me.
Then when the SARS came I seized the chance to leave with 25 months salary plus other perks (thank u SIA). Hahaha only those colleagues of mine who needed the job stayed back to screw you ppl.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My opinion regarding the demotion of the IFS

In my opinion, the demotion of the ifs has dealt a great blow to the senior crew's morale. Not only that, the seniors would not be bold enough to do their job properly and honestly from now on. They would be afraid of repercussion from the junior crew if they were to correct or check them when they err in their work.
The overall service would inevitably drop and that's what most of us are concerned about.

I am not saying the co. should not punish the ifs but not to the extent of demoting him 2 rank down.
SIA cc should give the ifs some face like giving him a stern warning. Afterall this was the first time he ever upgrade anyone.

The union's appeal to the co. to reduce the punishment by demoting the ifs 1 rank down was rejected. The current union is powerless and the co. does not accord much respect to it. How could one respect a union whereby almost half of its committee members resigned due to infighting?

During my time as a unionist representing cc, I did not allow any of my members to be humiliated like ifs Moon. I've never lost a single case in my defence for my members. Just to quote a few cases whereby I have saved my members were: the case of  Naked Lady in Taipei, the London Bakery case, the chief steward Wong's case. In Wong's case, he delayed a flight for  20 minutes attending to his family members who were almost off-loaded from his flight. Wong was given a letter of warning but not demoted. His case was far more serious than ifs Moon's case.

With the upcoming union election at the end of this year, cc would be voting for a new group of people capable of helping them (I hope so). The current group has been disappointing.

SIA share price crossed $10

SIA  jumped 15 cents to $10.03 in late morning trade. Some good news on the way?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What readers said re:"Nothing to be ashamed for being punished for upgrading a fellow colleague"

Anonymous said...
Absolutely agree with your assessment BT.
Cabin crew does work very hard to see to the comforts of many and yes deserve the same treatment when traveling for their own pleasure.
Furthermore as a twenty plus year CC for an american carrier it is understood that we all take care of each other. Basically what happens on board stays on board. We have to depend on each other for many things.
Shame on the cc who turned him in in the first place. Maybe too junior to understand the camaraderie e of flying together.
And shame on SQ for not allowing employees to fly first or business when those seats go empty.

Lian said...

Totally agree with you BT. In the past, whenever one's spouse or siblings travel with us, we take care of them. It doesn't cost anything or damage to the company.

5 years flying junior says:
In reply to the senior cc from American airlines, I think you might not know the true story as the header is abit misleading, it is not about upgrading fellow colleagues here. I am as disgusted as you and totally agree that it is disgusting our coy rather leave business and first class seats empty than to allow our staff to take them. However, the real story here is about a supervisory crew allowing his gf , who is an EX CREW to be upgraded and the gf behaves more demanding than a full paid commercial pax. Pardon me, I would have wrote him in as well, I am not a hypocrite.
I always believe, if you are a nice person, nice colleague, upgrade your whole family or offload the entire aircraft also nobody cares, its always karma, you killed someone, someone will kill you back.

Anonymous said...

It is not about upgrading his gf or anybody but it is about letting management using the excuse to put the screw on senior crew. It is also about letting mgmt dividing the cc and rule. Look at the bigger picture like BT is trying to get the msg across.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Nothing to be ashamed for being punished for upgrading a fellow colleague

Frankly speaking there is nothing to be ashamed for being demoted for helping and giving a fellow colleague some comfort and space. After all, cabin crew has put in a lot of efforts to really take care of their passengers. They, in return should be accorded some comfort when they travel as passengers.
Some airlines do allow their staff/crew to travel in any class they desire on seat availability basis.
In reality it does not cost the company anything for the upgrading. In fact, it will boost the crew's morale.
So IFS Moon,you have not committed any crime by letting your fellow colleague travel business class.

For cases of molest,theft and smuggling it would be justifiable for the perpetrators  to be dealt with severely but not for upgrading and helping a colleague.

I hope my statement will be a comfort to Moon, albeit a small one.