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Cabin crew will be no. 1 again bcos:

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Traumatic experience of a cabin crew on SQ 368 (a/c engine fire)

I have learned a lot through this experience, the importance of effective communication between crew, pilots and fire fighters. C.I.C relaying situation inside the cabin to the pilots, fire fighters relaying situation outside the aircraft, and came out with an effective solution. Should any party failed to communicate, we won't be here today.

As for my set of crew, senior or junior, they have put the SEP drills into good used. Especially the two crew who were seated at Door XX left and right, where they can see the fire on the left wing. Both tried calling the pilots alerting them of fire. Kudos..

This what these two crew went through that day:-
"I came back home and slept. But i woke up and started crying. I believe all of us had a unique experience at our doors - each different from the other. 
Where i was seated at Door X left with xxxxxx, was not exactly the nicest of scenes. 
Right after touch down, our passengers were looking at us and clapping and we were smiling too - relieved the ordeal was over. 
But seconds later, everything changed. 

When the first few bright orange light flickered through the window, it took me a few seconds to register whether it was a fire. My first reaction was to look over at AAAA because she was closest to the door and mouth 'Fire' soft enough so other pax cant hear. 

But you dont expect this right? No one did. And where xxxx was seated - she couldnt see much as well.  My next reaction was to get out of my seat so i could get a better view of the condition - within these few seconds - the fire was raging. It only took a seconds. My first emergency call to the Captain was unanswered. My second attempt was unanswered as well. 

Now, the next 3 to 4 minutes was the craziest and probably what I'm still reeling from 
By this time - where i was, I could get a full view of what was happening. Passengers seated closest to the fire at D3R window seat were jumping out of their seats and scrambling for their bags and just running towards the door. People were shouting "FIRE!" "THERE IS A FIRE!" "DO SOMETHING!" "OPEN YOUR DOOR NOW!" "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"
Passengers at D3L were all running forward as well to my door - jumping over people. By this time i couldn't call anyone although i wanted to inform either SSSS or TTTT that there was a fire. But with all the pax wanting to open my door i had to guard the door instead. 
My passenger on 43G was a mother with a 7 months baby. Throughout the flight she was telling me how anxious she was cause she was travelling alone. Her husband was waiting for her in Milan. You know when this was happening - she ran towards me and held my hands.. her eyes full of fear and she was holding her baby.. already in tears asking me what to do. 

Parents were holding their kids and looking at me hoping that I can save them. But i myself can't guarantee my own life. And although my voice and face is normal and I'm telling them to calm down .. only God knew how much i was shaking inside and desperate to do the right thing  while knowing at the back of my mind this airplane might explode anytime."

Our SEP training definitely has really played a part in the way ssss and cccc had reacted, confirm condition outside, alert pilots and crowd control.

I couldn't imagine what they are going through now, because I am not exposed to what they are exposed to. And I'm telling you, I felt the impact on me later in the evening after the adrenaline wears off.

The question of whether or not to evacuate keep popping up in my head! Did we or did not make the right decision...

With the help of sleeping aid, I forced myself to sleep. However woke up with my body and hands trembling.

Later in the day, we went to CAAS at T2 to present our statements on the incident. Reliving the incident is not a nice feeling at all.

Took ourselves off our flights and waiting for our counselling session. Some of the crew had requested for a one to one counselling session today and their request were attended immediately.

I'm looking forward to our group counselling session. Hopefully it will stop the tremors felt in my body.

Certainly hope that we can come back to work with confidence and not fear.

Safe Flying..

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Polls for and against

In all fairness, I thought it will be a good idea to also put up another poll showing that cabin crew can be the best in the world again. Please vote convincingly as the result may tell us how we are faring.

Monday, 27 June 2016

SQ 368 engine on fire

Flight SQ 368, on the way to Milan from Changi Airport had to turn back after 2 hours of flying due to engine problem. On landing at Changi Airport, the right engine caught fire. The airport emergency people helped put out the fire.
The airplane was a B777-300ER. There were 222 paxs and 19 crew and none was injured.

BT: Heard thru the grapevine that paxs were informed the airplane had to turn back to SIN due to mechanical issue. When the plane landed safely, the relieved paxs started to applause. Suddenly, the plane engine caught fire and exploded. Paxs were shocked and some ran towards the doors, trying to open them. Cabin crew had to stop these paxs from opening the doors due to safety concern. 

Sunday, 26 June 2016

China Airlines (CAL) cabin crew strike ...my 2 cents worth

TAIPEI - The first-ever strike by flight attendants in Taiwan has ended after two days of stoppage that saw almost 200 flights cancelled and about 30,000 passengers stranded, media reports said on Sunday (June 26).
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As a former cabin crew, I empathised with the CAL flight attendants. Perhaps, to the CAL FAs the strike may have been their last resort to get what they wanted. They may have exhausted all legal or official avenues. I do not know how the Taiwan system works. In Singapore, if the airline and the cabin crew union failed to agree on certain issues, NTUC will come in and try to mediate. However, if there is a stalemate, it will be brought to the attention of the Ministry of Manpower.  Again, if the 2 parties could not resolve the issues, the union may resort to conducting a secret ballot among its members. If the majority vote in favour of taking industrial action, cabin crew members can go on strike. As far as I know, our cabin crew has never been in this situation.

Going on strike like the one in CAL was unfortunate. The passengers and the ground staff were the ones at the receiving end.  2oo flights were cancelled and 30,000 passengers were left stranded. But to the FAs they got what they wanted. Seriously speaking, I think the management should take more of the blame than the union.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Cabin crew division in desperate need of help

It may be early days but according to the polls above,10 votes (43%) indicate that the declined in cabin crew's world ranking (in term of service) is due to management's fault and 11 (47%)blamed it on a combination of management and poor crew's attitude whereas 2 (8%) placed the blame it solely on the crew.
Whether the above poll is accurate or not, we know that the service standard provided by the crew is deteriorating. We have not been voted by Skytrax to be number 1 for as long as I can remember. Instead, Garuda Indonesia has been voted "World's Best Cabin Crew" in 2015 and 2014.
"The World's Best Cabin Crew 2015" award was given to Garuda Indonesia based on a global customer satisfaction survey" conducted by Skytrax of more than 18 million passengers. The survey, which covers 245 international airlines, is held every year and measures standards across 41 key performance indicators of airline products and services.

To achieve the top spot,in my humble opinion, is for cabin crew to reinvent itself. It needs overhauling just like an old car in which the piston, drive shaft and in short the whole engine have to be replaced. 
Cabin crew division would have to overhaul its training department. Current methods of teaching and training as well as the treatment of its trainees need to be examined. If the process does not fit the present era, it will have to be replaced. One good example is the treatment of its trainees. Do we have to be so regimented like in the army or worst still like in kindergartens?
Do they need to doll up by the image consultants to the extent whereby they looked like opera actresses with such heavy makeups and brightly coloured lipsticks? 
The training syllabus also have to be re-examined. Is there a need for them to remember every galley compartments by its number?

Another department requiring a re-look is the Crew Performance Dept. This department is run by senior staff who are overly strict to the extent of being punitive. The CP people use the "fear" tactics to make the crew toe the line. They also need to have a second look at the way they promoted the crew.

Rostering side also need to have a change in the way they operate. Fair distribution of "good" and "bad" flights is the way to go.

Control center is another area which need to buck up. I often hear crew complaining how difficult to get in touch with the control people when they faced difficulties. The phones would be ringing with no one answering on the other.

Perhaps it is timely cabin crew management engage a reliable and experienced consultancy company to assist them.

We hope cabin crew will one day regain its position as the best in the world.

BT: Please note the above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many areas and things that could be done to improve the quality of service by the crew to their passengers.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Family request privacy

I have removed the posts on the demise of an IFS at the request of his family. My sincere apology to all concerned..