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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lionel Ritchie at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (14 April 2014) and so was I too

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"She's Got You" by LeAnn Rimes

Specially for ex-stewardess Lian since she likes the Patsy Cline's version of this song 
(bottom video)

It's more than 5 weeks since MH 370 disappeared

What's really going on? Some many leads but all seems to be false. The last was from the Australian PM who was confident that his search team had received signals from the black boxes at the bottom of the Indian Ocean floor. But it was 6 days ago and now there isn't any signal at all, presumably the black boxes batteries had expired.
It's strange that no floating debris of some sort be found around the area where the signals came from. Logically speaking, when an aircraft ditched into the sea there would be debris floating on the surface of the water. Items like the aircraft seats, passengers' shoes, life jackets, baggage etc are "floatable" items.

No doubt it took 2 years to recover the black boxes of Air France flight 447 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, bodies of passengers were found within 5 days after the crash.

MH 370 is a mystery that I think will take a long time to solve or maybe not. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ex steward working for a syndicate

Jim's last work place was at the Singapore Turf Club now known as Turf City, a place where there are many restaurants and eateries. The place used to be a race course until around the year 2000 where it was relocated to the present Kranji Race Track. Yes, Jim was an ex steward working for a race horse punting syndicate back in the late 1900s.

Punting illegally through the bookies for his bosses was the main part of Jim's work. He was young and energetic and could earn as much as $10,000 a month at the turf club as compared to his SIA salary of $3,000 a month. He only worked on weekends. On weekdays, Jim worked as a chicken rice stall assistant.

Jim has since left the horse racing scene and today, he owns 3 chicken rice restaurants. I was told Jim's profits from his chicken rice business was about $50,000 a month. It was a very big income for an ex steward. Had Jim stayed back as a cabin crew, he would probably be an inflight supervisor earning about $8,000 a month. What a pale comparison when compared to his earnings at his chicken rice business! Well done Jim!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Prefer the Dynamic View layout?

Do you prefer the status quo or the Dynamic View template (above)?

Friday, 11 April 2014

Passed his SIA cabin crew interview with my help

Hi Sir,

I would like to know when you will be free to allow me to thank
you in person for all the help. Over coffee, of course ;) Right now I have just done my medical checkup and waiting for the results.
Had a few medical declarations which I fear may jeopardise my chances but just keeping my fingers crossed for now.



The wait is "so nerve-wrecking..."

I helped her and after getting through the last SIA cabin crew interview and the medical checks this wannabe email the following:

"Hi Luke,

It has been more than 3 weeks and I have yet to receive a call or letter from them.. Does this mean that I am safe or not?

The wait is so nerve-wrecking..



A day later she wrote to me this:

"Hi Luke,

I have received the news from SIA that I have passed my medical tests.
I am elated to embark on this new journey and thank you for your tips!
Have a great evening.

Best wishes,


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Her pilot husband is a slut.

Very interesting blog.. I chance upon this blog when I googled for "Singapore Airlines Stewardess Sluts". Boy, was I surprised to find an established blog dedicated to this topic!

Seems so far, your tales from the crypt relates more to the unsavoury behaviours of the flight attendants. What about the shenanigans btw tech crew and SQ stewardess?

I for one am married to a FO on the B777 fleet, and i don't parade the pseudo kebaya by Pierre Balmain.

My husband and I were friends since 16, went to same college, same university. We dated since Uni for 6 yrs before marriage. Married for 5 yrs,we have 2 young sons, the younger just 2 months shy of 1yr.

My husband was in the corporate sector, prior to switchin to SQ. Silly me, supported his move as he always had a passion for flying.

I frequently go on biz trips for work. Once, I had a last min cxl of a biz trip - my husband didn't expect me to be in SG. He landed the evening before but only returned home the next day. I was 6 months pregnant with our 2nd child then.

I confronted him, but of course he feigned innocence on his part. Onus was on me to uncover the dirt. Checked his hp bills, he chalked up over $400 of overseas charges on long conversations to a local number. Called the number, an Ah Lian-sounding lady picked up. (Don't mean to be condescending but the standard of SQ stewardess has really gone down. While some are well spoken, most should really consider a course in British Council).

It was not until i "stole" my husband's hp that I finally made sense of the situation.

There were mushy sms from a string of SQ gals. Now one interesting thing about these gals, they all go by glamorous English names even though their IC is registered with their Hanyun Pinyin names. Sms from gals with names like Ayu, Evone, Janice, Joyce, Kelly, Lisa, Melinda, Monica,Sally,Sherie, Yvonne. Gosh, he got the Alphabets covered!

Now, you men must be thinking "typical SQ sluts" by now. But hold your horses, the bigger slut is my husband. While some of these women knew of his marital status, most did not. He conveniently carries himself as a single man (sans wedding ring...the wedding ring gets in the way of holding the control column..so he says). He parties at Zouk, Thumper, MOS when I'm away on biz trips. Even bring his buddies along; he the eager supplier of the "goods".

Categories of SQ stewardess:
1) Materialistic and shallow types
I confronted the list of gals that he was involved with. And I made sure that they all knew that he was playing all at the same time. And i made sure they knew each other (power of mass sms).

Their reactions were revealing of their characters. Some turned hysterical demanding that he makes a decision between them and his marriage. Some simply insisted that they be reimbursed for the mountain of overseas charges they incurred whispering sweet nothings over the phone. Hilarious!

Then there are the devils. Those, knowing he is married, blatantly flirt and gift-wrap themselves.

They are so bold as to "request" favors to buy duty free items from cosmetics to perfumes. Even though staff discounts apply to all in SQ at Changi Airport.

2) "Victimized" lot
This lot includes but not limiited to:
The bright-eye bushy-tailed newbies. The Chief Flight Stewardess, Leading Stewardess hitting their shelf life in the dating market. Those with hopeless boyfriends on the side who can't maintain their lifestyles.

Prime targets for tech crew. Tech crew being prime catch for these stewardess.

When you think about it, who wants to work as an airline stewardess. It's tough, gruelling job. Stale and dry cabin air, tonnes of make up, bad skin, serving demanding passengers, shuffling around like a geisha in kebaya. Seriously, the SQ kebaya is a job hazard! Constantly monitored for weight and looks, it's no wonder that SIA has high turnover among cabin crew. But they go into the line fully aware of the demands of the job and image of the company. When an airline markets its stewardess and of course not forgetting it's excellent service ..underlying mantra ...Sex sells.

Those who enter with O-levels are especially vulnerable. Without much qualifications, they are stuck in the job. It's a respectable job with good perks but disillusionment easily sets in. It is no surprise that they look for exit doors, and they may come in the form of execs in business class (or even economy class), second officers, first officers or even Captains.

So there you have it. A display of Marslow Hierachy of Needs. Typical women using all their resources to satisfy their needs to ensure that they remain in the gene pool.

It is convenient to generalize SQ stewardess as sluts, flirts, sex maniacs, drug fiends. (Some of terms that turned up by googling SIA stewardess).

Essentially, such 'relationships' boil down to a transaction. They have the goods to sell, and men (tech crew, male cabin crew or men in general) are the ready buyers.

Those searching for a life partner rightly or wrongly, driven by desperation from pressures of the job; cling on the best catch possible.

In my husband's case, he is the biggest slut, not the SQ stewardess.

Ex stewardesses versus a food court cleaner

Indra is a 65 year old cleaner at one of the food courts near my house. She lives alone since the death of her husband. She has 2 grown up children who are married and living with their families. Indra told me she works 8 hours a day for 2 weeks to qualify for an off-day. Her salary is a low $1050 and has been working there for the past 2 years. I must say that Indra conducted herself very well.
On several occasions , I have offered to buy her a meal but as usual she would turn down the offer politely.

In contrast to Indra, I met an ex stewardesses who is about her age. The first thing the ex stewardess did was to ask me for a $2,000 loan to settle her gambling debts.
About the same time, I met another ex stewardess who is much younger. She is single and not "broke". However, she asked me to help set up a small business for her as she is bored with nothing to do. I did but after 2 months, I stopped helping her as she was a very difficult person to deal with.

Yesterday, a friend who owns a small restaurant rang me up. She asked me whether I knew an ex chief stewardess whom she has employed as the restaurant assistant manager. I told her I've never worked with the chief stewardess before but have heard of her. My friend told me this particular chief stewardess did not turn up for work on the second day. She did not explain why she absent herself from work and also refused to answer my friend's several phone calls.

What has all the cabin crew training done to the above mentioned stewardesses?

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Job vacancies for S'poreans

La Cuisson a French Restaurant has the following vacancies for Singapore citizens:

Assistant Manager

Call Kenneth at 96624077

The one-armed bandit girls

In 1981, some 33 years ago SIA engaged a "one armed bandit" company to operate slot machines or Jackpot machines on its B747 USA flights.
Many passengers wondered what has happened to those gorgeous girls who used to accompany us on our flights to Hong Kong, Honolulu and LA.
They were the girls working for the jackpot machine company. They would night stopped with us in HNL and LA after swiping those poor passengers off their cash...hahaha.
We used to have fun with those girls.They were young just like most of us and fun loving. Their stay at oversea stations were usually shorter than the crew.
Before we got to know them better,they were all retrenched. The reason was SIA terminated the contract with their company after a few months. The jackpot machines were giving lots of mechanical problems and we could not help fixed them on board.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Missing MH370 ‘purposely’ flew around Indonesia airspace to avoid radar detection, Malaysia official says

Did MH 370 become a 'ghost plane'?

This idea gained traction after Malaysia announced on March 15 -- a week after MH 370's disappearance -- that the plane apparently flew for nearly seven hours after vanishing from radar.
"Ghost planes" -- in which the crew is incapacitated, leaving the plane to fly on aimlessly -- have occurred before. In 2005, a Greek Helios Airways plane with 121 aboard flew for hours after a sudden lack of oxygen incapacitated the cockpit crew. It crashed, killing all aboard.
Some believe MH 370's pilots diverted the plane due to such an event -- possibly attempting to return to Kuala Lumpur airport -- but were subsequently incapacitated, leaving the plane to fly on autopilot.
The shutting off of communications systems may have been an attempt to stem a fire cause by faulty electrical circuits.
The stretch of ocean where the plane is believed crashed is also about the distance it would have travelled before running out of fuel.

The best lead to the recovery of MH 370?

Signals from the black boxes of the Boeing 777 that disappeared on 8 March 2014 have been received by the Chinese and Australian ships in the Indian Ocean. According to the authorities this is by far the best possible lead to the recovery of MH 370.

However, I am of the opinion that the above is another false lead. If the plane had ditched or crashed into the ocean then there should be debris floating around. But to date there are no floating debris found. I am sure if the plane had crashed, stuff like passengers' shoes, life jackets, seats from the plane etc would be floating in the ocean. But none was found nor detected.

I am sure that the jetliner was hijacked or deliberately flown to a foreign country and kept in a secure place. There was speculation that the plane is in North Korea.

This is the fifth week since MH 370 has disappeared without any trace. Let's wait a little while longer and see whether the mystery could be solved.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Stewardesses conned by a Caucasian passenger

He introduced himself to the crew as Dr. Nigel (not his real name). He was a Caucasian, handsome and about 32 years old. He was a regular passenger and was always smiling and nice to the crew.He usually flew around the ASEAN region, claiming to be a big time businessman.

Dr. Nigel's tactic was like this, first he would compliment the crew especially the flight supervisor (crew in charge). When he gained the confidence of the supervisor,he would then sweet talked the  stewardesses. By the end of the flight, he would have "napped" one of the girls and arrangements would have been made for him to travel in the crew bus to the crew hotel.

Somehow, with his good looks,status and gift of the gap he seldom encountered any problems becoming the girls' sweetheart.He usually preyed on the Malaysian stewardesses,knowing that these girls live on their own in Singapore. Besides preying on the lonely Malaysian girls,he made sure they were not the so pretty ones. The type of girls he chose would most likely be the "hard up" type who idol worshipped Ang Mohs ( local term for Caucasian).

Dr. Nigel would promised his victims marriage,migration to the West, a fabulous life with him etc. The next thing he did was to move into the girls' apartments and sleep with them and then guess what?....after a while he would vanished with their money and left behind big overseas phone bills for the girls to settle.

Overall, he had success with half a dozen girls or more. He would have swiped around 10k to 20k per girl and a few even more. The girls would not dare to make police reports because it would reflect badly on them.

There were many other cases of girls being suckered by passengers but they were  not reported.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

We have a whistle blower or may call her a "Ms Edward Snowden" of cabin crew.

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Sicilian Orange Cake with Cranberries baked by this ex stewardess

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