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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

IFS found not guilty

According to the latest, the ifs who was reported for taking a seat in the A380 to do his paperwork was exonerated. I first reported the ifs sat in the first class cabin but it was actually a suite in the A380.
This is good for the morale of the cic or ifs otherwise if punished, the pilot may go around reporting them for petty things.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Inflight service not up to expectation

Over dinner a few nights ago, a friend of mine who travelled on SQ complained to me about the inflight service. It was a day flight on the A380 and the flight time was about 7 1/2 hours. It wasn't
a full fight.

Two things stood out:

  • The absence of crew in the cabin after the meal service.
  • The toilets were dirty most of the time.
He was disappointed and hope cabin crew management could do something about it.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Stewardess punished for not keeping her appointment ....

I remember this incident clearly. It was about a stewardess who was unable to keep her appointment with her manager because her pet dog was in labour on the same day. Her reason for failing to turn up wasn't good enough and was punished by being "grounded" for a few months. Although I sympathised with her, I could not empathised with her back then as I did not know the intrinsic value of a pet.
Many years later during my retirement, I started to be attracted to dogs. My first "love" was a puppy called Belle (top picture) and later Chee Bee, the red toy poodle. A few years later, Belle went missing and Chee Bee passed away. The departure of these 2 pets broke my heart. These incidents reminded me of the case of the stewardess. Now, I am able to empathise with the stewardess and would have done the same by staying and taking care of the pet instead of keeping the appointment with my boss.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Were the stewardesses wearing shorts? Anyone knows the answer? Were they barefooted too?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A line is drawn clearly on the F&B the pilots may have or may.....

When it comes to safety issues, the captain of the flight has the final say. Likewise, the cabin crew in charge or c-i-c is responsible in matters pertaining to inflight service and the overall discipline of his/her crew.
The main cause of friction between the cic and the captain or pilots is usually food and beverages. As for SIA, the rule is that the pilots may have their meals anytime when they report for work. Irrespective of how busy the cabin crew is (whether the aircraft is on ground or during flight), they must serve the pilots when they so desire to eat. They may have the business or economy class meals even before the the passengers. As for the first class meals (main courses), the pilots may only have them after all first class passengers have eaten and there are "extras" (leftovers). They have the right to the first class fresh fruits and coffee,tea or any cold drinks. They are not entitled to any other first class food. If they are served any other first class food like satay, appetiser, soup, desserts etc it is done with "goodwill" from the cic.
The pilots and the cabin crew belong to separate divisions in the company. Each has a divisional senior vice president. They also have their own unions. Therefore, if a pilot is unhappy over certain matters concerning the cabin crew, he will report the issue to his svp and vice versa.
The recent case of a captain complaining against  a cic for sitting in a first class passenger seat doing his paperwork is seen by the cic as a retaliation for not serving the captain something that he wasn't entitled to, eg soup, satay or first class desserts etc.
In my opinion, the cic was not in the wrong. However, if he was found sleeping in the passenger seat then he was clearly in the wrong.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Accident in Zurich yesterday ...read here

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Why aren't cabin crew getting along with the pilots ?..a repost

There are many reasons why the pilots (technical crew) and cabin crew or flight attendants are not the best of friends. Most stewardesses and pilots get along well but not the stewards.
What I am going to say may not be 100% accurate. However, there are some truth in what I am going to post here.
  • A pilot's educational qualification is about the same as the cabin crew and yet their salaries are wide apart. A co-pilot draws an average salary of about $10,000 and the cabin crew $4,000.
  • The cabin crew in actual fact is not employed to serve the pilots but to serve the passengers.If one argues that part of the cabin crew's duty is to serve the pilots then why aren't they be rostered on the freighter or cargo flights (these flights do not carry passengers)?
  • The cabin crew often feels that the pilots are demanding and unreasonable. An example is the pilots could eat at any time when they are on duty. Cabin crew would have to serve them immediately even if they, the cabin crew are busy serving a full plane of passengers.
  • The cabin crew also feels that the pilots with their fat salary, would not eat before reporting for work. Instead, on boarding the aircraft, would order the cabin crew to serve them food and drinks during this busy period. In short, cabin crew feels that the pilots are miserly people.
  • The male cabin crew or stewards suspect the pilots are interested in the stewardesses. Subconsciously, the stewards are jealous over the pilots' position with the stewardesses. It is a known fact that most stewardesses look forward to getting romantically involved with the pilots. Quite a number in the past married pilots.
  • Many cabin crew feels that the pilots do not respect them and all they want is food,drinks and the girls.
You may also read this>> http://www.bohtong.org/2015/02/a-spat-between-captain-and-cabin-crew-6.html

Saturday, 15 October 2016

An example of a so called comment that's not related to the post title of " Annual leave buyback scheme for cabin crew"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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My reply:

Boh Tong said...
I wonder what has Beatrice,Constance,Chink Hua Hia, Uzi etc got to do with this post? Next time I will not be publishing your "comment" as it is not related to the title of the post.
If you want to tell a story then start a blog of your own.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Annual leave buyback scheme for cabin crew

According to a reliable source, SIA is facing a severe shortage of cabin crew in spite of frantically trying to recruit more crew. Therefore, as a short term solution, SIA has offered cabin crew of all ranks including foreign crew to voluntarily sell their annual leave back to the company. This leave buyback scheme (LBS) is for the month of November and December this year.
The management is willing to pay the following rates:

IFS ---- -----$200 a day
Chief--------$170 a day
Leading-----$130 a day
FS/S---------$100 a day.

I was also given to understand that 20 unsuccessful chief stewards and chief stewardesses at the interviews for the promotional post of IFS were recalled and handed the promotion due a severe shortage of IFS.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

SIA cabin crew online interview

Singapore Airlines have also introduced the cabin crew online interview (read here) in Singapore. Currently the online interviews are applicable to Japan and Korea.
I think there are 2 reasons for the online interview:

  •  SIA does not have enough manpower to conduct all the interviews
  • It is in desperate need of cabin crew and online interviews will certainly help to expedite the process of recruitment. Please note that only in Singapore does SIA uses the 2 methods of interviews, the walk-in interview and the online interview.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

I am impressed with these two...

A few nights ago, I visited a restaurant and found 2 ex-IFS were working over there. They were most likely in their early 60s. They recognised me and came to my table to chat for a while. The place was very crowded and so they were very busy.
Frankly, I think their employer gain a lot by employing these 2 former supervisors from SQ. I was there for quite a while and observed that they were prompt and friendly in giving their services to the customers. They were better than their younger colleagues in many ways. I gave them a pat on their back and even left a small tip for them.
So, as you can see, not all ex or retired IFS drive taxis/Uber. They can work elsewhere too and at the same time efficient and professional. Their age is not an issue. However, to get them working for you is another thing as most are quite comfortable in their retirement, financially speaking.