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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Service/Parking Areas in Japan

Saturday, 18 August 2018

South Africa, a dangerous place

South Africa is a dangerous place that I wouldn't want to visit again. The crew stops for a few nights in Johannesburg (JNB) and recently one infight manager (ifm) and a leading steward (ls)was robbed at gunpoint in the vicinity of the hotel they were staying. The ifm's watch was taken and a bullet was discharged from the robber's gun, wounding the ls's leg.
Two crew and their families immigrated to SA many years ago. One was robbed at their home in JNB and almost killed. After the incident, the 2 families quickly returned to Singapore.
I've heard of people being robbed off their pants and left with only their underwear. Rape is also a daily occurrence.
What the hotel can do is to provide armed security guards to escort the crew to the shopping areas and back.
In the 1990s, while night stopping in JNB, I took a bus and traveled to Sun City, a beautiful resort in SA. It was a 3 hour ride covering 165 km, not knowing the danger. It was during the Apartheid days when crime was less prevalent but nevertheless unsafe too.
I hope nothing untoward will happen to the crew again.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Crew robbed..a different story

This one claimed that a non crew hotel guest was robbed and not the the crew. I think this version is inaccurate.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Cabin crew robbed at gunpoint

This is a forwarded message. The name of the city was not mentioned but will post as soon as I get it....stay tune. Btw the names of the victims have been changed to protect their privacy.

Update at 1700

The incident happened at Johannesburg, South Africa. A struggle was put up by IFM Oscar and the robber managed to get his watch only. Oscar's mobile phone and wallet were safe.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Crew's favourite pastime gambling at London casinos

While clearing my house of its rubbish, I came across the London casino chips. The grey and brown ones were from Golden Nugget Casino while the green chip was from Gloucester Sporting Club. These chips must have been lying in the secluded corner of my drawer for umpteen years.
Some of the crew, pilots included, used to gamble at these casinos. The Golden Nugget was frequented by the crew as early as in 1972 when we first night-stopped in London. Gloucester Sporting Club came into existence in the early 1990s. As we were staying at the Gloucester Hotel back then, it was very convenient for the crew to patronise the place (the casino was situated next to our hotel). I wonder how many crew went broke because of these casinos.
For information, I understand the above 2 casinos are no longer operating.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

RIP Captain Y.C. Choy

Good old Captain Choy, I used to fly with him in the 1970s & 80s. I've love flying with Captain Choy for he was a nice, humble and down-to-earth commander. RIP Captain Y.C. Choy, we'll certainly miss you 😥😪😰.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Does bonding among crew still exists?

Bob tong, could u talk more about jr and senior crews in the present days? Like their interaction and bonding?

The above is a question by a reader of this blog.


The current junior as well as the senior crew are under tremendous work pressure
as compared to their peers of my era. They are having shorter nightstops due to the frequencies of their flights as well as the company's cost cutting measure. As a result, this leads to working longer hours and less off-days. Money wise, it is as good as the old days.
These days with the ease of contacts (via email, sms, Whatsapp etc) and the listening ears of the management, the junior crew are more confident of not
getting bullied or abused by their seniors.
Interaction/bonding? Almost non-existent. Reasons are:

  • Crew now has social media/smart phones which keep them busy overseas.
  • Used to be rostered and flying in teams or wards whereby the crew would get to know each other better. The company has done away with it and now crew are being rostered to fly with people they hardly know. This concept is unofficially known as "random rostering". As a result, the crew hardly go out with their colleagues to have meals, drinks etc. let alone interact with one another.
  • As mentioned above, longer work hours and the shorter nightstops mean the crew would be tired and need rest instead of bonding with each other.
  • Most male crew are afraid to mix with their female colleagues as they may be reported for sexual harassment and molest.
Well if anyone has more to add please use the comment section below.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Tips for the retired crew to live a healthy and happy life

Growing old is part and parcel of life. It’s one of those inevitable things that you just have to deal with. Graying hair, wrinkles, aching limbs, children moving out of the house, retirement,fewer friends,no colleagues… There’s a lot of things that go along with getting old.There is this physiological changes like slowness in whatever you do, can't walk in a straight line,eye-sight failing,mood swings and the lot.But you don’t have to face it like doomsday. Just like anything else, you can face it with grace.
Let the fact that you are getting old sinks in,accept reality.
No matter what you do, you’ll get old. You’ll get wrinkles and gray hair (or, for men, hairlines recede). You can always get your hair dyed or get Botox treatments, but you can’t deny that you've aged. Just look at your drivers license,CPF withdrawal (if you have any $$ left in your CPF taking into consideration that the retirement account limit is now 180k) had long passed and accept that many decades have passed since mommy brought you into the world.
Keep a healthy routine by exercising and keeping yourself occupied.
If you are still engaging in some bad and unhealthy habits, give them up now. There’s no such thing as too late when breaking bad habits. Exercise and eat right, give up that smoking habit, drink less. However, if you are still active or has the urge to have sex when you are passed 70 then you are considered "very healthy"
Don’t worry too much or over anything trivial.Worrying and stress will only make you age a lot faster. So take it easy. Breathe easy, breathe deep. Take a moment to appreciate the smell of your morning coffee.
As you age, you may experience some biological changes that can make you lose your temper quite easily. But you must learn not to give in to anger or to any extreme emotion. You don’t want the neighbourhood kids to call you Mr. or Mrs or Miss Grouchy when you get older right?
Be friendly and smile freely (like you are attending an SIA cabin crew interview hahaha)
Interacting with people also helps improve your mood and outlook. So don’t forget to always bring out a smile. Have a social life. Living your life as a hermit isn’t a good thing.
One of things you’d have to contend with when growing old is boredom. For one, there can be some physical limitations to your activities unless you are like John Chua who still sprint 100 meters under 16 seconds at age 74. 
Attend lectures or participate in volunteer activities. Keep a garden perhaps. Take up blogging like me and make some money from the ads.Keeping yourself busy helps in keeping the mind and body sharp.
Lastly,don't think too much about death because Mr. Death will come knocking one of these days and be courageous enough to welcome him.

Monday, 6 August 2018

The bad habits crew learned from passengers

As one flies longer as a cabin crew,one tends to pick up lots of bad and offensive habits from some of the passengers (I said some and not all ya).
We,cabin crew (well not all I supposed) learned to be impatient just like some of our passengers.Out of uniform, we also tends to act like our passengers and become impatient,demanding and critical of the people serving us. Just like the saying goes "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", we also act like our passengers by being ya ya papaya with those who look after our welfare or serve us.
There was an incident when a crew got so mad with a waiter for making him wait half hour for his meal that he shouted at the waiter and stomped out of the restaurant.
Another crew screamed at a fast food server for giving her chicken breast parts when she told them she hated them. "You idiot didn't I tell you I hate chicken breasts?!" she screamed on top of her voice.
A stewardess shouted at a guy and used nasty words on him when he jumped queue at a taxi stand.
A bank teller friend told me of how nasty an IFM was towards her. He barely had more than a few hundred dollars in his account.
Where did all those I've described above come from? Passengers,of course!
One thing we don't do like some arrogant passengers did was to slap or spit at people serving us,thanks to our ability to realise how painful it will be if we are sued.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

She's fired !

The stewardess who used profanities and vulgarities in her Facebook against the management staff has been sacked last week!
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